Lindsay Lohan Instagrammed Her Boobs With A Mother Teresa Quote

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Devout religious studies student and savior of low-energy Syrian refugees, Lindsay Lohan returned to Instagram a few weeks ago after a long hiatus in which she left only the phrase “Alaikum salam,” which in Lindsay Lohan Arabic means “If your friend wants to watch, he has to pay, too.” She also returned to the states last week where she did a few interviews in which she compared herself to people victimized by Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban, because though she hasn’t converted yet, she’s “studied the Quran for quite some time.” Naturally, this newfound interest in Islam led Lindsay directly to the teachings of Mother Teresa and what has to be the prostitutiest quote about religion I’ve ever seen.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” I bet it would take exactly 30 seconds in a strip club dressing room to find that tattooed above a tailbone. And I’m completely aware that there is something far more fundamentally wrong with me for my mind to go directly to “Tee-hee! It sounds like making the sex!” when reading a quote about being nice to people. But at least I’m not over here shoving my freckled sloppers onto the lifelong philosophy of a Catholic saint. Or am I? *turns off The Young Pope, buttons up pajama shirt*

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Photo: Instagram, Terry Richardson’s Diary