Linda Hogan has a 19-year-old boyfriend – that looks like her son

June 2nd, 2008 // 82 Comments

Linda Hogan decided to one-up the Hulk by dating someone who not only looks like her child – but is practically the same age. In your face, brotha! Linda brought her suitor, 19-year-old Charlie, to the opening of the Palm Place Spa & Hotel where the Simpsons were also partying. Apparently, it was “Dysfunctional Celebrity Families Teetering towards Irrelevancy Night.” TMZ reports:

Charlie told us they are just friends — because friends are typically all over each other at the Palms.
Of course classy Linda made sure Charlie-poo had a drink.

Charlie does sort of look like a long-haired Nick Hogan. If you close your eyes and pretend, which Linda is all over. That said, I wonder if it’s awkward when she comes to visit Charlie at his house. You know, because his mom makes him keep the bedroom door open. Which, as a mother, Linda agrees with but doesn’t think that’s an excuse not to dry hump oh God I puked in my mouth. Napkin!

Photos: Splash News, Video: TMZ

  1. p911gt10

    well stop talkin about them and they’ll go away!

  2. Hollywood Red

    That whole family has a boner for bleach.

  3. KT

    She is such a skanky ho. I hate this family. The more I read about them, the more I realize just how evil the really are.

  4. eh

    thanks now i just puked ….any one have mouth wash

    oh and my eyes need to be cleansed as well

  5. Jimbo!!! How could you??!!!

  6. PunkA

    What #2 said.

    Welcome to crazy town.

  7. Sid

    The worst part is he puts a bandanna over his pubic hair.

  8. The only reason he is hanging out with her is for the fame. Dirty.

  9. Auntie Kryst

    Ja whol, tonight vee are goings to pahrty like eet’s 1939. Sieg heil!!

  10. Bigheadmike

    Id hit it given the chance…..
    being a boob man.

  11. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    pic No. 6 is where she thinks, “oh lord, what have i done.”

    but, by pic. No. 8, she’s over it.

  12. alicia

    G-ROSS! He isnt even cute! If youre going to rob the cradle, pick the cute kid!

  13. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    so….watched the video…very nice.

    met at the beach. how cute.

    friends with benefits?? since when is a dried up Sahara desert of a vagina that has been railed by Hulkamania and his 24-inch python a benefit?

  14. hobo-quebec

    if this guy is 19, he must have started smoking around age 2.

  15. mephime

    that guy does NOT look 19. If i saw them walking down the street, i don’t think I’d look twice…well, other than noticing the orange skin and trailer park white-yellow hair….

  16. Steph

    Wow that guy doesn’t even look 19 to me..This whole family is screwed up. I think all that bleach is starting to eat away at their brain cells.

  17. 10pound

    engage gag reflex

  18. Bonetown

    in that last picture, i’m pretty sure he’s got a boner. ew

  19. Does anyone in the Hogan family have an ass??

  20. Hollywood Red

    Let me rephrase that… the whole family has a boner for bleach and pseudo-incest, what with Hogan bangin’ a Brooke lookalike and then rubbing oil on Real Brooke’s ass, and now Linda’s bangin’ Nick’s clone.

    Under the Details section of the divorce papers I wouldn’t be surprised if Linda and Hulk wrote “Our kids wouldn’t let us bang them/watch them back them bang each other.” Cuz let’s be honest, isn’t that while all marriages fail?

  21. Jimbo, Charlie is her ass..

  22. deacon jones

    This guy looks like a gay porno star from the 70′s

  23. Barely Stearn

    What the hell…? Does the bleach blonde crap jump off the Hogans’ heads and leech itself on to any host head that strays too close…? I haven’t seen dye jobs this bad since Health Barkley rode the range with Nick, Jarrod, Victoria, and Audra!

    By the by – in case I forgot to mention it lately: The sight of Heidi Montag in a bikini makes my man thighs moist…

  24. Daniel

    lol Hobo Quebec you are so right, I saw his picture and thought “shit, if he’s 19 then I just became 12″

  25. There’s nothing wrong with DRY humping your mom. It’s when you act on those impulses – which every boy has – that you get in trouble.

  26. @25 Hey troll, how often do you “DRY” hump your mom??

  27. lol wut?

    Can’t say I admire this guys dancing. However, nice one for reminding everyone of our favourite stereotype about white guys and the dance floor.

  28. rhhh

    Yea, wont be long til he balds as badly and the Hulk himself… and don’t forget the andro-induced, sagged-out bitch tits to go along with it. If I was hammered and this whore approached me for easy sex, yea, I’d probably drink somemore and then try to pound her

  29. Although it may cause multiple personality disorder. So I hear.

  30. dmatt

    i would like to see the funbags, but that would be about it.

  31. butterfly

    Where did that dilawar guy go? Here’s a couple blondes for you Dil! LOL

  32. Erik

    He’s 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He looks at least 35. Too much sun making his skin and hair look like complete ass.

  33. Ldog

    Jesus, the Hulk and his ex need to stop being so selfish and start thinking about their kids and how this is affecting them…

  34. SlyAndTheFamilyStallone


    This guy.

  35. rick

    I’d love to see her stretched droop nipple-dowsing boobs and her gray-pube covered dark pigmented loose chewed up pussy. For a special treat, maybe her anus will be knotty!

  36. deacon jones

    I like the belt buckle, thats still in style, right?

    And yeah, that dude’s sporting wood in last pic

  37. dmatt

    i think that family is into wife swapping or whatever you call it when you switch off with your kids. oh, incest. Its called incest.

  38. The Big Lebowski

    This story is pretty damn funny, and so is the pictures of them on

  39. Ralph

    I hear he’s hung like a Brooke.

  40. CJ

    The Cougar thing is worn down….time for women to start acting within 10 years of their age and that means leaving the children alone. I don’t care how damaged her self-esteem is after being subjected to the Hulk for so many years…she has no right to take her self-centered tendancies out on children. Yes, she looks okay for a woman her age….now find a man mature enough to appreciate it and not just looking to notch a bedpost with cougar trophy.

  41. Zim

    He should date Lindsay Lohan instead, since they both look like they’re entering their golden years.

  42. m

    wooooah, hold on! I’m 19 but this guy looks like he could be my father! he looks 40! and… like a douche

  43. BCW


    Whatcha gonna do when the cougar comes down on you?

  44. BCW


    Whatcha gonna do when the cougar comes down on you?

  45. BCW


    Whatcha gonna do when the cougar comes down on you?

  46. veggi

    She’s got the right idea. At that age, you don’t have to suck for very long and the semen isn’t as thick and clumpy.

  47. Oveta

    I’d like to see Linda take on Beth Chapman in an evening wear match.

  48. I love how fucked up this family is! I hope nobody gets squished in a car while driving drunk anytime soon…

  49. Surfer Joe

    She’s having fun and getting banged good. I love 40 plus women because a lot of them take care of themselves and look hot and are ready for some good banging.

  50. Jackson

    I wonder if her and Kim Kardaskank wear the same brand girdles.

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