Linda Hogan is eff-ing retarded

July 28th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Linda Hogan visited Pinellas County Prison yesterday for her son Nick’s 18th birthday. Knowing the TV cameras would be there, Linda brought a gift: A skateboard from, I’m assuming, the nearest Wal-Mart. Really? Wow. Because, ignoring the fact Nick’s legally a man and these people are loaded, he’s sort of in jail where blunt wheeled objects are frowned upon. Though, to Linda’s credit, at least she abandoned her initial gift idea of a puppy with a handgun.

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  1. ph7

    I love seeing rednecks in action. They are so amusing.

  2. that is a perfectly cromulent gift!

  3. What a fucking ‘tard! Seriously, this family should not have been allowed to inbreed like that.

  4. Cattyluo

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  5. nitn

    That should be the name of the manwhore’s new show; Rednecks in Action

  6. Lindasadude

    Is that a picture of Brooke on the bottom of the board? Keep it in the family.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Alright, who’d you rather?

    Madonna once, or Brooke Hogan three times??

  8. #7 – what a question! Damn…….

    Madge is looking like a zombie but she used to be sexy…… Brooke is a thick redneck who probably just lies there thinking she’s the shit…tough question…I’m going with Madge – but with my eyes closed thinking of her from back in the day!

  9. Venom

    That’s messed up, his mom basically dogged her own son out.
    Basically said that your only mode of transport will be a skateboard or bike when he gets out. lol

  10. whynot

    how long before linda is on a website for MILFS or GILFS getting it twice over from two of her son’s “friends”?

  11. p0nk

    inmates will fun parking it in nick’s garage.

  12. p0nk

    will *have* fun

    Linda’s not the only retarded one on a Monday morning.

  13. hUH?

    Well i doubt that board is from Wal-Mart considering it has a Red Bones sticker on the bottom which are top of the line bearings. if Wal-Mart sells those something is wrong with the skateboard community.

  14. p0nk

    and why is she wearing the tablecloth from my picnic table? is she providing the prisoners with a smorgasbord?

  15. Actually 13, the real problem is that you know that much about skate boards….The Fish was making a joke about these idiots being red necks. Put down the Redbull and your Miley Cyrus CD and just relax a little….

  16. Deacon Jones


    I meant to write Linda, but what’s the fucking difference. I’d take either one before Madonna. Her skin looks like it would…stick to you, all cold and clammy. *Woof*

  17. whynot

    who has bigger biceps..linda or brooke? Nick is the only one not busting out the guns from his shirt/blouse.

  18. combustion8

    fuck she’s nasty

  19. brookes underwear

    if i had to choose between Brooke or Linda,,, i would go with Linda. Im pretty sure she doesnt have a penis. Being that she has 2 kids and all..

  20. inmates

    “Hey Nick, do that one trick where you do a handstand on the board and then WE ALL RAPE YOU FOR THE NEXT HOUR.”

  21. A-1

    Can her hair get any blonder before it just looks white?

  22. Ted from LA

    She should have brought him condoms to hand out to his new friends.

  23. Dr. John Blackheart

    I’d bang both at the same time. For medical science that is!

  24. They are so stupid. seriously when will they disappear?

  25. Racer X


  26. Tapeworm

    Will someone please take a brick to the head of this Cee U Next Tuesday?

  27. hot mess

    Dear God,

    You missed a perfectly good opportunity to reduce the celeb-retard population. All it would have taken was one well placed lightning bolt before Linda Hogan got into her car. If you get a chance, please keep this in mind next time Heidi and Spencer are near water.

    hot mess

  28. Rick

    Sector 9′s are far too rad to be sold at Wal-mart fools! That is a dope ass board and Wal-mart is evil.

  29. pinky_nip

    I’ve seen better looking men on the San Francisco Jack’s website.

  30. Dear Nick, love of my life

    I’ll be erect for you
    those lil turds I’ll pack for you
    when you bend, I wanna have my cock in you

    Viagra, implants, levitra, cialis
    whatever it takes
    Age difference, doesn’t matter

    No one loves you like I do!
    The future looks bright!

  31. Sport

    This man makes my dick fall off. Wow is he frightening.

  32. Sweet Boy Looking for Older Men (please)

    I think Nicks is kinda cute but I prefer my men a lot older. His Dad would be a dream!

  33. TundraFire

    She should have given him a tub of hemroid cream and a large paper sack.

  34. The skateboard is to put down the back of his pants at night.

  35. dephs

    sector 9 = for wannabe’s
    bones reds = not top of the line, swiss are by far #1
    skateboard = nick’s new mode of transportation

    the more appropriate gift would have been some K-Y.

  36. bloodyknows

    that’s a $160 sector nine longboard.

    @35: talking about bearings is gay.

  37. Mike Hawk

    Reds are a rip off of Bones ( Powell Peralta) bearings. They aren’t sealed on the back side and blow goats. Swiss precision all the way poser.

  38. Ugh!

    The creepy part is that all his new “friends” will be dreaming of dear old Mom in her tablecloth while they are taking indecent liberties with Nick’s rectum tonight.

  39. Meh

    What a stupid shit Christian, wtf is up with all Christians being such shitbrain rednecks?

  40. justtheobvoius

    Why does anyone care? She isn’t hot, she doesn’t make porn videos, her dad is all washed up. So why does anyone follow her around?

  41. hshore

    what’s with everyone using the word retard? okay, Linda isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, but it’s wrong to use the word retarded. I have a child with cognitive impairment and she is far from stupid. Wise up and stop hurting people who don’t deserve to have their dignity taken away with a casual remark. Please find a different word to describe something you think is stupid. why not just call Linda a jackass?

  42. Jolene

    oh, i assume he can skate a lot in jail! hahaha

    She should have give him a skateboard a cupple of years ago instad of a car.

    And i can come up with a lot of another jokes. this lady is just too stupid!

  43. Jeniffer

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  44. holly38

    She makes me sick!!!! All this trick cares about is plastic surgery and all the money she can suck out of her ex.

  45. Rogerhill

    One hot lady. I’d be all over that. Sexy feet too.

  46. khan

    Linda Baby, I want to give you naked butt slaps. It would be some fun!!!

  47. Dan

    swiss bearings aren’t made in switzerland any more…it says made in japan to swiss specifications…the only reason any of you posers think you know shit about some swiss speed is cuz you heard some shit or inherited a well broke-in set from somebody who didn’t know any better than to give them up. these days pro bearings are pro bearings….and a board is a board given that it has 2 full tails….pfffffft….wastin my time bitchin @ you poser wannabe fukstiks, I’m gonna go skate…try not to let yer parents walk in and see you jizz on the keyboard of their computer when you go to the porn sites after this!

  48. dirk
    Commented on this photo:

    Linda is a very beautiful woman. It has a very shapely legs. Looks gorgeous in those high-heeled sandals. Light tan contrasts with her bright hair, fingernails. But the most I like the heel of a clearly lighter than cube, which contrast with darker lower legs. I do not know whether the light skin on your heels and feet are peeling, but the effect is great.

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