Lily Allen loses weight via hypnosis

October 9th, 2007 // 46 Comments

Lily Allen managed to go from a size 12 down to an 8 thanks to hypnosis. Us Magazine has the details:

Allen slimmed down with the help of Susan Hepburn, an accredited hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who charges approximately $600 an hour to implant subconscious messages into clients’ minds reminding them to stop eating when they feel full.

“After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad,” Allen, 22, said. “I just want to get more toned and healthy. I’m really good about everything at the moment — I’ve never been happier.”

I know what you’re thinking. There’s another star who could probably benefit from this treatment. Out of respect I won’t say her name, but I will give you a hint: she loves Taco Bell. I mean, really loves Taco Bell. Even more than her two children that she no longer has custody of. But, like I said, I won’t mention any names. However this certain young starlet should look into this whole weight-loss hypnosis thing. You know, if she has time after her court-ordered drug test.

EDIT: You caught me, I was talking about Julia Roberts.


  1. kellygirl57


  2. Feel the velvet

    Good for her!

  3. kellygirl57

    Kick ass! Weird that she didn’t also try hypnosis to stop smoking too…Personally, I could use hypnosis to curb my cravings for twinkies, but I digress…

  4. Who?

    I’m sorry but I don’t know who this is……

  5. justplainconfused

    Ok, I give up. Who is she, and why should I care?

    As for the unmentioned actress, don’t you need a functioning brain for hypnosis to work?

  6. Russell Reyes

    Glad to hear Lily’s doing fine. She’s one of those celebs i really felt bad for when she got all depressed a few months ago.

  7. Riotboy

    I’d hit it.

    /without a Visa

  8. Watter Bottle

    She’s still a fat, chain-smoking cow with a pig nose. Other than that, hey, cool.

    By the way, who the hell is this cow?

  9. PunkA

    Lily who?

    And why is she taking space from real hotties and messed up chicks?

  10. Clem

    She wants to go to the gym to get toned but still smokes. Nice one. Good to see that her health-kick stems no deeper than the Superficial…..boom boom!

  11. BigCock

    I think Lily has a pretty mouth. I would love to see my hard cock sliding past her lips and then cumming all over her face.

  12. freakwad

    cool….. @ 11.. weirdo. :]

  13. Zing!

    Don’t know who the bitch is, therefore she could eat until she exploded into a million useless meaty chunks, and I wouldn’t give a shit. Doesn’t even look fuckable. Shitable for that matter.

  14. Dar

    Gosh, to be thin and die of lung cancer. You chase that dream, Lily Whatever-Your-Name-Is!

  15. Zing!

    Then again, I might use her puggy little face as TP after I take my kids for thier daily trip to the pool. I give birth to some big brown babies. Maybe leave a nice skidmark on that pig nose of hers. She looks kind of inbred. Definite turn-on. Britney can play with my kids as she watches.

  16. One time I lost a bunch of weight really fast. It was from a diet I was on called CRYSTAL METH.

    kids, don’t try this at home…

  17. MrSemprini

    She looks like Janeane Garofolo. And, not in a good way…

  18. Tim

    Oh Lily, someday…

  19. Mr. McFly

    I never thought she was fat in the first place.

  20. Auntie Kryst

    Seriously someone answer, who the hell is this?

  21. Jewel

    It’s Lily Allen.
    She’s a British singer.

  22. Missystar

    I tried hypnosis for weight loss and it actually works. True story. The website address is www. It’s a set of CDs.

  23. amanda

    Thats a damned shame that shes trying to fit into this hollywood model of looking like a 12 year old boy. She wasnt fat in the first place. I never really liked her music either but nonetheless, she should have more pride in herself. I feel like im taking crazy pills here but good music does NOT equal looking like a model. Maybe thats whats wrong with music today, its too much about the image and not about the music. Hell, 75 percent of these co called artists dont write their own music and or digitally enhance their voices and we call them musicians? 90 percent of success is showing up to the recording studio I guess.

  24. jacknasty

    this bitch was just quoted last week whining about how hollywood pressures her to loose weight, and now she is bragging about loosing weight…what a dumb whore

  25. pfffft

    #11 = Inchworm limpus

  26. L.Linus

    I don’t know her, but the cigs just can’t help anything. #8 you made me laugh!!

  27. Jodi

    You’d think that for $600 per-hour she could have thrown in the old “don’t smoke when you feel like smoking” bonus. Scammer.


  28. michelle

    Impossible… She did not drop 4 dress sizes.
    First of all, she’s still fat.
    From that picture she is obviously a size 10 at least. No way in hell is she anywhere NEAR an 8.
    Since she wasn’t obese before she couldn’t have possbily lost that much weight.
    Second- Why mention who hypnotized her ? You know what that is? Plain and simple an advertising deal. Now everyone is going to flock to her even though they can’t afford it just because Lily Allen stopped looking bloated and she said this bullshit about losing weight.
    Bloated is not the same as actual weight. She probably did weights once a week and stopped having so much sugar.

