Lindsay Lohan’s In A Bikini, Too

August 13th, 2012 // 87 Comments
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Lindsay Lohan has been doing a respectable job of showing up in swimwear whenever somebody more famous than her does, so here she is in Malibu yesterday in case you’re really in the mood for freckles. Which is literally the only thing I could think of to say that wasn’t, “BOOBIES ARE BIG!” even though that’s why we’re here. Although, if there is someone going, “My, look at the legs on Lindsay Lohan. And those jowls, ooh, mama,” listen to the words I’m about to say very carefully: Shooting those people won’t make the voices stop.



  1. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    I wonder what’s in that bottle on the bottom left?

  2. Lohan's shorts

    but what do u think of her short open/unbuttoned

  3. Lohan's shorts


  4. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Are you sure this is Lilo, and not someone’s grandma wearing a rubber Lindsay Lohan caricature mask from the costume shop?

  5. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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  6. Lohan's shorts

    but spefcicly what u think of her shorts open ????

  7. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    How much has your star faded when you’re galumphing obnoxiously down the beach in a “bikini” and random strangers are trying to look at anything except you?

  8. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Looks like that four- or five-step sprint really took it out of her.

  9. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Hang on! I think I saw a sordid looking guy. He must have something we can snort.

  10. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Funny how she matches the seaweed!

  11. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    She needs to do a Miley and ditch the hair. Those extensions are lookin like orange yarn.

  12. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Ya, our thoughts exactly!

  13. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    No, my legs won’t close even when I stand.

  14. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Those breasts are real and have been since she was 17 or 18. If you have noticed, most fakes are hard looking and stand up like softballs. She has looked better, but I like her with natural red hair.

  15. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    she looks like she’s stopped doing drugs, thats probably why she’s a little curvier now. good for her

  16. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Come on mister. You can pay me more than $100 to give you a blow job. Got any Jewelry?

  17. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    I have a feeling it would land in her handbag by now

  18. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    I dont care if this chick was my own mother, id still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her and have a new son and a brother at the same time and just say that it ain’t mine.

  19. Lindsay Lohan Bikini
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    Lindsay rocks!

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