Lily Allen’s coke-snorting skills challenged by Elton John

September 2nd, 2008 // 50 Comments

Lily Allen and Elton John presented the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night in London. Things got out of hand when Lily kept downing champagne like it was the antidote which pissed off Elton John and ended in the two exchanging words on-stage over who could snort the most coke. The Daily Mail reports:

When she came to announce ‘…and now the most important part of the night’, Elton chipped in ‘What? Are you going to have another drink?’
She fired back: ‘F*** off Elton. I am 40 years younger than you and have my whole life ahead of me!’
The shocked audience fell silent.
A clearly rattled Elton replied ‘I could still snort you under the table’. To which she replied: ‘F*** off. I don’t know what you are talking about.’
On more than one occasion, Elton could be seen having a stern word with her in the wings between awards. She barely made it off the stage after the awards ended – before drinking even more at the afterparty.

Folks, we’ve got ourselves a Snort Off. Okay, first one to OD and die, wins. Ready… GO!


  1. Michelle

    First! Elton John is a cokehead!!!

  2. Michelle

    First! Elton John is a cokehead!!!

  3. Megan

    LOL, Lily is 100% class.

  4. rough daddy

    she should have respect for her elder queen… kids today!!!

  5. Dig the crazies

    I think I am in love.

    “I am 40 years younger than you and have my whole life ahead of me!”

    How much do you think that hurt Elton?

    Simply awesome.

  6. Lily looks good there

  7. ph7

    Coke snorting starlets love to get naked. In fact, every girl I’ve ever known who snorts coke LOVES to get naked.

    Something about coke and getting naked…

  8. Racer X

    That’s my type of girl.

    /I’d hit it

  9. Mdiz...

    I wish she would show us her 3rd nipple again..

  10. Melissa

    That story went well with my morning wake-n-bake and pill popping routine. Can you imagine being an audience member witnessing all that? God, I love Reggie. I’m gonna go put on Madman Across the Water now, and then I’m gonna go sleep this shit off before work :)

  11. Chenush

    Is that her hair? and if not, What is that thing on her head?

  12. Clem

    Elton John presenting Man of the Year! Ha ha ha!!!!
    You might as well have Oprah present a Jenny Craig award!

  13. gigi

    she thinks she’s got her whole life in front of her? she does but it won’t be in the charts or anywhere important with that class act. Maybe she wants to spend her life at the pub getting fat

  14. Guy

    I’m glad she told him to fuck off, dried up old queen.

  15. Paolo Maldini

    Elton could probably take her out and pin it on George Michael. I wouldnt put it past him so this girl should watch her back. If I was old and close to death and some snot nosed coke head acted that way, she might die before I do.

    Im sure she loves to get naked. I wish I was back in college and could relive getting naked with all the chicks who did coke. Lily is someone to party with, but marrying her and having kids would be a total nightmare so at some point we have to move on no matter how much she likes getting naked.

  16. Would have been funnier if Amy Winehouse came on the stage right about then and stood between them, looked at them both and went “Phfffftt…Amateurs…” and walked off.

    Oh, Melissa #10, you are my new hero!

  17. kevin

    These are story’s made up by the tabloids. if it was true, it would be on video tape.

  18. havoc

    I don’t know who this chick is, but I like her already.

    To tell that little pillow biting, hair plugged homo where to get off, gets my vote.


  19. Lola

    somebody needs to shoot this brash british bitch and stuff her under a table…. i’m guessing the cool thing now is being a a coke or is it cock in this case, snorter and raging alcoholic with a bee-hive mess of hair with dirty dingy fingernails to match…. is this even a true story????? did this in fact really happen???? cuz to be quite honest, i don’t think anyone gives a shit about this useless talentless whore or the queen of fags she insulted

  20. obammy

    #19 you just describe Elton John’s entire life

  21. boli

    lilly allen’s moley ass can do no wrong in my eyes.


    first i’d like to say that even though it sucks…blowing lines is fun as hell…if this story is true that is fucking classic…i challenge both of them to a snorting contest…snort TTTTHATTT FIRRRREEEEEEE

  23. Randal

    Lily, you are smashing in that dress!

