How Will Lindsay Lohan Mess Things Up? Bar Fights. She’ll Mess Things Up With Bar Fights.

April 20th, 2012 // 81 Comments

I haven’t really touched this story much, so just to bring everyone up to speed, two weeks ago Lindsay Lohan was accused of getting in a fight with a chick at The Standard except she’s adamantly denied even being there and claims to have been home watching TV that night. So of course yesterday, RadarOnline found out the police have footage of Lindsay Lohan at The Standard and not at home watching TV:

“Investigators obtained the surveillance video from the Smoke & Mirrors nightclub at The Standard Hotel and it clearly shows that Lindsay was there on the night of the alleged assault,” a law enforcement source tells

When contacted for comment, Lohan’s rep initially denied his client was at the hotel and told, “Whomever is responsible for this lie will be held accountable for their misguided actions.” However, he is now saying, “We’re going to wait for the Sheriff’s Department to release their findings before we comment any further.”

And it gets even better because Lindsay actually went back to The Standard this past Wednesday and got in another fight with a woman. And in case you needed more evidence she’s completely lost her shit, she was there with Michael Lohan which apparently started the fight, according to TMZ:

We’re told the girl was hanging out at the booth next to Lindsay’s … when Lohan tapped her on the shoulder aggressively and asked, “Did you bump into me?”
The girl denied the bump … and suggested the real culprit could have been one of the guys in Lindsay’s group. She then pointed to one of the men.
Lindsay replied, “That’s my dad … why would he bump me?”
The girl shot back, “You go clubbing with your dad?”
That’s when Lindsay snapped … so says the witness … who claims Lindsay began cussing at the girl and then threw a drink at her face.

Naturally Michael Lohan couldn’t jump in front of a TMZ camera fast enough to confirm he was there – Oh, and that Lindsay’s innocent. But did he mention he was with her? – so you can really tell there’s an incredible series of decisions being made right out of the gate. So while everyone else clearly heard the judge in her probation case say, “Stay away from clubs and don’t do anything illegal,” Lindsay Lohan apparently listened to the cartoon toucan sitting on the gavel instead. “Follow your nose!”

Photos: GADE/AKM-GSI, Pacific Coast News


  1. I love how Lohan’s rep thinks he’s being so smart and erudite by saying “whomever,” when in fact that’s a total misuse of the term.

  2. Cock Dr

    It’s quite common for drunken women engaged in a bar fight to rip and tear one another’s clothes while screaming profanities.
    In this information age where cameras are everywhere we can only hope. If it happened there is video…..GO GET IT.

  3. Yes, inquiring minds want to know, er, watch.

  4. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    What’s the difference between her face and Rose McGowan’s? Lindsay’s face wasn’t in a car accident.

  5. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    She should be great at bar fights ’cause she can duck real good.

  6. Bonky

    Real smart move bringing daddy back into this mess. How soon before she has to tell him to stop talking to the media ? That guy lives to be interviewed by anyone.

  7. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    “Tee hee I didn’t know the paparazzi were here”

  8. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    “thank god now I can have a cigarette”

  9. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    i’m surprised she isn’t smoking doing this.

  10. tits mcgee

    “You go clubbing with your dad?”

    i lol’d.

  11. I have an alternative explanation for this incident:
    When the girl asked if she does indeed bring her dad to a club, I think she had brief moment of clarity on how shitty her life is and snapped…

  12. Dick Hell

    Looks like her chins are being reabsorbed by her tits. Good for her!

  13. Johnny P!

    The problems with Lindsay Lohan:
    1) no matter what she does, she gets away with a ‘slap on the wrist’ because of California’s ‘Real Justice’ vs. ‘Celebrity Justice’ legal system.
    2) she keeps getting work(!) no matter what she does, because ‘any publicity is good publicity’
    3) the type of work she does, which usually requires minimal effort, usually pays her as much as the average American’s entire year’s worth of salary for a few days’ (or sometimes a few hours’) worth of work.
    So, having proven yet again that’s she’s a mentally damaged compulsive liar who will in no way make ANY effort to ‘change her ways’, let’s just sit back and watch the Freckle-Tits Express as it derails and irreparably crashes.
    Should be quite a show!

    • V_Ann

      It might seem like she’s winning, but is she really? With her massive ego do you think it’s easy for her to see the younger and better actresses flourishing and getting the career she thought would have forever? Let’s remember Lindsay had ONE hit movie. One. Which really had nothing to do with her. It was the story, Tina Fey’s writing, and even Rachel McAdams’ debut was the big talk. Not her. That almost ten years ago. So in her head she knows she’s not at the level she wishes she was and she was SURE she would get. She knows.

      All these little jobs she’s getting are only helping her pay for attorney fees, bails, etc. They’re not a comeback. Someone did the math around here I think? She ows A LOT of money on legal fees. Millions of dollars. She might pretend to be rich and fabulous but she’s far from it – she’s a fraud.

    • Archie Leach

      It would be nice to believe in that real versus celebrity justice dichotomy but the untold cases of joe and jane schmoe that ran over someone “had multiple previous DUIs” or the joe and jane schmoe that is arrested for assault “was previously arrested for felony assault and released on bail…..”.

      Yes the “real” versus “celebrity” justice makes for a grand tale.

