Lily Allen needs to put some pants on

January 22nd, 2010 // 122 Comments

Here’s Lily Allen performing at The Big Day Out festival in Sydney today, and apparently she decided to dress like a 60-year-old woman on a cruise. Complete with leopard panties, cellulite and the unfortunate ability to seduce me with promises of brandy and Werther’s Originals. Because I’m a “sucker.” Wink.

*puts gun in mouth*


  1. LT81

    @steve #18 – ha ha ha ha! Yes it does rather look like that, doesn’t it?

  2. Ariana D

    You know what, considering she lots a bunch of weight

    god for her. she feels comfortable and confident enough in her own skin to wear something short. good for her.

    yes cellulite. big fucking deal.

    i bet 95% of all your losers making fun of her. sitting on your lazy asses in your mama’s basement, probably have the exact same legs. if not worse.

    fuck you people are pathetic. PATHETIC.

  3. Stone

    these were definitely photoshopped. Sorry to disappoint anyone who wants these to be true

  4. Jimmy Johnson

    @52 – Spoken like a true FATTY

  5. Joe Mahma


  6. gen

    Honestly I feel bad for her. Huge thighs, no boobs. It makes me count my blessings.

  7. mitch

    What a canned defense. “blah blah blah you’re in your mom’s basement blah” Well look at you paying rent like a sucker.

    Lily does look cute though. Regardless of the junk.

  8. Linda ZOrnow

    You are the funniest shit man, I love you commentaries! Werther Originals ! LOL!

  9. Chicken Fillet

    That’s just god dam rank. I’ll bet all that whoring around on stage gets some serious stank happening between those cottage cheese legs too. Stank!

  10. tony romo

    what a fucking losers, to use the liquid plugin in photoshop to do this lame ass job.

  11. Isaac

    If anyone with a heart and a brain could see that everyone no matter if your skinny or fat has cellulite!!! They photoshop it in so idiots like you will make your stupid opinions heard like it is something meaningful. So many hateful people talking shit about her being herself. Make up your minds you bastards! Do you hate fake like Heidi or hate Lilly Allen for actually being talented? Or are all of you so god damn hateful that it is all you know? She isnt up there to do anything but sing for her fans. I am a man and I think she is fine the way she is! Most women have cellulite so why add to the stigma that young girls feel by dogging natural girls? I bet your girlfriends are not perfect are they? So shut the fuck up and stop acting like you have perfect bodies and perfect lives because now you are the ones who look like assholes….

    Everyone on this site is stuck up and full of themselves. SAD!

  12. cc

    Her legs are repulsive. Seriously, if I was 50 and had legs that shapeless and cottage cheesy I’d be ashamed. English women…ugh.

  13. How I Rough your mother

    Such a pretty girl, its a shame! And shes prancing around on stage as if to boost young girls self esteem…The back of her Thighs looks like its been in the middle of a battle between Machine Gun Kelly and Elliot Ness…

  14. NikiKZ

    How much you want to bet the negative comments are all from MEN? Grow up guys, all women have cellulite. Real life isn’t airbrushed.

  15. sarah

    @10 – Actually, 8 is right. The high speed cameras the paps have can capture way more detail in action than ever… She’s not fat, she’s just not toned and she’s dancing around above some perv with a fancy camera.

    She obviously doesn’t work out a ton, but hey, that’s Lily. She never really struck me as someone who cared about playing that game.

    Bottom line is, whatever. If you have to resort to cyber slamming celebrities to feel good, then you’re in way more trouble than some chick living her life with a little cellulite.

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  17. mina_loy

    shut up!

    i live in sydney and was at that show (big day out 2010) yesterday, standing 3 rows away from her.

    she looked amazing! those are just some unflattering photos. guys and girls alike couldn’t stop gushing and yelling out about how gorgeous she looked, she was complete sex on stage. she has a REAL and HEALTHY body, and is so very flirty. That she she was wearing looked so good on stage – so shut your trap, you weren’t there!

  18. The Only Hetero Male in this Joint

    oh fuck me. And now you people are gonna bash Heidi Montag?!?

  19. notallwomen

    I wish people would stop saying that ALL women have cellulite. We do not. Lilly’s legs look appalling. I am 26 years old and i do not have cellulite and it is something i have checked for thoroughly. Not all women have cellulite – get off your arses, do some exercise, drink water and tone up for f%K sake. That is certainly no excuse!!

  20. susit5e75ews

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  21. Loving lilly

    @ 69 Miss Smug

    Heh. you think you don’t have cellulite because you exercise and drink water? It’s mostly genetic, and hormonally related, and also about 90% of women have it.
    Really fit gym junkies get it too. You can just see it more easily on fat people.

    So lucky you that you happen to be in the minority but I wouldn’t be so sanctimonious about it.

  22. mean

    I was at this last night. she looked fine! could not see any cellulite or anyhting. she looked hot!