    I can just picture you twirling about on light feathered feet on the middle of a dance floor, with those long earrings jingling gently against your shoulder blades while you let down your long dark locks to shake out the curls.

    Damn girl!


  24. KimsLardassian

    Well Elton is a shite but so is this snotty little heifer who will have faded into obscurity and shite reality TV in a two years.

  25. sol

    video plz? :[

  26. biteme

    I wish Lily Allen long life and prosperity (much longer than her dead baby’s aborted stillborn miscarried existence).

  27. BlowingOffWork

    That [cough]three letter website[cough] has the video posted.

  28. UK_Matt

    I now officially love her as much as Elton loves coke.

  29. LL

    Yeah, my money’s on Elton. He was doing drugs before she was born. He’s probably still got all sorts of resistance built up and whatnot.

    But what someone else said, Amy Winehouse could snort their share and hers too and then go beat up a police officer. For her, that’s a Tuesday.


    Also bad face..bad much nicer body..I can already see tits…and pussy

  31. Dancer

    ‘Folks, we’ve got ourselves a Snort Off. Okay, first one to OD and die, wins!”

    Really, in this case, don’t we ALL win?

  32. Anexio

    whats that thing on her dress it look one of thwose things that you pul on to get th e baterys out of remotes. it we3ird and stupid

  33. Solaera

    Hilarious! Fucking Lily. Love her or hate her she will always say exactly what she thinks.

  34. free lily

    She should have bitch-slapped that fairy Elton John off the stage.

  35. Bill First

    Elton could snort her stillborn baby, whole. It’s got a good 10 8-balls in it. Til then she’s just an obnoxious bratty amateur with only one song.

  36. Stiles

    Elton’s wrong. She could out-blow even a gay man.

  37. cm grigg

    Hate to disagree….but sort is having a belt or a drink…he was saying “I could drink you under the table..old folks (Lilly said he’s old) often say “yeah I’l have a snort” when asked if they want a drink

  38. blah

    elton is always opening his big, opionated trap. Its good that someone told him off. And if he was trying to help her, the coke comment was no way to go. He’s obviously just a self righteous snotty douche. I’m glad she told him off; though it does seem like she could use an intervention. Anyways, I like her dress and she looks cute.

  39. Ted from LA

    I can’t believe she stole my fuckin’ comforter and made it into a dress.

  40. bubba

    Well, a “snort” can also be a drink people. It’s a *very* old english slang, but considering the source it’s contemporary for Dame Elton.

  41. Roop

    I’m sure she and Elton have both snorted coke off a penis at least once.

  42. dave

    Lily Allen gets beat-up by the press, O.K.thats not fair, neither is getting your album pulled back, but fights in the street, and drunken, comments are a last resort. Lily Allen needs help, either that or she needs to admit that she just doesn’t care anymore, about her music, I didn’t take sides with Sandi Thom and thought it was a crap thing to tell Lily Allen to get her Shit together, now, (who knows) maybe she’s right!

  43. ……………….CONGRATULATIONS!!
    a part now?

  44. reg

    Lily Allen has her fare share of abuse from the press. They can say it again and again, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The constant reference to her drinking, is brought about by the press and media. Elton John should have, been given a thrashing by the press, for mentioning cocaine use!

  45. my_name

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  46. annonymous

    Of course the press is going to attack Lily Allen because they want people to do the same. See it’s there obsession with hating her that makes all of this, so sick and twisted! They are really obsessed with caring about not caring when it comes to anything that she does. And yet if she passes off a joke that there both in on, (as she mentioned in her blog) they say she is whinging, only to find out that Elton John thought this was a joke as well, The ”2′ people that made, flip comments were laughing, and people that leave negative comments, can’t get over it simply because they don’t want too.

  47. Rebecca

    Do either of them know how pathetic they both sound? Of course, who am I to say that Lily Allen was ever “classy”? Because she is not. Really, though? A “snorting contest”? That’s just silly! And simply immature and not to mention very unlady-like. But, yeah, Lily Allen and the words “lady” and “classy” to not mix or belong together!

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