Linda Hogan has a 19-year-old boyfriend – that looks like her son

Linda Hogan decided to one-up the Hulk by dating someone who not only looks like her child – but is practically the same age. In your face, brotha! Linda brought her suitor, 19-year-old Charlie, to the opening of the Palm Place Spa & Hotel where the Simpsons were also partying. Apparently, it was “Dysfunctional Celebrity Families Teetering towards Irrelevancy Night.” TMZ reports:

Charlie told us they are just friends — because friends are typically all over each other at the Palms.
Of course classy Linda made sure Charlie-poo had a drink.

Charlie does sort of look like a long-haired Nick Hogan. If you close your eyes and pretend, which Linda is all over. That said, I wonder if it’s awkward when she comes to visit Charlie at his house. You know, because his mom makes him keep the bedroom door open. Which, as a mother, Linda agrees with but doesn’t think that’s an excuse not to dry hump oh God I puked in my mouth. Napkin!

Photos: Splash News, Video: TMZ