Lindsay Lohan Wants To Leave Betty Ford Because They Took Away Her Adderall

May 13th, 2013 // 21 Comments
Lindsay Doesn't Need Rehab
Lindsay Lohan Piers Morgan
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Just last week Lindsay Lohan was telling Piers Morgan she doesn’t need rehab because she’s not addicted to drugs, so naturally that story ended with her already wanting to leave rehab because they took away the drug she’s addicted to. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … doctors at the rehab center evaluated Lindsay this week and decided she does NOT need her Addy pills, despite Lindsay’s claims she suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).​
We’re told Betty Ford’s doctors almost NEVER give anyone over the age of 15 the powerful drug, because the docs believe there are plenty of substitute meds for ADHD that do the trick without the addictive qualities inherent in the drug. And, we’re told, the doctors are well aware many people — especially Hollywood types — misuse Adderall as a weight-control drug.

Lindsay is apparently trying to get transferred to a different rehab facility that will let her stay hopelessly addicted to narcotics, but surprisingly the judge in her case isn’t going for it. It’s almost as if he wants the sentence he handed down be an effective method of rehabilitation when really he should be worried about making sure Lindsay gets everything she wants because she was in Mean Girls. “That’s how the law works,” she probably said while dramatically taking off her glasses and looking into the wrong pretend camera.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    I took an Adderrall at my buddy’s wedding right after the ceremony and by the time the reception can around, I was talking out of the side of my mouth like Groucho Marx and was on my 5th gin and tonic.

  2. ADHD is 95% fucking hogwash. It’s called normal. Get over it.

    And Billy and Susie blow ass at their math homework because they are dumb and you are shitty parent, not because they need a goddamn pharmaceutical.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Seriously, guys, I NEED my Adderall for my ADHD. I also need cigarettes to calm my nerves, alcohol to get the taste of cigarettes out of my mouth, and cocaine because if you’re rich I’ll suck your dick.”

  4. Kel

    Give the girl her Adderall. Slip some rat poison into the bottle. Give it a few hours. Problem solved.

  5. Doctors at a rehab clinic want to take away her amphetamines that were prescribed for a non-existent condition?

    They’re basically nazis…there should be a name for people like them. Oh wait, there is…”Real Doctors”.

  6. Cock Dr

    Give her the dope….it’s the only thing preventing the development of a 3rd or even 4th LiLo chin, and she doesn’t need any more of those.
    Having a staircase of fat under your jaw might unfavorably impact a gal’s fellatio skills and that would mean that Mommy’s mortgage won’t be paid.

  7. Lindsay Lohan Braless Shopping
    Commented on this photo:

    “O.K., I think I’m ready for rehab. I have everything I need to make toilet wine!”

  8. logan

    You know back in my day (yea Mom I said it) when a female acted the way this twit does we called her a whore and nobody wanted anything to do with her. Today, she has been to rehab 6 times because she is an addict, smokes cigs like a chimney, drinks like a fish, uses her body like a trampoline (free bounces for everyone), lies, steals, posed nude, how many auto wrecks, probation, jail time and yet…………..she is in the media almost every day. WHY?

    • Trek Girl

      You know, you could be 600+ years old and the “Back in my day” line still wouldn’t work. She and the people around her, including the legal system, aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before in some way or another. The only thing new about this is all the ways we’re able to get information about her.

      She’s in the media all the time because she is a train wreck, plain and simple. People want to see what’s going to happen. Is she going to recover? Is she going to die? When are the courts going to take serious action? You know, the usual questions. Oh, and some people just like to see a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, crash and burn.

  9. *=*=* A new slogan for Shire Pharmaceuticals *=*=*
    Manufacturers of Adderall®

    “Adderall® — It’s not just a medication… it’s a way of life!”

  10. Being a self-absorbed, self-important, self-entitled and self-described “important talented princess” is no way to go through life. With apologies to Dean Wormer.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Braless Shopping
    Commented on this photo:

    You know you’re having a bad day when your tits literally look like they are trying to escape from you.

  12. She’ll eventually get her way. So this is all pointless until she dies. Then people will look around asking “who’s fault was this?” It’s everyone’s fault. Her parents fault for being human garbage, her fault for giving up on herself, and our fault for allowing her to stay in the limelight when she contributes NOTHING!

    She will never change as long as people are still paying attention to her and treating her like a celebrity.

  13. get serious

    So, the drug addicted alcoholic stealing fake tittied liar wants to leave rehab because they’ll make her get clean and she can’t control everything she’s going to have to do? Aw, boo fucking hoo. I hope she leaves, gets remanded & is thrown into jail for the 270 days, in general population with the tough chicks. Having the shit kicked out of her on a daily basis might just straighten her out…

  14. Lindsay Lohan Braless Shopping
    Commented on this photo:

    Take care of those things, sweetheart.

  15. Lindsay Lohan Braless Shopping
    Commented on this photo:

    “Let’s go to a retail store. I need to shoplift a bra.”

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