Lily Allen isn’t welcome in America

August 7th, 2007 // 153 Comments


  1. yo momma


  2. mella

    Who’s this, now??

  3. Tippy

    Alright ! A nice white girl.

  4. Ronda

    Trust me, the U.S. Immigration is the WORST god damned place in the world.

    They suck cock. And they are really the ones who don’t belong in the U.S.

  5. hot_plate-face

    This place used to have some cool people… It smells like farts now.

  6. Annie Rexia

    It’s about time America started discriminating against the fatty patty foreigners. We have enough chubbys right here in the good ole U.S.A. Not to mention thier digusting chasers.

  7. Doomhammer

    Note to self- Do not vacation at US Immigration this year PER RONDA who has had her cock sucked there and it didnt go well.

  8. Lovely

    Can’t you guys tell by the horse face who this is??? jessica simpson’s cousin…jeeezz

  9. Ally

    Liley Allen is anoying. I’m glad she’s not welcome.

  10. Dave Bowman

    This writer has obviously been spending their time @ the mall, stuck inside their iPod & away from reality. Since 9/11, the US has repeatedly harassed, abused, and intimidated people from overseas, whether their artists or just regular joes. I have many friends overseas who visit the US, and their statements are all the same: getting here sucks. Our tourist industry is falling behind because of it. Even Disney has begun to complain. This *ulls*** didn’t happen when Clinton was president.

  11. Lovely

    Um…. we didn’t get bombed when Clinton was president either…. just throwin that out there…. rather be secure than dead.. but that’s just me… call me crazy

  12. IMOA

    Yes we did.

  13. splotch

    She’s a singer and much more of a celebrity in the land of rotten teeth. But maybe she gets a lifetime pass because of what she said when Paris Hilton’s album was released: “I just think it’s so boring and pathetic and it shouldn’t happen. It’s just laziness. People cheesy enough to buy albums like that should be killed.”

  14. Lovely

    -13- well fuck… where was i?

  15. Texas Tranny

    “God I LOVE America, we don’t need any more stupid-ass foreigners on our land”

    Oh wait Sitting Bull already said that.

  16. first!!!

    sixteenth!!! yes!

  17. We-Le-Surrender....

    She kicked a camera man and whips out her superfluous nipple for the audience?

    I think I actually like her now…

  18. bubba lubdubski

    yep. let’s forget about all that “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearing to breathe free” crap. who wants those damn foreigners in America? bah, I say we throw everyone out who is not a Native American. go home whiteys!

  19. Texas Tranny

    @15……..World Trade Center in 1993, USS Cole in 2000.

  20. maeby

    I really wish it were Tom Cruise who had been detained and wasnt allowed back into the Country because he was “alien”.

    When will justice be served America?

  21. IMOA

    We were bombed by a dumb redneck in OKC.
    It might not have been some Saudi with pilot’s training, but it was a bombing.
    After that, they attacked every unattended briefcase at the airport and stop people from parking in front of government buildings.
    By the way, there was a bombing at the Olympics too. And, I still think flight 800 was shot down in the Altantic off New York.
    Plus, the first World trade center bombing
    Not that it was his fault, but these incidents were on Clinton’s watch.

  22. phoenix

    Well I only know two things: US Immigration sucks and they’re extremely rude; and I really like Lily Allen.

  23. Geoff

    Hey Dave Bowman you dumb fuck! Clinton didn’t do anything about stopping the 9/11 hijackers from getting here in the first place. You’re bitching about the airport security that stops bad people from flying here?!?!? At least we’re doing that now. Wasn’t Dave Bowman the alien astronaught from 2010? Someone send INS to Dave Bowman’s house please!

  24. Lovely

    OK- I stand corrected… we were never “planed” when Clinton was president… either way- stay tha fuck in your own country…. everyone “hates” America but bitches that it’s too difficult to get here… sorry for the inconvience….shove it up your foreign ass.

  25. Lovely

    hey there Geoff…. i just giggled about the massiff racist again….

  26. justsomebastard

    That’s right jackasses. Behave like like a bunch of philistines, and live our paranoid lifestyles. There is no reason to seek better intelligence and move on.

  27. Ronda

    Give it a few years Geoff. When you need to leave your precious U.S of A to land a job and get the same treatment from immigration overseas… You’ll surely sing a different tune.

  28. lambamn

    Good Riddance!

    I hate this whiney little brat, seriously this chick’s need for attention makes Paris Hilton look quaint.

  29. How much money will the American’s (sound, lights, security, concessions) lose. How many concerts?? How many cities?

    Way to go immigration, now can you deport the mexicans that drive drunk in Texas every saturday night!!!!!!


  30. Doomhammer

    IMMIGRANTS- Shoot em all. Let God sort of em out !

  31. Donkey

    Ewww! She has that third nipple. We don’t need any mutants over here mucking up our good US genes. Say she starts running around over here and ends up getting impregnated by Keith Richards. Then we’d have some annoying maniac mutant offspring on our hands that won’t die. They’d have to call in Special Forces to kill it or maybe MIB.

  32. roxy

    #15 Ummmmm the World Trade Center was bombed by Islamist militants, by taking a van and placing it in the parking garage…….

    They actually caught the guys, gave them a trial, and they are in US prisions right now…..

