1. happy monday, sweet cheeks

  2. reformed_druid

    She has the worst statistical improbability, almost non-existent and yet flabby ass. How is is possible?

  3. marie

    there’s a slap stick, there’s slap bass & there’s a slap ass.

  4. jaime

    I’ve got a chick I go out with that doesn’t eat. Not anorexic. she eats like a bird.
    She used to have a body like Emily Ratajkowski, but slowly but surely, her butt and boobs are losing the fullness and firmness they had 4-5 years ago. She’s 23 now.
    If you don’t eat to meet the caloric demand of your body, your body consumes the fat it has stored, and that’s all boobs and buns are… stored fat. What a shame

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