Linda Hogan wants Hulk behind bars

June 12th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Hulk Hogan is really regretting that deal with Satan to get his own reality show. After looking like a jackass on Larry King Live, Hulk’s ex-wife Linda is now trying to get him thrown in jail for not paying for half of their Las Vegas condo per their divorce settlement, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

The estranged wife of former wrestler Hulk Hogan has asked a judge to cite him for allegedly not paying his share of a $4.2 million Las Vegas condo.
Linda Bollea wants Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, to be held in contempt and jailed. A court order requires them to share the purchase of the condo at The Palms hotel and spa.

Oh, those wacky Hogans. I bet these people spend Christmas morning stabbing each other with used drug needles. Then it’s off to the tanning salon for a quiet afternoon of bleach, egg nog and widespread melanoma. Fa la la la!


  1. Grunion

    Nice dress, it hides her penis really well.

  2. Amanda

    LIKE that will happen

  3. Amanda

    LIKE that will happen

  4. it looks like a cheetah took a cheetah-colored shit on her skirt/face

  5. Terry Bolea?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    Name makes him sound like a pen salesman.

  6. Randal

    The more you post about the Hogan’s, the less you see of Randal.


  7. WhosTheYoungGuy

    She has a nice face… but the body of a 60-year old mediterranean woman. Face and body do not match. Looks like a Photoshop cut’n paste.
    Who is the guy next to her ? He is stunning. There is a shortage of Vikings where I live. Most men are short and brown haired, yuk.

  8. Goddamn it, MORE HOGAN POSTS PLEASE!!

  9. Tory

    What a greedy old hag. First she wanted child support for their 17 year old son and now she wants Hulk to pay up or go to jail? The smartest thing for Hulk to do is spend a few nights in the slammer and give her nada.

  10. Rod

    Watcher PLEASE post more about the Hogans!

  11. T-Dawg30

    Holy Shit!! Celebrity Fit Club did wonders for Jani Lane!!

  12. nipolian

    This family definitely takes dysfunctionalism to a whole new level.

  13. DaDump

    Randal is a loser!

  14. It sucks when your mom is WAY hotter then you.

  15. bertie

    What is wrong with the two of you?? Move on and call it a day for heavens sake! Do either of you not understand how silly you both look. Your family has been through the trenches recently and to continue this type of behaviour is so childish. I was married for 29 yrs. my girls are older but I see what the “pending” and then final divorce has done to them. Trying to get back at one another is one thing, (it’s called tit 4 tat a.k.a.I’ll hurt you before u hurt me), however, to continue with this is just plain ridiculous. It is time to grow up and remember what is really important…..and it isn’t about the two of you anymore but about your adult children. Get over it!

  16. Laughing Out Loud

    OMG. #1 and #11, THANKS FOR THAT LAUGH! I needed that!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hoganfarts

    She sucks – he sucks. I bet her snatch is nasty as rotten egg salad sitting out in the AZ desert for a year. If she gets explosive diarrhea, it could soil the whole planet. At least this guy would be so sick of her nasty farts.

  18. Jammy


  19. g ramondo

    i think the old lady is a hot piece of ass and could suck the chrome off a 57 chevy

  20. g ramondo

    i think the old lady is a hot piece of ass and could suck the chrome off a 57 chevy

  21. Rander Lover

    OMG nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu no more posts of Hogans!!! I wuv mah Randal :D

  22. Darling Randal my hot little piece of man bottom...

    …we are just kidding with you darling. Don’ listen to these meanys. We love and respect and desperately more than you will ever know need NEED you here. You are a breath of fresh air and are the most insightful person here. This site is nothing without you. Please don’t take our Randal away forever and each day without you is like a day with no sunshine.

    I am begging you and know that deep down you are one of the main reasons everyone comes here in droves now!

    God bless you and keep you comfy. A kiss and a hug (sneeky hands ole me has ticklin’ you there!!! :) )

    We miss you Randals

    President of the Randal Society
    Kitten McSweet

  23. gramondo


  24. Forrest Fordutreese

    Penalty on #23 for all cap use, and weak obtuse attempt at sexual euphemism, McSweet maintains possession.

  25. Free The Pink Unicorn

    If all it takes to keep the Pink Unicorn a.k.a. Randal happy is less Hogans I say we make this a Hogan free website.

