Linday Lohan leaving rehab

June 15th, 2007 // 153 Comments

Lindsay Lohan might be leaving the Promises rehab facility soon. A source tells Gatecrasher:

“She’s scheduled to be out of rehab by next week. She’s taken rehab very seriously. She has cut a lot of negative influences in her life. She and [mom] Dina speak every day.”

She checked in May 28th and was supposed to do a 30 day program, so if she gets out by next week it means she’ll have left the program early. And if there’s one thing Lindsay doesn’t need, it’s to get out of rehab early. You wouldn’t set Hannibal Lecter free just because “he hasn’t eaten anybody in over a week.” I know it’s not like prison and she can leave whenever she wants, but if she’s really taking this seriously she should complete the program. Otherwise I’ll save myself some time and start writing future headlines now: “Lindsay Lohan arrested after driving her car through an office building.”

And here’s Lindsay taking a break from rehab to go workout at a Malibu gym.

lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-01-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-02-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-03-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-04-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-05-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-06-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-07-thumb.jpg


  1. woodhorse

    #110 RICHPORT ~ please accept my apology. I should not have jumped in to tease you – you are way out of my league and I know it. I just got caught up in a funny post and I shouldn’t have picked on you when someone else was picking on you. Not that I object to anyone else doing that, it is simply not my style – and it wasn’t even a very good jest but I wanted to apologize before I left for work. Please remember I just want to play and mean no any harm (except for Legends 69 and his ilk)

  2. woodhorse

    #139 – that’s a funny remark but I don’t see the target….

  3. jrzmommy

    The dude in the pictures with Lindsay……..

  4. woodhorse

    LOL -that was lame-

  5. woodhorse

    his tits are still there.

  6. techclerk

    Krazihotkelli puts the “DUH” in “Florida”

  7. jojo

    She’s such a mess… poor girl, it’s her mom who should be in rehad and who should be getting all the shit because it’s her fault Lindsay turned the way she did. I wonder if her little brother and sister are going to be rescued in time.

  8. lickme

    #119 Cuz the military is full of little short-dicked men i.e. your last comment.

  9. Jack

    You all need to get a life and quit looking at this shit. You are more of a waste of space than she is. ANYONE who cares about this crap should be shot. MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE.

  10. 149 Jack
    hey asshole, why are you here? Looks
    like your reading the posts. You are so

  11. I think that everyone hatin on Lindsay are just haters!!People can change ya’ll are just made because you aint got it like her eventhough things are rough for her now at least she knows she aint strong enough to leave rehab so honestly if she was a crackhead [which just because people do drugs dont make them a crackhead sorry]she wouldn’t be tryin to better her self so get out of her business!!!!Thanks

  12. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

  13. Karen

    Lindsay Lohan is an asshole. She has no talent and just spends all her fame doing drugs…. you go girl. I predict dead by 30.

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