Linda Hogan wants Hulk to pay her boyfriend’s tuition

The Superficial | November 22, 2008 - 3:36 pm

When Old Lady McGrossBoobs isn’t pretending to be Paris Hilton, she spends her free time trying to sue Hulk Hogan into paying for shit. She currently rakes in $40 grand a month in spousal support, but how can she send her boytoy Charley to sea school on such paltry funds? I mean, Christ, where’s the humanity? TMZ reports:

Charley Hill wants to go to sea school, and Linda wants Hulk to pay for what could be the next Captain & Tennille. Getting back to why $40,000 isn’t enough, Linda blew $14 grand at a Bev Hills Doctor’s office this week. Hulk says it’s for cosmetic surgery.

Sea school, huh? I’m guessing Charley wants to be around some fresh fish for a change. Um, because he loves Red Lobster so much. Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant…

NOTE: Christina Aguilera in five years. I’m calling it.