Homeless People Just Love Lindsay™

So, apparently Dina Lohan wrote a press release, and RadarOnline ran it entirely as is which is entirely how I’m going to interpret this:

“Staffers didn’t know what to expect, but Lindsay showed up and was thoroughly engaged during the day,” an insider close to the situation tells us.
Lindsay was ordered to perform a staggering 380 hours of community service last month for violating terms of her probation for a 2007 DUI conviction.
“Lindsay was truly humbled,” the source added. “Staffers had her sort through donations and talk to the clients. Lindsay was especially moved by the children of these homeless women.”
Not everybody who’s ordered to help out as part of a sentence, however, is as helpful as Lohan.
“Some people want to get their hours done with as little effort as possible,” the source added. “This doesn’t seem to be the case with Lindsay. The women were initially excited to meet Lindsay because she is a celebrity, but that wore off very quickly and Lindsay has made it clear to everyone that she doesn’t expect nor want any special treatment.”

I like to believe homeless people have bigger concerns in their lives than meeting a spoiled Disney actress who hasn’t had a hit movie in almost a decade, but then again, this is LA where the definition of homeless probably means not being able to afford the upcharge for soy at Starbucks. “Ohmygod, did you see that poor woman order a macchiato with real milk? We should run a marathon for her.”

Photo: Fame, Splash News