Lily Allen must hate shirts

July 10th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Lily Allen continues her war on shirts by posing topless in the August issue of i-D Magazine and also wears a panda costume. So, furries, this one’s for you. You strange, strange people who better not fill up my comment sections with tales of koala fucking. I mean it.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version where 70s bush would look at home.

Photos: i-D Magazine

  1. It’s a shame when the stars are bigger than the actual tits.

  2. nycgirl

    shes so weird

  3. Duuude

    I’d let her blow me. That’s about the extent of it though.

  4. Dude

    Seems like she wants to show off her weight loss. Tits are cute. She is still a cunt of a human being tho.

  5. The Adam Bomb

    I love it. I fucking love it.

  6. She is very considerate for vacuuming that stomach…now you can focus on the cute face and tits…which id wouldnt mind fouling…

  7. Joe

    Didn’t she have a third nipple? airbrushed or did she get it removed?

  8. c

    she’s so fucking ugly and still a fat ass!!
    sucking in your stomach does not make you skinny.

  9. clareargent

    this one time i fucked a koala.

  10. immune

    in addition to hating shirts, lily also hates being attractive and spelling her first name correctly. “me know, me know! a-n-d-r-u-w!” ;-p

  11. hacksaw

    I’d hit em both.

  12. Taking a wide stance as usual Douchey. Still, I would, why not.

  13. You would what lamer?

  14. she’s super cute and natural. don’t know much else about her though.

  15. mysuperficialfetish

    Lmao @ 10. My GAWD you must be a toothpick yourself……stfu.

    I’m actually disappointed, I was expecting more animalistic comments…

  16. dacaya

    She’ s perfect… and a great singer… I loooove her!

  17. chango666

    Those are cute little nibblers . . . get out the ole paper bag and hell yes I’d hit that. Lick that nasty ole thing CLEAN . . .

  18. mikeock

    Cute little fun bags.

  19. Erica

    Agreed, she’s adorable and natural.

  20. F.I.N.E

    Omg! No huge ass fake tits???? THE HORROR!!!
    *end sarcasm*

    She’s adorable, and sexy <3

  21. Stuck on Childrens Tunes

    Happy Friday To Me
    Happy Friday To Me
    I just loves them titties
    Happy Friday Toooo Meeeeeee….

  22. HUMAN

    I like her… she has this wierd thing about her… that tells me I should just do her…

  23. Peter Salt

    Funny, most Brit women are generally ho-hum, every once-in-a-while you get a rare keeper…

  24. gabe

    One time I fucked three koalas at once UP A TREE. it was awesome. I got a kangaroo to tape it. email me if you want the vid.

  25. HIM

    No idea why, but I’d love to see that

  26. MiamiJoe

    I agree that she’s adorable and those are really sweet little titties. I think the third nipple is under her left breast and just isn’t visible in these shots. I think the third nipple is cool and her desire to show any combination of the 3 of them is awesome. Big, fake tits suck.

  27. spudsy

    Ugh, she’s fat. And ugly. What’s the big deal with her?

  28. koala fucker

    I like fucking koalas, not so keen on drugs anymore, fame is something that confuses me – KOALA FUCKER

  29. Parker

    god bless Lily Allen

  30. Z

    How in the world can you call that girl fat?

  31. Jay

    What’s the big deal? There are millions of little girls who look just like she does and millions who are truly PHAT. What’s the big deal?

  32. Huh?

    So…..when did Jack White start taking female hormones?

  33. Justsayin

    I’m so sick of women posing/dancing/acting topless and acting like they are liberated and powerful. Until women grow penises and are able to penetrate a man (dildoes don’t count), we will never be able to use our sexuality in this way to gain ground. All this sort of thing does in incite gross pervs to stalk you and make normal men think you’re kinda loose.

    Lily’s adorable. Just wish the titties were covered.

  34. live and let live

    She looks cute – real boobs look a million times better than nasty fake tits. I’m so glad I never got implants…most of my friends that have them, regret getting them.

    REAL (small, medium, large, whatever the size) boobs look WWWAAAYYY better than big fake ugly spheres!

    Lilly looks really good in those photos…she looks healthy and happy.

  35. JuliaJolie

    @12: Lily is the correct spelling. for 2 reasons: 1. She’s named after the flower, which is spelled “lily”. 2. It’s her name. Even if it was incorrectly spelled, it’s still her name because her parents named her that way. Go tell Lindsay Lohan she can’t spell “seven” and “nine”.

  36. Tom K

    Crazy broad looks good!!!!! Yeah she is looking alright these days.

  37. Mike

    I love her even more now.

  38. tc

    Lily. Put your useless tits away for heaven’s sake.

    When it comes to lyrics, singing and performing, being lively and fun, you are out there on your own.

    When it comes to getting your kit off, you are outclassed by more than 50% of women in your age bracket.

  39. Just_As_it_IS

    My kind of girl

  40. captain america

    on the other hand: SHE’S GLAD SHE DIDN’T HAVE BREAST CANCER YET, folks!!

  41. Drew

    Lily Allen is supercute. But I like my nsfw shots of her all accidental like. This feels….. odd.

  42. haha

    They photoshopped her third nipple out! Why?!

  43. The Sabre Tooth Tiger

    boring. . .grow a brain Lils. .

  44. Lola


    Why are celebs so boring these days ?

  45. Galtacticus

    Just pour a couple of drinks in a British girl and she bangs like a rabbit! That’s right!

  46. Darth

    She bangs like a panda bear?

  47. Nero

    @47 Bottles of drinks!

  48. The Sabre Tooth Tiger

    @ 47 & 49
    Bottles of wine, vodka shots and beer. . i’m a Brit. and i casually observe and chuckle at these drunken harlots. .

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