Lindsay Lohan Still Has Huge Breasts, And I Dunno, Something About Drinks

Blib blib blabba huge boobs blabba blabba duck lips yadda yadda did more stupid shit. Via omg! on Yahoo:

The official Women’s Wear Daily twitter account posted the following tweet last night: “Lindsay Lohan just threw a full drink at a boy at V magazine party who dared to snap her pic. #NYFW.”
This “boy” was apparently professional photographer Jasper Rischen, who tweeted, “Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot [email protected]…” (He punctuated his tweet with a more colorful descriptor.)

And that descriptor is “C.u.n.t.” On an equally accurate note, I like how Lindsay Lohan is really going out of her way to screw herself in not just the film industry but now fashion as well. And all because her mom hates drinking alone though she’ll do it because she’s a survivor. That’s really what it comes down to. Just when Lindsay’s given one more opportunity to be a part of something, Dina comes along and says, “Honey, drink your breakfast.” She’s not 13 anymore! God!

Photos: Splash News