Lindsay Lohan Wore a Bikini Again, Guess What Happened

“Oh, no, right in the front of the paparazzi! It’s like I’m doing this on purpose…”

As Lindsay Lohan watched the press roll in yesterday from her weekend of flashing the world, she conveniently had another wardrobe malfunction, and here we are because the Internet runs on boobs. Of course, some might say it’s an innocent accident, while others of a more handsome nature will say it’s to distract from the fact she was also photographed holding a bottle of pills and there’s no explaining that one away. That’d be like seeing Charlie Sheen with a pile white powder and trying to convince someone it’s baking soda. “He’s probably just cooking snickerdoodles. Warm, delicious snickerdoodles. In his nose.”

Photos: Fame, INFdaily, Splash News