Lindsay Lohan Forgot Her Bra, Also Something About Drugs

August 11th, 2011 // 68 Comments

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan basically confirmed she was caught on video buying drugs by trying to claim it was “a meteor and sea jasper” she was simply purchasing from a guy in sunglasses who carries plastic bags full of minerals in his pockets for barter. That happens. But what we didn’t know at the time, and adds absolutely nothing to everything I just said, is that Lindsay also walked around in a see-through top without a bra on because she’s trying to relive her glory days of hanging with Paris, drug scandals and wobbly freckle muffins flopping about which makes me wonder how the hell publicists agree to work with her and what their conversations must be like.

PUBLICIST: Listen, my advice? Let’s just let this video thing blow over and ignore it.
LINDSAY: OR we can say it’s meteors, and then I’ll call X17 “gross” on Twitter.
PUBLICIST: You realize that makes you look guilty?
LINDSAY: Let these puppies handle that. *lifts up shirt*
PUBLICIST: Why don’t you have nipples?
LINDSAY: They blend in with the freckles.
PUBLICIST: Ah… I quit.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. rough-unfiltered

    Not guilty! even with the double chin.

  2. Mee Mee

    Jaysus she looks like a 40 year old woman.

  3. Jessesgirl

    You can see she has hardly any of her own hair left. Ouch. And OF COURSE Linnocent was only buying some rocks (crack rocks and crystal meth that is).

  4. great tits! for an old lady…

  5. TomFrank

    That shot of her in May coming out of that women’s shelter must have caught her tits at the right mid-bounce point, ’cause here they look like they’re becoming Britney’s pizza slices.

  6. Burr


    Lindsay is still hot and I would still hit that.

  7. Can

    I’m starting to think that hair bleach and turkey-neck/sloppy-jowl are somehow related.

  8. There is no creature more ravishing in all world than the jobless speckled gutterskank!!

  9. lilyx

    What a dummy. Her stupidity bothers me more then her doing drugs again.

  10. Tom

    I was gonna say “who told her the bleached blonde hair looks good on her?” but then I realized that’s the least of her problems.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    25 year old Has been will do anything for Attention.

  12. Noel

    hope to God she’s walking into a hair salon.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    All she needs is a dagger hanging from her belt to complete her fat genie outfit.

  14. Beet

    Damn. No matter how much hate she gets, shes talked about, and I would most def. Smash!

  15. Oscar

    I remember when she was so hot

  16. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice purse she’s stolen there.

  17. Cock Dr

    I think we’re all well familiar with Ms Lohan’s freckled floppies by now.
    Ain’t ya got something new to sell us cunty duckface?

  18. Frank Burns

    Thanks, Lindsaykins! BTW, how much of that jewelry is, uhm, borrowed from a store that forgot that you borrowed it?

  19. the one

    her new mission in life?

  20. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit.

    As a long time supported of hers in terms of hot slutness, those ta-tas are going downhill fast, Ive seen 40 year olds with perkier ones, she’s gotta holster dem’ boys.

  21. Jack Ketch

    Lindsay “forgot” her bra ? And when the hell did she ever actually “remember” it ? lol Gah … I don’t recall ever seeing her WITH a bra on …

  22. Venom

    The fact that she has to get routinely tested for drugs and alcohol makes the whole drug thing bullshit….

    • LJ

      Ms. Lohan has NOT had to submit to random drug and alcohol tests since the beginning of July. That’s why the test she failed the second week of July was thrown out by the Judge in her July 21 court appearance. The year of testing ended the beginning of July. She could be doing coke with wild turkey chasers and no one would know.

  23. Dina Lohan

    Haters! Clearly Lindsay (TM) was just purchasing some meth crystals for her geological collection. She had no intention of actually using it. She’s a genius you know.

  24. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    looking kinda old before her time …

  25. When did Brett Butler get out of rehab?

  26. I actually feel sorry for her (and others like her such as Paltrow). They really don’t have any idea about what is truly important in life. They all are a really just a waste of shoe leather.

