Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Supposed To Be Driving While Filming ‘Liz & Dick’

When Lindsay Lohan was stunt-cast as Elizabeth Taylor, the film’s producers made it a point to mention that they had to jump through an assload of hoops just to get her insured. Turns out one of those hoops was not letting her drive during production which naturally resulted in Lindsay getting behind the wheel of a rented Porsche and ramming it into the back of a tractor-trailer. Something the producers honestly should’ve expected the second she went, “I promise I won’t even look at a car. Honest Injun.” Deadline reports:

Because Lohan needs about two hours of makeup to transform herself into Taylor, the planned daytime scenes with her have been scrapped, with the producers and the director trying to film some nighttime scenes instead. “It’s a jigsaw puzzle,” Thompson said. But despite the crew’s best efforts, “there will be a production loss today, we are just trying to minimize the loss.” As his company, Larry A. Thompson Prods., is producing the movie, Thompson has been in touch with his insurance broker to figure out if the loss will be covered.
The question on everyone’s mind after the accident is how Lohan, who has had her fair share of brushes with the law, was allowed to get behind the wheel while going to work. That was not supposed to happen, Thompson said, noting that the production provides a limousine to drive the actress to and from the set of the movie every day. “When they went to pick her up today, for some reason she decided they (Lohan and her assistant) would get in her own car, so the limousine driver followed them.”

Now, I get it. This whole thing is an insurance scam. For a minute there, I actually thought they were going to put this shit on TV. HA! Could you imagine?

Photos: Splash News