Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Turned Her Into The Police

Apparently when you try to make your (presumably under-paid) assistant take the fall for crimes you committed, they’ll turn right around and rat you out to the police. A lesson Lindsay Lohan learned this week after being charged with lying to the cops for claiming her assistant crashed a Porsche into a tractor trailer when everyone clearly saw a ball of fire behind the wheel. TMZ reports:

Cops interviewed Lindsay’s assistant Gavin shortly after the crash — at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated — and according to law enforcement sources, he told police he was riding shotgun when the accident occurred … and Lindsay was driving.
As you know, Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in her Porsche, but authorities don’t believe her and she will be charged with the crime of lying to cops.
Gavin’s statement dovetails with the account of the truck driver Lindsay hit — he also claimed he saw Lindsay behind the wheel.

In Lindsay’s defense, who the hell takes a job as her assistant without expecting to take the fall for her crimes? Christ, the first interview is nothing but a speed test to see how quickly you can scrape a dead baby off the road and toss it into the ocean. Granted, Gavin didn’t have the best time, he was the first to accuse the baby of being drunk during the mock arrest. That takes moxie.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, WENN