Linday Lohan leaving rehab


Lindsay Lohan might be leaving the Promises rehab facility soon. A source tells Gatecrasher:

“She’s scheduled to be out of rehab by next week. She’s taken rehab very seriously. She has cut a lot of negative influences in her life. She and [mom] Dina speak every day.”

She checked in May 28th and was supposed to do a 30 day program, so if she gets out by next week it means she’ll have left the program early. And if there’s one thing Lindsay doesn’t need, it’s to get out of rehab early. You wouldn’t set Hannibal Lecter free just because “he hasn’t eaten anybody in over a week.” I know it’s not like prison and she can leave whenever she wants, but if she’s really taking this seriously she should complete the program. Otherwise I’ll save myself some time and start writing future headlines now: “Lindsay Lohan arrested after driving her car through an office building.”

And here’s Lindsay taking a break from rehab to go workout at a Malibu gym.

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