Lindsay Lohan Is Broke (Again)

Back in July, Oprah paid Lindsay Lohan $2 million to appear on a reality show that accurately portrays her as the fuck up she is. So the fact that I’m writing this post almost nine months later instead of the very next day is a miracle in and of itself. I’m man enough to admit that. Page Six reports:

LiLo was not amused when her cards were declined at Rag & Bone on Mercer Street Sunday.
A source close to the troubled starlet — who is reportedly so broke that the production company behind her reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN had to come through with checks for her rent and security deposit — told us, “Lindsay was trying to buy something for around $300 but her credit cards were declined. She looked really embarrassed and tried to negotiate before her friend finally stepped in and paid.”

Fortunately, Lindsay’s turned her life around and is a serious actress/producer with a new movie Inconceivable set to start shooting in March, so that takes care of- what’s that? It’s already April and nobody shot a goddamn thing? Suck the dicks! SUCK ALL THE DICKS BEFORE YOU GO BANKRUPT.

Photos: Getty