Lindsay Lohan Is Still Lindsay Lohan

Right now there’s a concentrated effort to make Lindsay Lohan look like she’s a whole new person who’s accepted Oprah into her heart as her Lord and Savior. Except if you look at everything she’s done since the day before she got out of rehab, you’ll see she’s still doing the same old shit:

HORSESHIT: Said she’s going to stay in rehab longer because she’s super serious about her sobriety.
REALITY: Checked out the exact second her court-mandated time was up.

HORSESHIT: Started rumors she’s going to be in Ben Affleck’s next movie Live By Night.
REALITY: Her name crossed absolutely zero minds involved in the production.

HORSESHIT: Claims she won’t enter a room where there’s alcohol.
REALITY: Walked into Chelsea Handler’s workplace.

And just in case you don’t get why the last one is ridiculous, that’s like saying you don’t want to be around child molesters and then going to mass.


“Haha! Look at her make fun of herself. She’s really learned from her mistakes and not at all doing it for the attention.” – Not a single fucking person on this earth

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Dave Spencer / Splash News