Lindsay Lohan Really Wants Us To Know She Has Something

October 6th, 2011 // 90 Comments

Tiramisu? No…
A new bracelet? No…

Dammit, this is hard…

Photos: Terry Richardson


  1. grobpilot


    • Mary32

      Hmm…claiming that she’s innocent quote “You got it all wrong, I’m not like that” as seen on her latest video posted at www. C E L E B U R .com

  2. herbiefrog

    hey sweetheart : ))

  3. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    From the thumbnail I thought that this was a stoma

  4. she has full blown AIDS?

    i hope

  5. Cock Dr

    We know that she’s a washed up starlet with freckly big boobs who owes the state of CA a lot of community service.
    Madonna always said that she preferred being photographed in B&W because it hid the pimples.

  6. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    The one, no two, good thing(s) she has left.

  7. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    And skinny friends. She has skinny friends.

  8. Carles

    So hot

  9. Frank Burns

    Monkey in the middle!

  10. General Disarray

    Gawd, Fish, it’s so obvious. She got a hair cut.

    And I feel really really gross for even saying this out loud but…I’d sportfuck the shit out of her if I could catch her on a day when she looks this good.

    • Dan

      You first… then you can report back all the VD you got for everyone else.

      • General Disarray

        Sport Fuck : To fuck as quick and hard as possible, simulating a gym workout, with total disregard for your sexual partner.

        Oh Dan, take all the fun out of it, why don’t ya.

    • Deacon Jones

      lol, what is sportfuck?

    • TomFrank

      I think at this point, titfucking is the only safe sex you can have with Lindsay Lohan. And even then you may end up with freckles on your cock.

    • I gotta agree with you, General. She does look pretty damn hot in these pics.

      There are just some women who look like you could catch something but would fuck them anyway. Sometimes she’s one of them.

      • Heyyyyy…wait a minute. As long as we’re just fantasizing, what the hell — fuck her till she’s blind. Bareback. Then turn her over and fuck her again just for good measure.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a shame. She had so much talent & physical beauty. Watching her throw it all away is sad.

  12. Jay

    It’s harder to spot the white powder in a b&w photo.

  13. lily


  14. imabrat

    Yes, but what she HAS may be contagious. She reeks of filth, both in and out.

  15. Jimbo

    Herpes is a given. Maybe she wants us to know she has big floppy tits….

  16. SIN

    You know that’s not the 1st time a monkey has put something between her tits.

  17. That monkey makes a great bullseye. I would love to squirt him in the eyes.

  18. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait, I’m confused, is it “monkey on your back” or “Monkey between your tits”?

  19. Urbanspaceman

    She has the stink of tobacco smoke on her, that is obvious. I have heard that the cloud around her is so dense that if she stops moving it settles and stains the carpet where she’s standing.

  20. Studley Hungwell

    The internet is full of perkier boobies on prettier girls–Why are you showing us this??

  21. Joe

    Man, she is one used up whore.

  22. Longshot421

    So…now she has a monkey on her front to go with one on her back? (yeah, yeah, chimpanzees aren’t monkeys, just go with it, OK?)

  23. I’d fuck her and you know you would too.

    • Jack Ketch

      Not even with a body condom, sir, and as the saying goes … “I’d rather jerk off in the sink.”

  24. forrest gump

    she is photographed this way because she hates her freckles, folks.

  25. Alison

    So distracted by titties, you almost miss all that money she’s wasting on the tip of her nose.

  26. Deacon Jones

    She must be having a field day in France, cigarettes are cheap as hell there.

    I paid 3.75 Euros for a pack of Marlboros (which taste like shit over there) and then i got to fucking Ireland and they are 8.75 Euros a pack, thats like $13 a pack.

  27. I at least expected a re-enactment of the famous Jayne Mansfield nipple flash at Romanoff’s, since her tried and true method of remaining in the public eye is to mimic famous dead actresses who can’t sue her.

    • Cock Dr

      What a blast from the past those shots are.
      Yesterdaze Hollywood bimbos seem classy compared to this head case.

    • She was intelligent, but according to Jayne it was163. YMMV – it all depends on how much you think she was inclined to tell the truth and how much she was influenced by a need to feed the publicity machine.

      I’m gonna call you on that ‘slut” thing – she knew how to maximize her assets to get publicity, but she got desperate later on. Flashing your boobs doesn’t exactly help you break out of being typecast as the busty blonde airhead. She was the first major star to be nude on film (Hedy Lamarr wasn’t famous before she made Ecstasy, so shaddap all you film weinies), so every man in America owes her a debt – but I don’t think nip slips in public made her a slut.

  28. razor blades in pic 6? tisk tisk lindsay. better lose that passport soon

  29. zomgbie

    since terry richardson took those pics
    she probably has terry richardson’s erect penis jumping around in front of her while terry takes the picture.

  30. Compound9

    She is selling the only thing she ever had, and the only thing she has left well a little closer to her knees and covered in a shit ton more freckles.

    Need we forget shes practically a ginger? how do you expect her to have a soul.

  31. gingerbanger

    Judging by the photos of her thighs, I’d guess she’s got an eating disorder. Helps the boobies though!

  32. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this a subtle way of letting it slip that she’s dating Khloe Kardashian?

  33. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    oh, THAT’S why it smells like a monkey in there.

  34. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say she’s hiding a cold sore.

  35. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    God is Black
    Commented on this photo:

    “Monkey see , Monkey Do!” I would love to be that Monkey !

  36. Roots. They’re the only thing standing out in this high-contrast picture.

  37. cc

    In just about every pic I’ve seen lately her upper eye lids seem really swollen. I suspect it’s from passing out drunk on your face.

  38. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, it’s hard to tell what she wants us to notice but atleast her friend has nice breasts.

  39. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s up with that million mile stare?

  40. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    some people have a monkey on their back…her’s is between her tits and is actually a small tin of cocaine…

  41. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    her real hair is actually this long or less. true story

  42. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    “Take a picture of me taking a picture of you. Clever, right? I bet I’m the first person ever to think of this.”

  43. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    “No, I don’t mind. Just so long as hers are smaller.”

  44. Steelerchick


  45. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    “Look at me holding up these weird pictures of people I don’t know! I’m like a hipster! I’m like James Franco!!”

  46. Ducks223

    You people are so mean. You have to admit, Lindsey looks good for a 45 year old.

  47. Titsxoxo

    fire crotch?

  48. Oh puhleeze...

    She’s got big fake tits? She’s got several communicable diseases? She’s got a coke dealer as her fuck buddy? She’s got a thing for her mommy? What???

  49. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Escort Headshot FAIL


    Can’t she keep those nicotine-stained, filthy fingers out of her cock holster for 5 minutes?? This is getting boring, can’t she just OD already? If not, then at least do something more interesting. Isn’t she going to Russia? Maybe they can shoot her in a basement, throw her bones into a pit, pour acid on them and then deny knowing anything about her whereabouts for over 70 years. It’s the only way to be sure!

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