    It’s the least we can do.

  26. TakeOn

    I wonder if her boy toy screams “Valhalla” when he climbs on top of her?

  27. flatbutstacked

    i got it from an inside source that linda suffers from EXTREME flatulence – my frind skippy was walking behind her in miami and got sick on the curb from a gas wave. how did he know it was her? he saw her pudding butt cheeks flap violently just prior to the assault.

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @26 Haha nice one! Odin is pleased.

  29. Alexandria

    Randal sounds like a cool gay to hang out with. I bet he would make me feel beautiful and give me great fashion advice.

  30. Anonymous

    “The more you post about the Hogan’s, the less you see of Randal.”

    And that’s a good thing. No, it’s a great thing.

  31. Anonts him to pay his half for the condo.

    She wan

  32. Anon

    She want’ing her s him to pay his half of the condo?
    Where did she get here share for $4.2 mil.

    Oh yeah from him.
    He’s paying for all. If she wants him in jail for not paying then she should be audited to make sure that she’s paying her share herself.

  33. bootlips

    It seems that the Hogans have lost it.

  34. moka

    there is no doubt that there are some true bitches who only care about money and cock, and fools with no brains who only want boobs. perfect match

  35. agree11

    Cute couple. It seems thay are happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site “”"”"W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”"”"” last week. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?

  36. Warning: Cute Children Grow up to Become Idiot Teenagers

    This kid needs to know that he can’t be tied to Mama’s apron strings forever, and it really doesn’t matter whose Mama it is.

    Boy, he must really be brain dead not to get a life of his own and to get involved with these creepy losers. The Hogans’ make the Adams Family seem normal.

  37. Why can’t anybody have a nice quiet divorce? Like the McGreeveys?

  38. I luv Randal

    I wish you were the new author here. It would be all modern fashion and rainbows and pretty flowers and dewy grass and manicures and always pretty girls and boys and happiness and sunshine and no boring analysis or in depth critique. Just happy! :) :)

    Join the Pink Unicorn

  39. Prof

    You know this peroxide prince probably couldn’t even get a smile from Brooke back in the day, and Nick most definitely goofed on him every other day, especially while the show was on. NOW, Nick is in jail, Hulk is banging a Brooke clone, Brooke’s distressed, and he’s giving the pipe to their mom… life can come at ya kinda hard huh Hogans.

  40. Word to the wise: Never take your father’s stage name as your last name, even if you think “Bollea” is as gay as a rainbow flag.

  41. Gay is the new Macho

    Soften up people, a new flag is flying higher than ever up the ole pole! (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm)! It’s all lavender and pink with a dainty slash of pink (pink really is for boyz)!!!
    We will have a new leader in this country next year and we as a community are going to be stronger than ever. We are gonna be looking at you straight guys with conviction from this day forward (ooooohhhhh)!
    You bitches.

  42. YEP……………..I agree!!

  43. Bollywood Hogan

    Dude, doesn’t this creepy guy look like another creepy guy….Richard Christie from the Howard Stern Show in an old 1970′s Terry Bradshaw wig??

    I can hear him saying now, “Heeeey”.

    About Linda, I always thought she was a spoiled c*nt. I wouldn’t mind “dropping loads all over her granny glasses”.

  44. becky

    if anyone should be arrested it should be her for rape… gross

  45. Cougar Texas

    AGAIN with these two fuckwits??? I’m puking up my Choco Rice Krispies this mornin.

  46. malicious

    she is way hot for an older lady, I think it is awesome that she’s doing this guy

  47. Thee Dick

    Well lets stay tuned for the “make up” show.Make up sex can be good.Watch as Hulk walks in with Linda’s legs around the neck of one of his black wrestlers.Or another female….only a matter of time….

  48. Maudawg

    Linda needs to get over herself! Here she was a pampered housewife, the woman had everythind handed to her. What has she EVER done for herself not a damn thing would be my guess. Hulk damn near killed himself putting a roof over the old crone’s head and this is how she treats him?! WTF? She wants him to pay “HIS” share of a Vegas condo? Well every cent she has, Hulk gave her, sooo he “HAS” payed his share. Now its’ her turn. “GET A JOB YOU STUPID HOOKER!!!!”

  49. ron sterling

    Linda, your gettin’ a dell. Looks like he’s givin’ er a rectal exam from behind too.

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