Linday Lohan leaving rehab

June 15th, 2007 // 153 Comments

Lindsay Lohan might be leaving the Promises rehab facility soon. A source tells Gatecrasher:

“She’s scheduled to be out of rehab by next week. She’s taken rehab very seriously. She has cut a lot of negative influences in her life. She and [mom] Dina speak every day.”

She checked in May 28th and was supposed to do a 30 day program, so if she gets out by next week it means she’ll have left the program early. And if there’s one thing Lindsay doesn’t need, it’s to get out of rehab early. You wouldn’t set Hannibal Lecter free just because “he hasn’t eaten anybody in over a week.” I know it’s not like prison and she can leave whenever she wants, but if she’s really taking this seriously she should complete the program. Otherwise I’ll save myself some time and start writing future headlines now: “Lindsay Lohan arrested after driving her car through an office building.”

And here’s Lindsay taking a break from rehab to go workout at a Malibu gym.

lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-01-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-02-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-03-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-04-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-05-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-06-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-malibu-gym-candids-07-thumb.jpg


  1. Actually, she looks like she’s beefing up a little in these pics. Hey FAT ASS! LOL! Ugggh oh how I hate her!

  2. #2

    #2 – first thing i thought!!!

  3. techclerk

    I hated this train wreck story the first time I saw it… when it was called “The Dana Plato Story”

  4. techclerk

    Maybe she is sober. She’s hiding her face in shame. That looks to me like what a normal person would do after acting like Lindsay Lohan.

  5. stpdfks

    …’cause you have to leave rehab to work out.

  6. dorkfest

    Bubble butt? That little 10-y.o.-boy ass isn’t even as big as ONE thigh!!!

  7. #=z 38=40=41****
    go blow each other

    now, back to HorHand:
    I’ll give the freckle
    face idiot about 2 dayz
    and zhe’ll be back
    zuckin coke down her
    throat, running around
    naked and chompin on
    big browneyed znake

  8. BaldAsBritney

    Oh yeah I’m sure she’s all better. Hope they don’t let her drive home. Brainless twat.

  9. RIchPort

    88. You say that like it’s a bad thing. Honestly, it sounds a lot like my plans for the weekend. Do a little coke, suck a little cock, … Same old, same old.

  10. She could save herself time by doing coke OFF a cock. She doesn’t strike me as having much incentive to multitask, though.

  11. RichPort, can I come over tonight? I am
    drunk and I would like to blow some dicks.
    w/b soon.

  12. marcus solomon

    what,? rehab is for qitters who REALLY dont want to quit but know they should .maybe she should try sumpn a little harder.

  13. 1MILFhunter

    She’s getting the perp walk down pulling the cap down and all. She should’ve shown Paris the technique.

  14. Helen

    I’d sleep with her, hands down (or up) she’s one of the only female celebs that could make me bi for a night :)

  15. Jake_F

    Lindsay is a bitch, please message her hate mail through her myspace:

  16. Aerialgreen

    Vegas won’t just be the place where her party will be booze-sponsored… it will also be the place were you can bet if LiLo will O.D. in her birthday.

    I’ve got my OD-a-OK tickets, where are yours?

  17. Mir

    ‘ “She has cut a lot of negative influences in her life. She and [mom] Dina speak every day”

    Am I think only one who see the irony there? ‘


    #2 Like many others, that was the first thing I thought of too. Seems a little contradictory to me.

  18. chomponit

    She’s such a clone of Dina it’s scary. Why do these parents think the greatest thing in the world is “stardom”. How about doing some good for the world? THAT is something to be proud of your children (or yourself) for.

  19. Richport, looks like you have a good time with prettybaby last night. What a Ho she
    is, I see on the other posts where she
    was giving out BJ’s all night. Ask woodhorse.

  20. RichPort

    Actually, PrettyBaby and I were engaged in a little friendly rivalry, to see who could suck the most cock in 12 hours.

    I won on sheer numbers alone, but she’s contesting the results based on the argument that we should score on cumulative length, not quantity.

    Rematch, bitch.

  21. woodhorse

    Funny #50. Interesting thing is that a magazine posted several A-listers side-by-side in their respective designer wear, and just looking at the faces, Lindsey was the only one who was actually beautiful. What a waste.

    #110 Don’t hire Florida to count your votes. They throw out all the ballots from African Americans (as told to me by a magazine) so you would lose unfairly.

  22. techclerk


    I am not sure what you think you are saying, but “coke” is short for cocaine.

    And cocaine is snorted up your nose.

    “Coke” the beverage is what you drink, and that doesn’t make you drunk or high. I’d tell you to blow me, but you probably don’t even know what that is. And you’d probably be very awful at it, too.

    You are an idiot, Kelli. If I were you, I’d shut the fuck up like everybody keeps telling you to.

  23. lickme

    110-111 Florida also throws away military votes, so it would actually even out.