  29. michelle

    oh and the only reason she was bitching about the celebrities being skinny is because she wanted to be, and wasn’t.

    Same as Ashlee Simpson when she claimed she didn’t like being trendy or trying to look pretty and was happy being who she was. Then she decided to just go for it and had a nose job and lost weight and morphed into the thing she claimed to hate.
    Same as Avril too actually.
    But that’s harder work so usually they just stick to bitching about it.
    Jealousy, insecurity….

  30. jane

    does anyone really ?care shes not even pretty

  31. What an ugly, big-foreheaded, fetal-alcohol, angry dwarf bitch. Someone please cage this grotesque shit-stain already.

  32. unicornzrawk

    Now that she’s lost weight, her forehead looks even bigger.

  33. she lost weight? hmm still she’s fat. a lot of flesh.

  34. how can we be sure that shes not bluffing and original size was the same.u should provide with her previous pic to compare.

  35. Amanda

    @28 & 29… Michelle, she is a size 8 now. UK sizes are diff to US sizes. And she hasn’t dropped 4 sizes… only 2 – from a 12 down to an 8. I live in London and have seen Lilly in person and she has lost weight, she looked good before (size 12 isn’t fat by any means) but she is definately looking great now!

    I really like Lilly’s music – have a listen for all who do not know her!!

  36. jrzmommy

    wow….hypnotherapist……what a great idea. I’d plant all kinds of fucked up subliminal messages into peoples’ heads……..

  37. Jewel

    I agree with Amanda :)

  38. earthdiedscreaming

    Weird, that. I always thought this girl was all about the music, not sitting around whining “but if only I was skiiiiiinnnnnyy”. She has a great voice, and her music is really good. Definitely, she’s in the same category as Avril Lavigne, who was a-ok with the whole skater girl thing until she wasn’t and sold her soul, not for rock and roll but to become a soulless glamour girl. Ah well, it’s not surprising, people in the entertainment industry are generally sellouts and you can’t expect her to be any different.

  39. Lily Allen

    Please stop mocking me. My hypnotherapy has been very successful and has enabled me to switch from overeating to an ordinary sort of crack habit. Have you seen my twat yet?

    I’m going to Rwanda to save the Rwandans. Take my picture!!!

  40. ScottL

    Yeah, do give Lilly’s music a listen to. It’s refreshing, has a good beat, and some of her lyrics are funny as hell. Check out some of her videos on Youtube. She has not really hit it yet in the US, but she will

  41. lilly allen

    NO – on second thought don’t take my picture! I’m still too fat and now all my teeth are starting to turn this funny yellow-brown color and it makes my mouth look ugly. I’ve also got this cough I think I picked up in Rwanda.

  42. Penis

    “size 12 isn’t fat by any means”

    those types of comments make me shrivel up in fear.

  43. michelle (to #35)

    I know! I live in the UK!!!!
    Everywhere is saying she dropped 4 dress sizes, wasn’t me who said that I just repeated it. (actually I could have sworn it said it at the top of this page because I checked somewhere that it was indeed 4 sizes before I posted)

    It is my opinion that UK size 12 is overweight though, sorry, and there is absolutely no way in hell that she is a UK size 8. I guess it depends on the height and stuff too. Also some people can carry a bit more weight.
    Size 8 is really pretty damn skinny, Lily is in now way skinny. Even a 10 is slim and she is not slim either.

  44. BumChum

    Just bear in mind that UK size 12 is us size 10. She ain’t that fat.

  45. Gloria

    terrible she is, she even smokes. next time she goes to i hope there is someone can tell her to quit it.

  46. Diane

    I can say from experience hypnotherapy for weight loss does work, i know because i have had it done.

    I must admit before I heard a radio broadcast on the BBC with Claire Hegarty who was invited on the show for being an expert in Weight loss hypnotherapy, i would have said to anyone who suggested that i was hypnotized for weight loss, not to be so stupid. But after struggling with my weight for many years and where my weight went upto 22 stone, i listened to the show after becoming despearate and found it very interesting.

    I had tried everything to lose weight, i went on loads of diets, i went to my doctor time and time again and he was not interested, i even asked if i could be given a pill that doctors give out for weight loss but he refused so i was now desperate and would have tried anything.

    After listening to claire hegarty on the show and listening to what she had to say about hypnotherapy, i decided to contact her, now you have to understand at this time i was still not believing hypnotherapy could help you lose weight but i did want to know more.

    She explained all about hypnotherapy and weight loss and how it works to help you lose weight and i was very interested and started to feel maybe their is light at the end of the tunnel, maybe i can get back my ideal weight. I agreed to meet her and after getting on well with her i became her client. And i have to say, that i am so happy that i am now four stone lighter and still losing weight.

    So what i have to say to you is, do research by all means into weight loss hypnosis, but it does work and do go to an expert and see the diference it will make to your life as it has made a huge difference to my life but make sure that they are an expert. Just because they do hypnotherapy, it does not mean they are an expert in hypnotherapy weight loss, when making an appointment ask them are they experienced in this and do they have good results.

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