Lily Allen is topless again. What are the odds?

September 11th, 2009 // 163 Comments

Lily Allen poses topless for the October issue of GQ UK, and based on her inability to wear a bra, I can only assume Lily was molested by a Victoria’s Secret mannequin as a small child. That her or her stepmother was a cardigan with a penchant for cruelty. Could go either way.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version of British charm.

Photos: GQ UK

  1. jon

    :D :D yeah right…. and I bet she is ROFLMAO at how she can be paid $$$$$ just to prance about!!

    no she is not **even** nude!! only topless…

  2. jen

    nice, classy pictures! really like the look.

  3. SB

    @150 yeah!

  4. SB

    @141 also

  5. Wow, good photo session!!!

  6. Francesca

    Wow she’s not even a butter face.

  7. She’s truly hot as hell. Her breasts may be small, but i’d love to suck on them like there’s no tomorrow. This woman is totally sexy.

  8. Name

    @146-150, btw posting the same shit quadruple time doesnt make it anymore true

  9. A Beaver

    mmm nice nice nice. if only those legs would open a bit. and if only she would keep her mouth shut

  10. splendor

    i think she is a freestyle lady, she doesn’t care many things in her life. An open minded and closed legged lady ( 4 now).. its all about the head guys. everything is going on in there

  11. Whats the big deal about breasts? Their made for feeding babies, nothing else. I don’t know why america has turned them so sexual.

  12. when is there going to be a new post.. this ones been at top for days..

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