Linda Hogan is Engaged to That Kid

July 26th, 2010 // 69 Comments

Seen here with Brooke over the weekend – don’t ask me how to distinguish the two – 50-year-old Linda Hogan is reportedly engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend Charley Hill, and according to LimeLife, they plan to marry next summer on her yacht elegantly named – wait for it – ALIMONEY. Of course the real news here is these pics obviously mean Charley’s epic rock album “Redemption” has been shelved which was supposed to be a shredlicious bomb dropped all over of Brooke’s face for not embracing her future step-dad. My life no longer has meaning.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. gogo

    first? :P

    • gogo

      and yeah, they’re practically twins.. with the twin on the right showing less belly fat cause she’s obviously fitter..

    • LuvdaBoobies

      I for the life of me do NOT get this obsession of twits on this website whose life is so devoid of purpose that they get so fucking excited if and when they can post the very first post on a page proclaiming “FIRST!”. REALLY? I saw I might have the first posting if I hurried…but then realized I wasn’t a loser for whom that brought so much joy.

      • tyler

        It’s worse that you get obviously butt-hurt about it.

      • gogo

        Oh Linda, I pity u for u still haven’t learned to appreciate the small things in life..

      • Rush

        no, you’re just a sore loser.

      • LuvdaBoobies

        @tyler…ok dude. Enjoy yourself obsessing about being “FIRST!!!!” and defending fellow comic-con like basement dwellers like @gogo. I’ll go fuck my hot wife and roll my eyes at you loosers sitting over your cum smeared keyboards waiting for your 15 minutes of glory.

      • Danny Glover

        calling first= a douche
        crying about someone calling first=a baby

        and your wife isn’t that hot, my pack and i passed on her

    • LuvdaBoobies

      BTW…you will never in your life see me ever yell FIRST…ever…and anyone else who defends these douche bages…and slams me for calling them out as loosers (or for being jealous…lol….give me a FUCKING BREAK…lmao)…you show your true colors for being losers as well. But just know that most of us who love this stupid site and enjoy making comments laugh at you sad fucks.

      • So, you’ll never ever yell FIRST, but you’ll go on some ridiculous rant just because someone else did? Yea, that makes perfect sense. Do us a favor and patch up your hot blow-up wife. I think she sprung a leak. My thinking is that if she was real, you’d actually be fucking her and not spewing your nonsense here.

      • tyler

        @LuvdaBoobies I wasn’t defending anyone, just pointing out that you seem rather upset about someone posting “first”. I agree wanting to be first is retarded, but you getting so upset about it is waaayyy more retarded.

    • gogo, i agree it’s a matter of lulz when u know full well it’s going to start this argument every time. but wouldn’t you agree to offer some derivative of ‘first’, such as “frist”, “fist”, “première”, or, since ur acting a little like a polack, “pierwszy”… yknow, to show you’re a true artiste.

    • Marcus

      My life will be complete the day I get to say: “First”

  2. LuvdaBoobies

    What a Fucking CUNT!

  3. ew

    Look at the hands. You’ll know immediately which is which

  4. hmna

    Fish, just so you know:

    Brooke is the one with the big gut.

    When did THAT happen? Did Hulk stop feeding her ‘roids?

  5. gil

    men who carry womans bags are fuccking pussy whiplashed

  6. Sugar

    Brooke is a big fat cow. MOOOO

  7. sean

    At least she’s marrying a man. You people who think that two men or two women can “marry” each other, yet you think an older woman marrying a younger man is somehow beyond the pale, you need to understand what it means for something to be against nature. Two dudes are against nature. Two girls are against nature. A woman and a man are nature’s and God’s plan.

    • Rush

      i know! don’t you just love it?
      skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeeeeeeeeeeeet

    • M

      Go fuck yourself, fag.

    • persona non grata

      post-meno women dating are against nature, klinefelter’s is against god’s plan, and the ideal relationship is octomom/kate gosslin, both of whom have no man at all.

    • personanongrata

      post-meno women dating are against nature, klinefelter’s is against god’s plan, and the ideal relationship is octomom/kate gosslin, both of whom have no man at all.

  8. Photoshop Police

    bubba army!


  9. wishbone

    Of course she is marrying him next year. That guarantees the old broad will get laid by a young guy for at least another 12 months. Smart old bitch.

  10. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    FIRST, she’s a LARD

  11. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    Aawww, he looks like a fat version of Kid Rock.

