Lily Allen sunbathing topless

June 2nd, 2009 // 162 Comments

Here’s Lily Allen topless at Eden Roc, and also an undeniable picture of her vagina eating her stomach. No, really, I dare you to give me a reasonable explanation for what’s happening in this last pic that doesn’t involve a belly-eating vulva. You can’t. It’s impossible.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version of some surprisingly pointy nipples. And I’m not saying that because Lily Allen’s a tad doughy. Mostly.


  1. Dave


  2. deep

    first! that’s like Tanner stage 3!

  3. Dan

    Shure those aren’t bug bites? Coulda used some OFF

  4. Kristen

    I don’t think that’s Lily Allen…

  5. Kristen

    I don’t think that’s Lily Allen…

  6. Fegirst

    You can see her third nipple, in the crease under her left mam.

  7. Mike

    Whatever it is, it’s fat, and time for implants that protrude past the gut IMO!

  8. phuture98

    Love the little tits, but not the GUT

  9. Superfluous Nip

    Kristen, I think you’re a moron…

  10. Daryl G


  11. Alli Watermelon

    Ew, I hate weird, pointy nipples like that lol.

  12. Jimboooo!

    Still would.

  13. Crozz

    She’s so below average I’m completely indifferent to her existence.

  14. netstarman

    Will someone tell me who this teen age boy is with moobs . Its really bad for him to be out like this with out a Eskimo Joe t-shirt on.

  15. Joe

    She’s got a right little fuck tummy going on there. Fun when you are young, but a foreshadowing of something nasty.

    Kinda scary when Kate Gosselin has a better stomach than this young tender, and she popped out 8 little anklebiters. Sure she had a tummy tuck, etc., but still.

  16. Better Than You

    I bet Drew Carry has better tits than hers………..

  17. ginger

    What a WASTE OF SPACE she is. HATE her music.

  18. the thing is

    @4/5- Kristen. Just look at all her other topless pics, now compare the face, same nose. Now compare boobs, same. Moles/birth marks, same. There’s even a couple other pics of her topless sitting down with her gut on the net. Same gut. KRISTEN, you were obviously not blessed with Facial Recognition memory. There are apes out there that would perform better than you.
    Just sayin

  19. mehson

    it’s sad that everyone thinks she’s is so gross and fat. real girls look like that. not a fan of pointy weird boobs myself. but as for her stomcach; the majority of your normal everyday girls look like that. especially when sitting. nobody has a flat stomach while sitting.

  20. me

    puffy little nipples

  21. dan

    why cant katy perry sunbathe topless? at least it would be something to look at.

  22. Soupmanson

    I’d bang Kate Gosselin before Lilly Porky-Allen. Blech.

  23. Homer


  24. Humpinfrog

    She’s a twelver at two, a six-pack on a boat, and a one beer wonder if I see (and allowed to suckle) her boobs. Oh what the hell, I’d hit her for free, on most nights. What can I say? I’m a sucker for beer, boobs, and boats! Number? Address? Bus tickets?

  25. The end is near

    I see we are being monitored now. I hope the writers watch some of their filthy shit too.

  26. Ljutefisk

    Very fappable. Nice puffies.

  27. brooke

    That bitch needs to go for a run and lift some weights…doughy

  28. cherry

    Its true. No matter what size you are -unless you suck it in- your stomach folds when you sit down because your posture lets the tension off your stomach muscles. I think her boobs are cute anyway.

  29. Danklin

    Lilly Allen is another waste of space like Kanye West. They say things that hope people will agree with them but in reality people are just like WTF? That gut is nasty and dont even get me started on her ugly pointy nipples. You could break ice with those things.

  30. Danklin

    I think she used to be huge and thats just access skin. Get that shit lasered off you ugly beast.

  31. dexter

    she looks fine, her stomach is not that serious, and if it is to some of you people…you have all never seen a real woman.

    AND Kate Gosselin’s stomach only looks that good because she received a free tummy tuck. take a look at what her stomach looked like before, it’s amazing what they did to make it look like it does now

  32. Regan

    i think she’s cute. she’s not morbidly obese, or anything. just cute n pudgy.

  33. She’ll be cute like that for a few more years.

  34. Amy

    Yay! My stomach looks like that!

  35. weasles

    whoever wrote this is a penis. go jam yourself in a pickle jar please.

  36. Cute Tits, Lose the Ponch

    she’ll take off her clothes and it will be shameless
    cause she knows it will make her more famous

  37. angela

    Shes lost a lot of weight – and I don’t really think she gives a shit about being a sex symbol. Not everyone cares if some weirdo is jerking it to her photos. Most of us would prefer not.

  38. angela

    And before I get all those posts telling me I’m fat – I’m not. I’m just saying I’m sure she just doesn’t care or else she’d go out there and get lipo and fake tits like the celebrities who DO care. I’d rather have a conversation with her over Heidi any day.

  39. Tonawanda

    So she has a tummy pooch — big deal. You hardly notice that if you’re doing her from behind or if she’s sucking you off. Heck, even flat on her back, you wouldn’t notice.

  40. eurotrash

    @ #19 “its sad that people think she’s gross and fat, real girls look like that”

    yeh……..if they don’t work out or exercise in any way whatsoever, stuff thier face with 4-5 times the amount of calories their body needs and generally look like a bag of shit……..screw generation x, this is generation muffintop

  41. eurotrash

    @ #19 “its sad that people think she’s gross and fat, real girls look like that”

    yeh……..if they don’t work out or exercise in any way whatsoever, stuff their face with 4-5 times the amount of calories their body needs and generally look like a bag of shit……..screw generation x, this is generation muffintop

  42. daiquiri

    lmfao, my stomach and tits are just like hers. and for the record, i’ve never been overweight in my life. it’s rare that i see a celeb with my body type, though.

  43. daiquiri

    @ 40-41:

    Um, failing to exercise and eating 4-5X the amount of calories your body needs to maintain a steady weight would make one obese, not “doughy.” i’m not suggesting that she runs marathons (she doesn’t), but she’s very clearly not obese.

  44. you stupid woman!!

  45. emmysyd

    this is my body type too, I used to be underweight and my tummy still did that. I’d rather have a girly tummy like this than rockhard washboard abs – it’s unnatural and strangely masculine imo.

  46. And in other news….
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Yikes – what passes for a left wing in the US is getting kicked in the ratings. That smirking frat boy Overmen (sp?) and Rachel Maddox (sp?) can bearly beat CNN. How lame is that ? Looks like Yanks still happily mainline Goebbels (sp?) at Fox News? Is there still any hope down there ?
    Cliff Notes : Well ‘Frank’ – it WAS an inside job. Free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure IS impossible. Perhaps the intellectuals at MSNBC could send an ‘I Team’ , as they say in the industry, to study concepts like “gravity” and “resistance” to pick up a bit more of the the ‘credibility aspect’ for their “reporting”
    Like, maybe to pick up viewers – they could move their ‘News Unit’ , a bit more towards “reality based.”

  47. Angie

    She actually looks slot skinnier then she ever did. She looks great. Your all a bunch of haters!

  48. Mama Pinkus

    I am 52 and can honestly say I look better than that nekked.

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