      • Edith Bunker

        Oh Archie!
        You’re so right!
        Since her most recent brush with the law is her ONLY brush with the law, and her alcohol-monitoring bracelet NEVER went off, and she finished her stint in rehab without EVER getting into a physical altercation with anyone there, and she was NOT released from jail early because her celebrity status caused too much trouble in prison, and she DIDN’T throw parties at home while under house arrest, and she NEVER left the country for parties and press junkets only to miss court dates because her ‘passport was stolen’, and she ALWAYS showed up on time and NEVER missed a single day for all her court-mandated community service stints, etc. etc. etc. she just PROVES that there is absolutely NO “celebrity justice” whatsoever.
        Now, call Gloria and Meathead to the dinner table, we’re having spaghetti.

      • Mike Walker

        lol. The episode where Edith almost gets raped has to be the most cringe-worthy sitcom episode ever made. I was watching that a few weeks ago and I was thinking how uncomfortable that must have been for family viewing back in the 70s. And you know at least one sick fuck whacked off to it.

      • I DID NOT!

        How dare you…Besides, Edith was kind of hot.

  14. jlover

    First all the great titty and snatch shots go away…… the text gets boring…….as well as the comments……..see ya super, you grew up and I didnt, really its me not you. I need my celeb filth and you just dont do that the way you used to a couple years back. No I wont miss you, as I have found another site that reminds me of the way we used to be.

  15. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    “…and the noise my coochie makes goes like this! “

  16. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
    Poop head
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    Like in the movie Big, if you get real close, you can see all the way down, to her flowers.

  17. V_Ann

    I know this is wrong, but just once I want her to get nice, good bitch fight. By the hands of someone like Snookie or JWow, just a couple of tough nasty chicks who can really fuck her up. She really needs someone to smack the sense of entitlement off. Because you just know she loves to instigate drama wherever she goes and the law might let her walk away with it, but a few bruises on her face and ego might make her snap out of it.

    Rehab doesn’t work, patience doesn’t work, threats to go to jail doesn’t work, losing her career didn’t work, community service doesn’t work. This might just be the one thing.

  18. vgirly

    Sounds like she not only needs rehab but anger management as well.

  19. V_Ann

    Oh, and she’s not going to stop causing trouble, you can bet your ass she won’t. It’s the only sure way she has to have people talking about her constantly evereywhere. Amanda Bynes already figured that one out, so wait for more bullshit from her too. These people are attention whores with no dignity. It doesn’t matter what you talk about them as long as you talk about them. They’re both washed out and that desperate. Don’t expect either of them to clean up their act anytime soon.

    Really curious to see what Amanda does next. But you can bet she’s loving the attention for her DUI, why else does she keep clubbing? Wouldn’t be surprised if she created a drug scandal for herself. I mean she’s not going to get in trouble, why not go for it and have people remember her again?

  20. dooood

    i keep thinking what if she moved to ireland or the jersey shore.
    somewhere where this kinda behavior is commonplace and totally acceptable.

  21. dooood

    oh yea, it also crossed my mind once or twice, what if she has some kinda deal with people or us weekly to just go around actin a fool and causing a scene wherever she goes.

  22. LJ

    Lindsay’s just trying to “one up” Amanda Bynes.

  23. Da Cheese

    Will Amanda Bynes be doing this in a few weeks?

  24. Wet Monkey

    That car looks like a Porsche Panamera. Easily a 100 grand car. How the hell can she afford it?!

  25. I read about this, if she tried that with me I’d call the cops

  26. Kris Jenner

    The Lohans are just awful people! Those horrible people should stop trying to keep their names all over the tabloids when they’ve done absolutely nothing that justifies them having any fame whatsoever.

  27. El Jefe

    Ticking time bomb.

  28. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    this girl has alot of problems and her family keeps her from getting better. she needs to grow up and leave the nest

  29. jo

    she also doesnt own the car, lohans own nothing.

  30. pretty vacant

    why isnt michael lohan in jail?
    did he escape again? x3?
    i thought he was dying and needed a heart transplant.
    what happened to that?
    were those arrests even real?
    stunts with fake police for tmz?
    does he have a reality show yet?

  31. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    WTF. She’s pouring gas all over her car. What a dumb bitch.

  32. kimmykimkim

    All I can hear is tits. Tits tits tits tits.

  33. Little Jimmy

    “Lindsay Lohan apparently listened to the cartoon toucan sitting on the gavel instead. ‘Follow your nose!’ ”

    Bahahahahaha…good one Fish.
    Now if we can only get you to stop posting about those Kardashian’s…

  34. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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  35. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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  36. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
    Joaquin ingles
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    Did her dentures just slip out? What the hell.

  37. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    wait, that’s not phoebe price?

  38. Harriscandoit

    How has Lilo not been stabbed with the way she acts?

  39. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    Paps caught Lindsay off to the restrooms to negotiate with the gas station attendant on how she plans on paying for the fill up.

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  41. Zombie John Phillips

    I sincerely hope you’re tapping that, Michael.

  42. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
    Dan's friend
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    Madam Masque

  43. Lindsay is an ignorant, self-centered cunt! But I do love her tits.

  44. Nathiest

    You lost me and radaronline. Those guys are always making up stuff.

  45. Stay away from your father., Lindsay! He’s toxic. Haven’t you realised that yet? There is nothing to gain from being associated with him.

  46. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    Lana Del Rey?

  47. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    Looks like Michael Jackson grew tits and became a ginger.

  48. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    Photo op much? Me thinks Baby doesn’t pump gas much.

  49. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Legs Short Shorts Pumping Gas
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    will someone please loan Lindsey some money to buy a bra – she needs the support, when they are real they need the help or they will be flapping in the wind at her waist in a few years.

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