  12. havoc



  13. Hugh Gentry

    Linda has great jugs, but skeletor hands.

  14. pimp

    i’d give brook a rusty trombone….

  15. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that fat or a kid trying to get out?

  16. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:


  17. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:


  18. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    Yay, I rule! Brook is one fat bitch!

  19. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    Brooke is starting look like a little porker.

  20. Anonymous

    Is Brooke pregnant or just as a pot belly? I don’t get how she can be that wide and have a protruding gut yet not have fat rolls or a muffin top.

    Something is definitely wrong when your 50 year old mother has a younger bf than you and is in better shape. LOL

  21. Give Linda props for pulling off what most guys 40-50 will only dream of–a life partner half their age. Not that it works out the majority of time. But it can.

  22. Cardinal Fang

    More people the no one should care about

  23. stinky mcpoop

    I hope she doesn’t sign a pre-nup.

    Brooke’s looking hot for a heifer these days. Stay hungry, you fat manly fuck.

  24. Dr Rammington

    Marry into the hulksters cashflow? – check
    Old woman who ca’t swim? – check
    Yacht? – check

    After poking those walking mummified remains for months on end Charlie finally gets to cash in.

    Except he forgot about those ridiculous silicon flotation devices. Zounds she has thought of everything!

  25. misterfister

    I bet that kid uses Linda’s mouth as a toilet and fist Brooke in her ass.

  26. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    I just OD’d on peroxide just from looking at this.

    I wonder what goes on inside that kid’s head.
    I bet even Cthulhu tries to talk him out of it every night when it comes to feed on his soul:

    “Thou doth not HAVE to do this, thou knowst?”
    “Nah, it’s okay…”
    “I mean, thou couldst bang ye daughter instead. Not that I can tell them apart either.”
    “Yeah… no, whatever”
    “Art thou sure?”

  27. Comet


  28. Census

    Are you sure she’s only 50, she looks at least 64 to me. Even her hair looks old, and her daughter looks 5 months pregnant. Perhaps, Brook is having a baby with the mom’s young boyfriend for Linda, aka surrogate.

  29. Felix

    I wonder what she’s got in that white bag of tricks.

  30. Hulkster

    I hate this cunt brother!

  31. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    jack mehoff
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. Who is who? Both look like moms.

  32. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Om Noms
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d hit it.

    Wait, no! Where’s the delete butto

  33. alexis

    i wanna spluge all over brookes fat funbags..mmmmm yum

  34. Kelley

    Brooke Hogan has all the femininity of a crushed cigar and the sex appeal of cold margarine. Fake cow tits. Nice gut !! If she’s not pregnant, and that should make her a few dollars.

  35. captain america

    brooke forgot to SHIT for a week or so?

  36. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    I see fetus. Or a tanker truck full of beer…..

  37. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    The boytoy turned groom-to-be is balding. Not good.

  38. Oh, ok.

    Sometimes you just can’t take the trailer out of the trash.

  39. Holy crap. I can barely distinguish Linda Hogan from Brooke. …and usually I can barely tell Brooke from Hulk.

  40. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    Brooke is fucking HUGE!!!!!

  41. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t understand what this picture is about. Please explain why, I mean what is happening here.

  42. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder – - – if Charlie would want her if she didn’t have The Hulks money.
    Answer: H_ _ L NO!
    Get a brain B _ _ _ _ H!

  43. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    I still think she’s yummy. : )-

  44. MsDD

    She’s old enough to be his grandmother! Does she have no shame? What’s this world coming to?

  45. Samael

    Can you blame this kid? I bet she nails him every which way from Sunday and then when she’s done, she bakes him cookies and turns on cartoons for him. She likes the attention from a young dude and he likes what he gets in return.

  46. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    You go kid get all you can from that old tramp. Marry her if you can and then move on to some young whore who can make you hard again. I’d take your place in a heart beat lucky shit….Alimoney thats fking funny……

  47. Brooke and Linda Hogan
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    Hulk with tits lol

  48. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Deena Dean
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s hot… big boned gal..and pretty face, and I’m not usually into blondes, but she’s not the average. . ,

  49. Brooke and Linda Hogan
    Commented on this photo:

    I believe the peroxide has fried Linda’s brain. A 50 year, and a 21 year old? Of course, I guess it might be nice to have a “sugar mama”. She flaunts the way she took Hulk to the cleaners. Well I guess Hulk got payback…he has a gorgeous, young Finacee’. I guess alls well that ends well…Hmmm.

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