Linda Hogan wants Hulk behind bars

June 12th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Hulk Hogan is really regretting that deal with Satan to get his own reality show. After looking like a jackass on Larry King Live, Hulk’s ex-wife Linda is now trying to get him thrown in jail for not paying for half of their Las Vegas condo per their divorce settlement, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

The estranged wife of former wrestler Hulk Hogan has asked a judge to cite him for allegedly not paying his share of a $4.2 million Las Vegas condo.
Linda Bollea wants Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, to be held in contempt and jailed. A court order requires them to share the purchase of the condo at The Palms hotel and spa.

Oh, those wacky Hogans. I bet these people spend Christmas morning stabbing each other with used drug needles. Then it’s off to the tanning salon for a quiet afternoon of bleach, egg nog and widespread melanoma. Fa la la la!


  1. Eternal

    no he is just trying to hide her devil tail from appearing on camera

  2. Phil

    Linda is a nasty ass woman. Dating a 19 year old. it’s almost like sleeping with nicks friends I mean really. A judge should see how see’s acting and not give her a dime.

  3. bamf

    Linda Hogan is a dirty, selfcentered B I T C H.
    she could care less how her actions are affecting her children, or the people around her. She is a cradle robber, and a SKANK. She’s dating someone as young as her DAUGHTER. what if an old man was dating Brooke? how would she feel?
    shes nasty and all she wants hulk for is his money// thats prlly the reason she married him in the first place.

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