Lily Allen’s boobs say ‘How do you do?’

May 14th, 2008 // 183 Comments

British singer Lily Allen kicked it “Breasts in the Wind” style while vacationing in Cap d’Antibes, France. I’ll assume “d’Antibes” is French talk for “Nipple Fountain on the side of a freaking cliff.” For those of you who don’t know who Lily Allen is, allow me to fill you in on the relevant info: She’s the topless chick in the photos I just posted.

NOTE: These pics are 100% NSFW and an excellent source of boob-tassium, I might add.


  1. Lucy

    For those who are criticising Lily’s body:


    Sure, her tummy is a bit big at the moment but does that mean she should hide away indoors and not enjoy her life? Everybody’s weight flunctuates and everybody has insecurities. Of course, those of you taking the piss of her are obviously supermodel fit… :-l

    As for her breasts – society has become so twisted that a lot of people are unable to appreciate anything but taught, stretched, freak-show plastic watermelons. Look at Botticelli’s venus – she had a small chest and curvy shap and was once seen as the height of attractiveness. What are we doing to ourselves??

    Women have not become less attractive – society has become more screwed up.

  2. jimbo

    What a bunch of idiot assholes.

    How clueless and cruel can you be, complaining about the weight of a woman who was pregnant but her baby died.

    Rot in hell.

  3. EuroNeckPain

    I had never seen Lily Allen before, except as a SIMS in the game, where she is a sexy brunette
    I would expect someone with so much talent and wits to know better than to have ugly yellow bleached hair
    And her body is really ugly, bad proportions, but that’s not her fault. The hair is her fault. No wonder he fucked the girl next door – smile -

  4. Mr. Sticky

    @42, yup i did.

    This girl’s mid section looks like a barrel. If she put on pants and wore one of those old fashioned deep sea diver helmets and connected the two with 3 sets of suspenders and stood out and burned in the sun for a day or two then took everything off she would look more like a barrel.

    But it’s what’s in the barrel that’s most important, right #40……

  5. MaxLovesIt

    Ok let’s recap…

    - We probably all would
    - Her pop career is cack
    - Who cares if she’s a bit chunky, her tits are phenomenal and it’s her hair that is freaking everyone out

  6. Turd Ferguson

    seems like ALL THE MEN IN HERE ARE HOOKED ON INTERNET PORN, and believe that the airbrushed bullshit is real and bubblehed paris hilton has anything to do with womanhood. paris is a fucking troll and kim k is hot but she has been used as a mens urinal and nothing about her is real….she is as REAL AS A FUCKING CARTOON, so for all you fucking homos who are ragging on real women like lilly, for not being some skinny bubble head freak without two brain cells to rub together, your a total fag who has come to BELIEVE THAT THE WOMEN IN MAGAZINES LIKE MAXIM are real. no go stick your dick in a blender. i would def like to bang lilly, because i like women, i like tits, ass women, women women. i like women who have hips, tits and intelligence. fags.

  7. T.J.

    Them are some little, little, titties! Her belly sticks out further than her pregnant titties. When is she due??

  8. Geek

    wow she is burnt! have fun peeling :)

  9. Jules

    Ok hello americans real women do have stomachs and for those people on here who said she is fat YOU are the reason why there are kids starving themselves to look like anorexic models you have such a bad idea of body image and are promoting negative views that people pick up on!

    One unflattering belly pic and you jump on her like a pack of rabid hyenas – SHAME ON YOU!

    and get a life, people come in all different shapes and sizes, at least Lilly has curves unlike some of the stick insect negative role models out there!

  10. Jodi

    How can someone go from looking half decent topless whilst standing up to then looking like she swallowed a baby when she sits down??

  11. Meredith

    I agree with #161. She didn’t look that bad standing up.

    But yes, she probably is overweight. And the people who are talking about her stomach are right- having a lot of weight in your midsection is unhealthy and it’s one of the characteristics of metabolic syndrome which is dangerous.

  12. sean

    she is fine!! would def do her, she might be a littlle over weight but she is gorgeous and real, instead of starved plasric american bimbos

  13. Dixyland

    You’re all freaks trying to outdo each other. She is VERY doable.

  14. DumbFuckHeads


  15. Gross

    She’s gross… and she has super duper small tits. Go get a breast enhancement Lilly Allen!

  16. shibuya_jones

    purrfect amount of gurl meat topped off with perkynipz

  17. I Am Meat

    What a moose!!!

  18. Jon

    You know what? Bigger girls are better fuckers. It’s true, and to be honest I’d rather screw Lily than a skinny chick- don’t knock it til you tried it is all I have to say. Bigger girls are better fuckers, who would have known?

  19. M.SYN

    I think she is gorgeous.Great tits.I’d fuck her!

  20. M.SYN

    I think she is gorgeous.Great tits.I’d fuck her!

  21. Lee

    And you think Britney Spears is bad?
    Give me a break.
    Lily looks disgusting now.

  22. Pues yo creo que esta ha de ser la más desagradable de sus fotos. Saludos.

  23. Supreme beauty

    I have no doubt all of you look slim and perfect.

  24. Cougar Texas

    You people are incredible. She’s not a cow. She’s not a whale. She’s not a fat ass. She’s just a girl, feeling happy enough about herself to sit in the sun and laugh outloud. Enjoy life. Try is sometime, you fucking bitter hateful fuckers.

    Love some Lilly.

  25. Mutton Chop

    she looks kinda hungry to me, somebody give her some food…she’s wasting away…oh, the sign says DON’T feed the animals…,

  26. i just love boobs small boobs big boobs all shapes an sizes ow my gosh check out them og bobby johnsons—damm i gotta get outta here

  27. georgia

    oh leave her alone, good on her for getting an even tan!

  28. El Ron

    Yawn. Clothed. Naked. She’s still a tool.

  29. pixi

    shes rank. shes the epitome of that which she “sings” about.

    shes like a child looking for attention, but the only attention she gets are the vomits from those who have to see her or listen to her.

  30. was

    i am disappointed at lily allen.. she is in showbiz if she wanted to show or else , world her goods.. then at least she should have worked out a bit .. although she doesnt have to rely only on beauty because she is incredibly talented singer.but she is 24 so it would be nice if she was bit thin . she looks like granny with that stomach .tyres are all over the place.. since , lily there are millions of good singers .. looks really affect at least you’ve got the curve to nourish sme people are deprived of even that too (like kate perry)and i am not being superficial.. from next time on even if you got good video we’ll always remember your chunks might effect you .. any way nice tits .. good luck

  31. MJ

    my stomache sticks out to the same point as my boobs and im an aussie size ten (US 2)… thats what its fuckng meant to do when they arent in a bra…. if u havent had plastic surgery and thus cant breast feed… dodgy

  32. MJ

    my stomache sticks out to the same point as my boobs and im an aussie size ten (US 2)… thats what its fuckng meant to do when they arent in a bra…. if u havent had plastic surgery and thus cant breast feed… dodgy

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