  23. Michelle

    I was there! She looked awesome! Including the dress!!!

  24. Rex

    All those Paris guys made her cheesy like this. Never letting her get out of bed long enough to get exercise.

  25. Sarah

    I was at BDO yesterday where these were taken and while I was surprised by Lily’s cellulite, I think some of those photo’s are just bad shots where she was jumping around and it all looks worse than it actually is.

    She still rocked and so many good looking guys were dying to be seduced by her.

    I think it’s FANTASTIC that she feels good in her own skin and doesn’t feel like she needs to hide away in pants or stockings on a 40 degree day.

    Many women wouldn’t have so many body image issues if they had half the confidence of Lily Allen. I salute you!

  26. See Alice

    Gawd I just puked

  27. Steel

    @34, Freebie – you’re really cool! Good to hear you say this :)
    @71, Loving Lilly, nicely put!

    I’m 21, weigh about 8 stone and I definitely have cellulite, sadly! It’s mostly down to hormones, genetics and definitely a sedentary study-based lifestyle.

    I find if I use PowerPlates intensely for even three weeks it’s *almost* eliminated. Long walks taken regularly for a long time also help. Basically anything that tones the legs help. But there’s always that last bit I can’t get rid of!

    Photoshopped or not, Lily clearly doesn’t give a crap.
    Personally I find her music is poor, as well as her fashion style.

  28. nini

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  29. cc

    “Personally I find her music is poor, as well as her fashion style.”

    You mean it is incredibly watery pop with not much to it? Yay!

  30. Sheff

    “34. Freebie – January 22, 2010 2:25 PM

    How insulting. I’m a 61 year old woman who goes on cruises several times a year and I’ve never dressed like that. That’s a horrendous outfit and I wouldn’t get dead it it. Stop insulting us older citizens – with luck, you’ll get there soon enough.

    How insulting? Do you know where you are? There’s a fucking age limit on these boards, lady.. and I suspect theres a VERY good reason why you never wore anything like that. Unless you want to be verbally shat on, I’d get the f out and stay the f out.

    Oh, and incidentally, the age limit is 55- sorry, you JUST missed it!

  31. Jess

    @80 – I think 34 is just playing off the lead in, and in actuality is not a 61-year old who goes on cruises who happened to be browsing the site when the Superficial posted something about Lily Allen looking like a 61 year old who goes on cruises…

  32. Kitty Furry

    calm down people…at least she’s not black, rite? am i rite?

  33. Ya ya ya

    you are a fool if you think any of these leg shots are legit. total photoshop..and a bad one at that!

  34. Catch the wave, suckers

    When are they going to have a relief fund for the audience, looks like they experienced an earth quake follows by a tsunami…

  35. ANON

    I dont know about everyone else, but I would still have sex with her!

  36. Katie

    Yeah, whatever. Not everybody is “perfect.” She looks good enough to me.

  37. notallwomen

    @71 Miss Upset

    No kidding 90% of women have cellulite and maybe it is hormonally related. Women have more oestrogen causing greater storage of more fat cells, and the fat cells in women align differently in the body as to men, therefore causing cellulite to more readily form in women. So don’t preach to me.
    Do you know the best remedy for cellulite is drinking water, exercising and eating properly? Why don’t you twist your little mind are that? I wasn’t having a go at people who have cellulite, and i am not smug, so you can lose the defensive attitude. I just don’t appreciate being told all women have cellulite like that is some excuse. Not all women do.

  38. regurgitated

    I thought that when people get rich, they no longer have cellulite. don’t they have a cure for that by now?

  39. marme

    hahaha #88 for sure.

    What about her in this salor outfit

    I remember thinking how good her legs and ass looked…humm makes me question if those pics are real.

  40. Mark

    I can’t believe she looks like that and she is only 24 years old!

  41. like duh?

    You guys are all super-dumb. These photos have obviously been altered by some loser with nothing better to do.

  42. Scooter

    I call double extra bullshit here. The last pick her legs are a little chubby but toned. There’s no focking way that the pics that look like an 80 y/o haven’t been altered. I’ve seen recent video of Allen wearing a short skirt and her legs look nothing and I mean NOTHING like that. This is some photoshop witchery.

    How Lilly Allen gets so much hate is beyond me – she shows her titties ALL THE FUCKING TIME – she should be showered in praises so women everywhere try to emulate her heroic actions.

    Fuck all you haters – Lilly is cute and I’d hit her in her chubby ass without hesitation. These pics are horseshit.

  43. Scooter

    same legs? yeah – bullshit on the cellulite. 100% bullshit.

  44. grace

    pretty much every woman has cellulite. the only reason you can see it in the photos is because it hasn’t been photoshopped.

  45. I’d still slip her the bone.

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  48. VandaL

    100% real. Check out the other pics at

  49. tigerlily

    its no big deal. we are all just humans are we not.

  50. dancy

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