  24. Bizatch

    I have seen Lindsey “look” beautiful in magazines, but it is only the makeup, stylist, etc. Without her EXTREME eye makeup, teeth whitener (or photoshop photo editor), hair stylist/possible extensions, manicure/pedicure with fake nails, fake tan shit, etc. Naturally she is FUGLY, just the opposite without all of these enhancements.

  25. crazyhotsmokinbitchdevilfromhell

    Cuz bein


  26. billabong021

    Isn’t her mother a negative influence on her life though?

  27. Yourfairytale

    #8 – That ain’t a bubble butt. In fact, Lindsay has one of the flattest asses in Hollywood. It’s sick.

    Why can’t she just go to rehab and STAY there? No one wants her loosed upon the world.

    I like how her hat says “unstoppable.” lol Yeah Lindsay, your addictions and vindictive personality make you a WINNER!

  28. woodhorse

    #114 how would all this vote-tossing affect the cumulative length score? If, for instance, there are a lot of Japanese participants then it may be better to hire an independant judging firm.

  29. PsychoChild

    I wonder who’s the next to enter the superficial? what current celeb. do you think will soon replace Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Nicole, etc?

  30. PsychoChild

    I wonder who’s the next to enter the superficial —er— rehab? what current celeb. do you think will soon replace Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Nicole, etc?

  31. kraziho'kelli

    yR oldd
    man wif
    n balzz
    lIk acorns,

  32. The Devil's Prom Date


  33. techclerk


    I think that Hayden girl from Heroes.
    “Save the cheerleader. Save the world”

  34. #122==for zome reazon, 122 wizhez
    that I waz a man…can’t fuckin
    tell U Y…what good R they…they
    R the main reazon Y that I will never
    get married….ain’t none of them
    worth it…I alzo am not hairy, nor
    do I have hanging ballz, thank God..
    wouldn’t want to have that zhit
    hangin off my body…women were clearly
    Godz favoritez..our bodiez are
    beautiful, menz zuck…

  35. No argument, women are my favorites too.

    But, you will marry, if you have half a chance, because you are too fucking stupid to hold a decent job, and your parents won’t support your dumb ass forever.

    Sometimes life sucks, and soon you will too!

  36. woodhorse

    Went to another website that posts on Weekends (Fish is off having fun) and Michael K. said listening to Tomboy would make one gay – well, I listened and I didn’t turn gay (sorry, Prettybaby – better luck next time). I do have to say that white guys have no business wearing those clothes, gay or not. There are several things that people of color can wear quite successfully that caucasians can’t – chartruese and pink to name a couple – and I just wanted to get a shotgun and kill that thing around his neck.

    Please, white guys, if you are going to be gay, get some professional gay advice.

  37. #12=life doez not zuck in Florida,
    nor will it ever…

    iz that what U did, marry zomeone
    becoz U were 2 stupid 2 make a
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  38. woodhorse

    Holy shit! You’re from Florida?

  39. #129=and U fuckin know it the way, woodhorse,
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  40. woodhorse

    #130 I only call to hear your Mom talk dirty to me as a favor to you. I know you probably get sick of it. It was a waste of time since you are from Florida. National statistics show that most children from the Everglades are verbally sexually abused, hence the consistently foul language and inability to spell from being kicked out of school.

    I really am sorry. I had no idea you were from Florida.

  41. “..ur
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  42. “National statistics show that most children from the Everglades are verbally sexually abused,”

    zoo no nuthing
    i spellz better zen zoo

    and ztop calling my dad
    a sexzual abuzer

  43. hope U had fun being me
    #131: nice postz 132&133!
    little hard for my dad to
    sexually abuze me, consider
    hez 6 fuckin feet under…

    nice to know thatz what U
    went thru, though…I’m
    zure U deserved it..fucker!

  44. DefinatelyTrying

    I am always trying to get me some, but Lohan would be the last thing that I would go after and I am a dogg.

  45. astella

    this is so hilarious.just a couple days ago, i was watching mean girls on re-run in a free to air channel and i realized lohan was such a pretty,chubby and cutie teen!

    seriously,she is such a complete opposite of the roles she plays. they should docu the life of drug addicts, an expose, and she’ll be the star. only it doesn’t involve any real acting skills,she’ll just be herself!

  46. JR

    Does anyone actually give a shit?

  47. woodhorse

    #130 better hurry and use that number. Pretend it’s me when you call. My own number will change shortly cause I’m moving – not that you had my old number in the first place. You really are krazi.

  48. jrzmommy

    Was this dude trying to spite his face? Where in the fuck is his nose?

  49. Kill Yourself

    krazihotkelli—I’m from Florida, too. We’ve talked it over and decided that you’re an embarrassment to this state and we’re having you shipped to Arkansas. We thought it would be an appropriate place, since no one there has an IQ above 8, so you’ll fit right in.

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