Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Pull A Charity Scam With Her Accent Now

Last week, for a very brief moment, a video of Lindsay Lohan speaking with a weird accent went viral. It also may have outed her as a propaganda shill for the Turkish government, but the important thing is the whole thing was barely a blip on the radar. So naturally Lindsay is trying to milk a dollar out of it by pulling a move from the Kardashian playbook: Vaguely wording shit so you can’t tell she’s sucking away money that only looks like it’s going to charity. Via

“I wanted to turn a silly viral event into something positive for the world. I speak ‘Lilohan’ in order to voice support for AFAD and Caudwell Children; two charities incredibly close to my heart,” explained Lindsay.
Now it’s your turn to speak “Lilohan” and also give back to organizations that need your help!
A portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold will benefit Caudwell Children and AFAD.

Did you catch that last part? “A portion of the proceeds,” which can mean literally anywhere from a nickel to maybe one more nickel. As for Lindsay Lohan’s cut, probably also a nickel because there’s no way there’s that many stupid people who’ll buy enough of these to turn a profit.

*remembers Election Day*

God fucking dammit…

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