Lindsay Lohan Had A Sleepover With Lady GaGa And Lana Del Rey. Chance Of Hair-Pulling? High.

July 13th, 2012 // 77 Comments
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Here’s Lindsay Lohan getting take-out last night after reportedly having a slumber party with Lady GaGa and Lana Del Rey two days earlier at Chateau Marmont. And judging by the clump of hair missing from the back of her head, all three of them got sloppy drunk and spent the entire night pulling hair while going down on each other. That, or years of smoking, hard drugs and dye-jobs are making Lindsay go bald which is just laughable on its face. It was the lesbian stuff with two people who’d never be caught dead with her. I’ve seen it a hundred times.

Photos: NGRE/AKM-GSI, Splash News


  1. cc

    It’s nice of Lady GaGa and Lana Del Rey were giving her a Nix bath. Looks as though she might need it.

  2. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait a tick… Isn’t she not supposed to be driving?

  3. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like that cause her hair is dirty

  4. elephantman

    EWWWWW! GROSS and Nasty!

  5. Tom Croose

    She was getting food from E “BALD”i??? How appropriate! LOL

  6. kimmykimkim

    Oh yeah, definite lesbian three way. And lots of MDMA. Shit, I’d have a molly-fueled lesbian sex fest with Gaga anyday. But not with those other two bitches. Well, two lucky bitches, now.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Holy sht does her face look bad….she looks like shes been drinking for days.

    Probably got in a hair-pulling catfight and smashed through a glass table.

  8. vgrly

    Hair extension wreck your hair. I’m never going to understand why celebs continually wear the fake hair even when they don’t need to.

    • Devilish Diva

      I know a few women who’ve gone bald in their 20s and 30s due to hair extensions and excessive use of hair products. Better to stick with what you have.

  9. somedude

    1986 girls are fucked

  10. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    Kudos to Ms. Lohan for finding an inventive way to make us once again question her physical beauty, with bald spots an excellent follow-up to her earlier efforts in emaciation and meth teeth. Oh Lindsay, what will you surprise us with next – perhaps a coquettish bout of Kardashian-inspired psoriasis?

  11. littlecookiemonster

    I bet now everybody is gonna love lindsay again just cause lady gaga accepted her #followers

    I love gaga!

  12. First day of shooting for The Canyons was yesterday.
    Could it be James Deen doing the hair pulling?

  13. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    she should just start wearing wigs

  14. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Hobo Wine
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    It looks like Samara, the “Ring” chick, is trying to escape the hell that is Lindsay’s body and wants to get back to the well ASAP!

  15. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Frank Burns
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    Well how about that, Tom Cruise uses “Jimmy Au” as an alias.

    • Frank Burns

      Just in case anyone cares (which I really doubt), you’ll only get me to stop making ‘Tom Cruise is short and gay’ jokes when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

  16. The Royal Penis

    She did this to herself. She shaved herself and installed a medical port so the drugs go straight into her brain. Kinda like the drug addicts version of the “Matrix”. You folks gotta keep up with the trends.

  17. Henry

    Daayyyyum that is some Masters of Horror type shit right there.

  18. Urvag

    Gaga is part dude….does that still make it a lesbian three way?

  19. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    it’s because her scalp is oily and when u sleep u get oily bed head the next morning

  20. virginia

    good grief this girl is rough! She needs to get it together

  21. EricLr

    At this point I actually feel sorry for the poor trainwreck. I wonder how she may have turned out if she had been raised by real parents instead of a couple of immoral fame-whores who pimped out their kids for a paycheck and moment in the spotlight.

    She may well have grown up to be a decent, well-adjusted person if the first words she heard hadn’t been “If you don’t do well at the audition, Mommy is going to die.”

    • Smapdi

      I was right there with ya up through about age 22, but damn, she’s 26 now, and at some point you have to be responsible for your own life despite your shitty childhood.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Emma Watson's Vagina
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    it’s not dirt but hair thinning.

  23. boobsgetawaywithmurder

    I bet she smells of week old chicken guts!

  24. Bane

    She needs a veterinarian.

