Lindsay Lohan Got To Transfer To The Rehab With The Nicer Jacuzzis

When we last left Lindsay Lohan, she was freaking out after The Betty Ford Center made her stop taking Adderall. Although, in fairness, when did rehabs start making celebrities quit the drugs they’re hopelessly addicted to? That’s bullshit. Since then, everyone’s been fed a bunch of talking points about how great she’s doing which we didn’t bother repeating because it was only a matter of time before she was released early or got transferred to a nicer rehab with those mojitos she likes. They crush the mint and coke just right. E! News reports:

“She wanted a change,” a source tells E! News of her unexpected rehab move.
The LiLo insider believes the actress’ lawyer Shawn Holley chose Cliffside and that prosecutors, as well as Judge James Dabney, signed off on the transfer.
The source adds it’s unlikely Lindsay will be able to use her ADD drug Adderall at the new treatment center. She is expected to remain at Cliffside until she completes her 90-day court-ordered stint in August.

What’s amazing is that Shawn Holley managed to get the judge to agree to a transfer, yet this is the same lawyer Lindsay fired and replaced with an idiot whose brilliant courtroom maneuvers include, “This here’s my lucky rabbit’s foot,” and “Trust me. Witness tampering’s perfectly legal.” Then again, Lindsay did see him help the Karate Kid beat that murder rap. If only he would’ve kept working with Marisa Tomei…

Photo: AKM-GSI