Linda Hogan wants Hulk to pay her boyfriend’s tuition

When Old Lady McGrossBoobs isn’t pretending to be Paris Hilton, she spends her free time trying to sue Hulk Hogan into paying for shit. She currently rakes in $40 grand a month in spousal support, but how can she send her boytoy Charley to sea school on such paltry funds? I mean, Christ, where’s the humanity? TMZ reports:

Charley Hill wants to go to sea school, and Linda wants Hulk to pay for what could be the next Captain & Tennille. Getting back to why $40,000 isn’t enough, Linda blew $14 grand at a Bev Hills Doctor’s office this week. Hulk says it’s for cosmetic surgery.

Sea school, huh? I’m guessing Charley wants to be around some fresh fish for a change. Um, because he loves Red Lobster so much. Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant…

NOTE: Christina Aguilera in five years. I’m calling it.