    I think that’s mange……

  25. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    What the fuck is up with her hands? Looks like she’s been jacking off some dude, using crude petroleum as lube…

  26. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    thats a cow-lick dumbasses

  27. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Mike Walker
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  28. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    Oh, man…

    EAT SOMETHING and get off that shit you’re on!

  29. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    hugh jorgin
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    wow. lohan is quite the catch for an old meth hag. what lucky man will have the honor of making this beautiful, radiant specimen his wife!? broken teeth, nicotine stained fingers, taggy sits, the skin of an old leather handbag, and now balding. rraawwwrr.

  30. Mike Hunt

    Maybe Sammy Ronson spooged all over her head

  31. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Penis Wrinkle
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    How fitting to be picking up food at a place with Baldi in the name….

  32. blah

    the drugs have nothing to do with balding. the extentions are to blame 100%
    i know so many chicks who are the same age as lindsay and wore too many extensions and now are balding.
    Of course they had the common sense of taking them off and growing their own hair, which is something lindsay should have done

  33. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    Discusting hair extensions

  34. This year’s corn harvest will be the best in decades…

  35. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    the white scalp is indicative of psoriasis,,,gotta feel for her on that one….. often manifests as a result of extreme stress

  36. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    I sitll can't believe its not butter
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    … I don’t think she’s balding it looks like her roots are grey

  37. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    All kidding aside, I hope she didn’t drive there.

  38. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    Oh Lindsay. I am sure your meth dealer will deliver.

  39. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    We’re not looking at a “bold spot”. What we are looking at here is her weave that is attached to her short blonde hair, coming lose. Prolly do to some rough playing.

    • Oh, are “we” indeed? “We” would like to inform you that since she’s not a natural blonde, and since extensions are put in as close to the scalp as you can get, even grown out you wouldn’t get that effect. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

      Also, “lose”? “bold spot”? Jesus.

      • GhostofLindsay'sbaldspot

        Except she’s not a natural blonde, actually her hair is not only missing, what’s left of it is unwashed. So A list. Watch she’ll be spray painting fake hair from a can on her head by tomorrow. Ron Pompeii I think you have a new spokesmodel!

  40. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
    Lord Invader
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    Somebody got stunned with love glue gunnin’ last night. Muh muh muh mow.

  41. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    it’s her hair extensions making it look all gross

  42. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    Holy fucking shit she gets worse by the day. Like, what will it actually take for her to hit rock bottom and bounce back? I feel like she’ll just be dead in a few years.

  43. joho777

    I don’t think that anyone was pulling ut Lindsay’s hair. In the first place, you couldn’t get me to touch Lindsay’s hair on a bet!

    Most likely it’s just mange.

  44. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    Cheep Ass Hair Extensions

  45. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    You guys are nuts.. not even the same person

  46. sitsdeep

    You know,,,, I have to feel for this poor girl,,, she got a bad deal from the git… crappy parents,,,, hooked up with a business that devours the young and old….. she never had a chance in Hell to be a reasonable person. She is a piece of work for sure, I wouldn’t give her five mins of my life/time.but, damn, it sucks the hand she got dealt.

  47. Nope

    And yet, sitsdeep, other actors much bigger and/or busy have the exact same childhood, yet they turn out reasonably ok. I won’t cry a single tear for her; she’s responsible for everything wrong in her life. She could turn it around in a heartbeat if she wanted to, but doesn’t want to. So, fuck her and the horse she rode in on; she deserves to go to prison…

    • sitsdeep

      Sadly, I have to agree. But, there is the possibility the other actors you mention, that have risen above, might possibly be more intelligent. Maybe she is dumb as a coal bucket.

    • sitsdeep

      After reading your post again, i am laughing cuz i have the image of her riding to prison on a horse with a bad weave.

  48. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    The restaurant is seriously called E Baldi? HAHAHA… Nice one, Universe.

  49. I’m totally disappointed that Lady GaGa is associating herself with Lindsey Lohan. You can tell alot about someone by the friends they keep. This is terrible.

    • GhostofLindsay'sbaldspot

      I’m sure many little monster’s are feeling betrayed today, knowing the queen of all that is hip and cool is hanging out with a criminal drug addict. How the mighty have fallen.

  50. Lindsay Lohan Bald Spot
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    this bitch has problems
    trichotillomania being one of them

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