  27. She’s got the kid of tits that look GREAT in a see thru top – but they are all kinds of fucked up in person.

  28. Yeezy's Son

    There was a time when “Lindsay Lohan Forgot Her Bra” would have me reaching for the baby oil. I still got out the baby oil, but with a lot less self-respect.

  29. zomgbie

    yes hello paparazzi?
    this is lindsay.
    i’m going to be leaving my motel room in 10 minutes.
    and i wont be wearing a bra.
    so please stay away.
    and dont tell anyone else.
    10 minutes.

  30. have nothing funny to say about her. she still looks hot and the whole crystal gig is one PR stunt for people to talk about her her or notice her(i.e. shoot tons of jism.). yes the last part is gross but it is the truth.

  31. Lulama

    She has no hair left??
    Do drugs do that too

  32. cc

    People, be more charitable. She heard that rare minerals have held their value in these troubled economic times, so she dashed out looking for a safe place to invest.

  33. cc

    FYI – she traded her bra for a few grams of basalt.

  34. Carolyn

    What a mess. I loved her red hair–why does she bleach it until it looks like straw? Anyone notice her bitten nails? I almost feel sorry for her.

  35. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    Poor, poor, Hayley (and Annie)… You wer so cute when you were a kid… You are aging so fast now, catching up to me, and I am 55. By the time I am 60 you will be older than me!! Get it together cutie…

  36. God damn she looks like a mess. I’m looking at her and trying to figure out how she can look better: breast lift? arm lift ? neck lipo? laser resurfacing? a wig? She really seems to have gotten to the point of no return, which must suck when you’re 25.

    • Jack Ketch

      Here, here … and someone needs to tell her that bleached blonde hair makes her look like boiled shit … the hookers in London’s East End (Ontario, not Britain) look far better than this duck-lipped piece of trash. Never have I seen such a haggard-looking 25 year-old. She looks fucking homeless most of the time and can’t even bother to put on a bra for court or meetings with producers, as in, people who could actually hire her.

    • LJ

      Excessive drinking and drugging cause the body to lose muscle tone and become, well flabby.

      Her probation report stated that through the whole ordeal of the last couple of years she has never really given up drinking. It shows.

      Were she to stop, since she is just 25 the body tone (and skin tone) would bounce back. If she were sober she’d also probably see that the hair has that Lincoln Tunnel Hooker look.

      • @ Jack Ketch, Lol, I live in Ontario and I totally understand the “London, Ontario Hooker” look of which you speak.

        @LJ You’re more optimistic than me, I suppose. She has done so much damage to her body, that even if she were to get her shit together, I think her skin will always be somewhat ravaged and loosey goosey. She can never lose weight because her already loose skin, will only hang and sag even more, even if she gained muscle.

  37. I wouldn’t mind spending a weekend with her and an 8-ball…

  38. team hot ginge

    When your nipples are that much closer to your belt than your shoulders, it’s time to stop pulling this shit. It was cute a few years ago when she had nice tits, but she’s slowly killing them right before our eyes.

  39. anonym

    she does look 40.

  40. bealett

    “Did I take my Valtrex today?”

  41. welldoneson

    Just add red lipstick (and talent) and you’ve almost got Gwen Stefani, who is a good 15 years and two kids older…

  42. Brooke

    Rockin’ some jowls Angela Lansbury would be proud of.

  43. just say'n

    At age 25 Angela Lansbury was a honey. Lindsay™ on the other hand looks like a back ally whore who would exchange crack for crack.

  44. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    Her boobs were nice at one point but quickly heading south. She’ll be tripping over them in ten years.

  45. Tonktonks

    My God she’s in her mid 20′s why are her breasts down to her belly button??

  46. photoggirl

    You wouldn’t believe how bad most of the posters would look with the hi-def cameras today. I’ve worked with gorgeous women that still need some work on their candid photos. If you had enlarged pics of yourself put up online you would see how many flaws you have and don’t notice in everyday life.

  47. She’s a girl struggling but that doesn’t mean she deserves all the H8 she gets. The H8rs can fuck themselves! FACTOID

  48. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Braless See-Through Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a 45 year old that just came from a trailer park.. Does this girl not own a mirror red hair is so much prettier on her what is she thinking! Blonde isn’t for everyone get it Lilo?

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