Lily Allen’s almost visible nipples

June 23rd, 2009 // 25 Comments

Lily Allen wore a blonde wig while dining at Nobu last night in London and also a see-through top, so don’t act like you don’t have time to squint to see some nipples. It’s Tuesday which means you’ve already checked out for the weekend like 98% of the American workforce. Unless, of course, you’re a pilot then, for Chrissakes, get off the Internet and man those controls. — Ha, I’m kidding. I’m not flying anywhere. Knock yourself out.

Photos: WENN

  1. Tom K

    She looks good!

  2. difamer

    doesnt look so bad to me..

  3. Ted

    Her see-through potbelly is much hotter.

  4. Marianna

    That’s hot, she lost weight.. looks really good. Blond is a good look for her too..

  5. whomever

    She does have a little belly. Also I’m not liking the blonde wig… but in general I think she’s pretty cute.

  6. Nope… still looks sloppy to me..

  7. hmmmm

    superfish, I’m amazed you didn’t put stars on that. you can see slight areola definition! All kidding aside, I’ve always thought she looked good. her teeth are bad but so are mine. she’s a cutie.

  8. hmmmm

    richport, out of curiosity, what is your definition of sloppy here? honestly, I want to know what looks so sloppy about her. I think you’re just negative, to be honest. it’s sad really.

  9. ummmm

    “what is your definition of sloppy”

    …”do you own a mirror” in 3…2…1…

  10. Rick

    What is it with chick adoration for a fat girl singer?

  11. just some guy

    #7 That’s totally faggot!

    Lord please let this expression become widespread epidemic so Wanda Sykes will be forced to take up advertising time to address the issue.

  12. chupacabra

    maybe she’s on the coke diet now?

  13. Ananana

    is this the beggining of the end of the stars on TS?

  14. Oh

    i miss the slightly pudgy, quirky, cute lily allen. now she’s just kind of generic.

  15. Parker

    When will someone wise up and sell Megan Fox one of these shirts? If they can sell one to Jessica Alba and Lilly Allen they can sell one to Megan Fox. Actually I’ll be just as happy if they sell Megan a toga made of this material.

  16. datroof

    Somehow I was more fascinated with nutting her when she was a little chunkier. Something about gripping those hips and belly as we drunkenly debased each other…

    Now it’s kind of like… “well sure, if I HAD to…”

    (so we men can “HELP” ourselves)

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  20. #8 – Sloppy? When your belly has more rolls than a bakery… when you look like you comb your hair with an old toothbrush… when your wardrobe actually consists of robes that have been in a war… I mean, there are myriad things that make someone look sloppy I’m sure. You can put lipstick on a pig, but would ya really wanna kiss it?

  21. Darth

    Is she carrying a check for me in that bag? That blond hair looks good on her!

  22. Phatasmagoria

    Is it just me or is her bellybutton enormous? I’m afraid I’ll fall in.

  23. I agree with Tom K she looks great, blonde really suits her

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  25. Lily’s fans were impressed at the subtle touch and turned a blind eye to the swearing, smoking and wardrobe near malfunction.Ms Lloyd agreed that the long white glove on the right hand must have been a tribute to the Jackson .

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