Lindsay Lohan Is Super Deep, You Guys

Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show with Russell Brand who she’s apparently trying to impress now by dropping deep quotes about capitalism on Instagram. In her bra:

“We swim in the aquarium of capitalism.”

As for where that’s from, I have no fucking clue because every single Google result comes back Lindsay Lohan now. (SEO, ladies and gentlemen!) The same Lindsay Lohan who will lie, cheat, steal, and blow to get her hands on money, so I’m pretty sure she’s the last person to be lecturing anyone on capitalism. Or whatever she’s trying to say here. Who the fuck knows? My point is just tell Russell Brand you have a vagina. Or take somebody’s wheelchair. That involves stealing. You like stealing don’tcha, girl? Yeah, you’re a good girl who likes stealing.

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Photos: Instagram