    Where WERE you?

  33. Toomey

    At least Ronda is aware that the influx of immigrants is eventually going to be the ruination of this country and cause us all to have to leave looking for something better. Kudos to you Ronda for recognizing the scourge and disease and devesation that immigrants are bring the US. Good job.

  34. Italian Stallion

    It’s Ralph Macchio wearing a wig……………………

  35. doobie

    Sort of sorry to see her go – she had great potential. I mean, Lilo is in rehab, nicole is pregnant, Paris has reformed and presumably won’t be doing her nasty shit any more – that leaves Brits all by herself to keep us entertained. I was looking forward to more from Lily. Too bad.

  36. Except for starting a war that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives and has created a new and powerful source of recruiting money and jihadists that is making Al Qaeda stronger than ever and more focused on attacking America (per the last National Intelligence Estimate report released by da gubment), we believe our dad has made this country very very safe!

    p.s. Our dad got so mad when he saw that one picture of Jenna flashing! LOL!

  37. Doomhammer

    Hey Einstein (roxy)

    There was also this little meeting of the minds (the real planners of the 93 attack) that included a man by the name of Bin Laden. You may have heard of him? Well as it turns out Clinton was given intel from our CIA that we were in position to strike and kill that little meeting. No more Bin Laden. Gone. Dead. But yo know what he did? He got a blowjob instead and said “lets pass on killing Bin laden”.

    So where were you again that you missed the details?

  38. Lovely

    #33 um yeah…. we’ve already discussed this and I retracted my statement… way to make a point though, nice determination, – umkay

  39. fuckkevinfromdallas

    You are obviously an imbecile.
    Americans, which by definition would be indians, are the only ones that are true to this land. Texas you Moron belonged to Mexico, so if you read and studied a little you would know that the border crossed them, not the other way around. So go read a book before you open your trap, im surprised you can read and write. what do you do for a living, work at McDonalds. Employee of the month i assume? Maybe too much inbreeding in your family lead to your IQ score of under 60.
    man i get really annoyed by these moronic gnats that do not know anything.
    so fuck you kevin. you are an idiot.

  40. Bill Clinton

    Dang, Id sure like to bang that little Bush box…..both of em tell you the truth. Whew we!

  41. jim


    Clinton DID do something about the original WTC attacks in 1993 – everyone involved was caught and convicted. Gee. How about that?

    Clinton then made Richard Clarke part of his staff, and pursued terrorists and terrorism.

    Bush then gets into office, demotes Clarke, and doesn’t hold ***one single meeting*** with him. Reads a brief during his month-long vacation on his magical playtime ranch-with-no-animals. Title of the brief? “Bin Laden Determined to Attack US.” BUsh’s response? “Is Teletubbies on yet?”

    Number of WTC terrorists and conspirators then caught and convicted by incompetent Bush admin? Why, zero.

    Guess what? Bush’s failures are Bush’s failures, and not Clinton’s.

    I now return you to pictures of celebrities doing stupid things.

  42. fuckkevinfromdallas

    Hey doomsrammer, I assume that you are a fool blooded redskin and your greatgreat gradfather fought against Custer. Becasue you FUCKING moron. everyone else in this country is an immigrant. Even you, you fucking retard.

  43. the neocon


    clarke was fired and no meetings were held with him because was a sit on his hands, useless do nothing. He and clinton sat back for years while Saddam and Iraq conceded to inspections, then said fuck you and closed insepections, then conceded to inspections, then said fuck you and closed off inspections. All the while running his WmD program and eventually getting rid of his WMD program. We needed men of action. Bush and Cheney came in and took action. We had had enough liberal appeasement and pussification.
    Those 3100 lives lost on 09/11 are blood on the hands of Clinton and his liberal do nothing pussy ass administration.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled liberal propoganda…..

  44. Track MARXIST

    It’s funny when you think I give a shit about your opinion on politics.
    : )

  45. Doomhammer

    doomhammer is 50% choctaw indian and 50% white drunken rapist against my ancestors will. This IS my land motherfucker.

  46. fuck you doomrammer

    you poor ibnorant bastard.
    you are nothing, and NO this is not your land, its the land of every other immigrant that has come here since Columbus discovered it. Either go read a book or go rape your sister you inbread ignorant asshole

  47. Alberto Gonzales

    How dare you criticize our President! I’m sure he’s done nothing wrong, whatever you’re saying he did, I don’t know the details because I wasn’t at that meeting, and if I was, I wasn’t there. And I signed that memo because somebody gave me a pen, I wasn’t actually present.

    Anyway, I’m sure Mr. Bush had good reasons for not getting to bin Laden quickly enough in those caves in Afghanistan in 2001 even though we already had lots of troops nearby and again for not getting to those top Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan in 2005 even though we had even more military forces in place. I believe it had something to do with Bill Clinton – he must have flown to those two places and disarmed the troops or something. I know he did something wrong, of that I’m sure. Clinton, I mean.

  48. doobie

    #42 I’m really surprised your liberal ass is visiting this site in the first place. It’s dedicated to celebrity bashing and since they’re mostly liberals also isn’t that sort of like – cannabalism or something?


  49. Caitlin

    I love lily.,. let her back

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