Lindsay & Ali Lohan Tell Dina She Looks Like Ass

After years of being subjected to her drunken, tyrannical pimp-rule, Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali are apparently trying to force their mom Dina into a self-conscious pit of depression where, God-willing, she’ll drink herself to death which is how I chose to read this. Us Weekly reports:

“My girls are always telling me to cut my hair,” Dina, 49, told Us Weekly at Randi Rahm’s Fashion Week cocktail party in NYC Wednesday. “You know, you think you’re fashion forward, and then you have children who are way more, but you make your own look [work]. But it’s hard when you’re girls are like, ‘Mom, you’re looking scary.'”

The bad news is that Dina’s tolerance is essentially invulnerable, so there’s no way Lindsay and Ali’s plan will work, but the good news is at least she’s not endorsing lube. That being said, I like how a walking bag of coke bloat pretending it’s Marilyn Monroe and Russell Brand dying of AIDS consider themselves on the forefront of fashion and beauty. Then again, they’ve been on a steady diet of gin since birth so it’s honestly a miracle they speak English instead of a crude language of grunts and knocking over booze bottles. “Aliana, push over the Beefeater if you’ve seen mommy’s keys.”

Photos: Getty, INFdaily Splash News, WENN