Lily Allen is topless again. What are the odds?

September 11th, 2009 // 163 Comments

Lily Allen poses topless for the October issue of GQ UK, and based on her inability to wear a bra, I can only assume Lily was molested by a Victoria’s Secret mannequin as a small child. That her or her stepmother was a cardigan with a penchant for cruelty. Could go either way.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version of British charm.

Photos: GQ UK

  1. val

    what’s everyone’s deal with small titties? they’re great – you don’t have to wear a bra, they’ll never sag, and they’re perky. i find that girls appreciate them more than guys, which is stupid, and girls who wish they had big tits (or wish to change anything else so ridiculous) are just laughably insecure and pathetic.

  2. Andrea

    Lilly Allen has enough money to get implants, but guess what? She doesn’t need them. Ha! You porn addicts are sad, sad ,slappers.

  3. joebi

    @48 or rough daddy.. that last name of someone i would expect to give lily allen a second chance.. as she is female.

    she does in fact have a small third nipple, she says so herself and shows it in a video interview. you can watch it on you tube.

  4. Anon

    Small tits do sag.#51.
    And its gross.

  5. Jack

    She looks good. I remember when I first met her at 14 outside Space in Ibiza, we’ve all come a long way, (obviously her a bit further).

  6. ROUGH daddy

    I stand corrected…its just a name you dont know what id do….

  7. PsyKo

    where’s the third nip?

  8. EvenSteven

    You know what’s funny?

    How some folks come on a website named “The Superficial” and have the audacity to become indignant about, well, other poster’s superficial observations and preferences.

    Too f’in’ funny. Really, it is.

    Sort of like being indignant about people being sad and reflective at a funeral. Or being indignant about people drinking and having a good time at a party.

    Yeah, you get the idea. Right, a party pooper. AKA, sodden, angry inch wielding or spurned no mammary toting piker.

    Anyway, I’d shag that A-cupper. Kiss that cute nose. Flick-n-lick those itty-bitties. Grab hold of those hips and put in a bit of overtime. Because that’s how I roll.

  9. sdfsdfsdf


  10. Without a doubt, those boobies are a hawt.
    If you disagree, you obviously have a fussy-border-line-gay penis.

  11. titsonsnack

    i thought she was supposed to have a third nip.

  12. Angela

    Who the fuck is on here saying they can’t feel their nipples being rubbed or tweaked on – wow. Just wow. I seriously pity you. I can have an orgasm just by that alone!

    And ps – the smaller they are the more the more sensitive usually! That’s why implants are awesome – best of both worlds – LOVE mine!

  13. me

    Didnt she used to be OVERWEIGHT when she first came out with that single “Smile?” Damn, what a hypocrite. I remember her saying all sorts of stuff, like how she was a feminist, be proud of your body, etc etc.


  14. themunger

    2 BB’s on a bread board.

  15. phil

    Ugh. What a fatso.

  16. Kodos

    I’d hit it.

  17. ibtc

    the itty bitty tittie committee appreciates and loves lily allen … the negative comments are probably from the same ones complaining about milla jovovich nipples being too big!!! and you wonder why you are so alone.

  18. ibtc

    the itty bitty tittie committee appreciates and loves lily allen … the negative comments are probably from the same ones complaining about milla jovovich nipples being too big!!! and you wonder why you are still alone.

  19. Anon.

    Uum, how about you get over it? She isn’t the only one to get naked in front of a camera. Many celebrities do it quite often. People are so incredibly pathetic and judgmental. Yep, she has small tits. So do many, but you all seem to fawn over them quite fine. There are kids dying in Africa from starvation – focus your effort and attention to something worthwhile for a change. If you have the capacity to do so, that is.

  20. Gary

    I absolutely adore her, but she is a filthy smoker. Gross.

  21. 7. Sam, if you think that the only use for breasts is feeding babies, you are gay. Seriously, only the most zealous of ass pirates would fail to see beyond the obvious utility in a woman’s breasts. And don’t blame your comments on cultural differences, even the French get it, fucking ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’.

    Beautiful eyes, but otherwise a complete skank. Who the fuck is she? Nevermind.

  22. Gina

    why is this post staying on top even with new posts?

  23. titsonsnack

    Val #51 you sound like you’re a part of the committee. (YOU know which committee I’m talking about.)
    Fact is, small tits do sag. They go from fried egg to sopping wet coffee filters. You think old small-boobed ladies still have perky little tiny tits? You’re in for a rude awakening. And yeah, you should wear a bra. Just because you don’t have melons doesn’t mean your friends all wanna see your pepperoni nipples through your shirt.

  24. clpierced

    Um not attractive to me. #1 she makes my B cup look HUGE. #2 she has stumpy semi fat legs #3 does she actually look in the mirror naked thinking..i look fucking fuckable..? probably. shes too funny :)

  25. James

    I wish more celebrities were as comfortable with to nudity as Lily Allen is. Namely Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Leelee Sobieski, and Jessica Simpson.

  26. James

    I wish more celebrities were as comfortable with nudity as Lily Allen is. Namely Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Leelee Sobieski, and Jessica Simpson.

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  28. Lily needs bigger tits

    Her being topless is fine, except she has itty bitty titties. To make up for it, she needs to be bottomless as well; kneeling in front of me naked would be a nice way to make up for her lack of titties…

  29. UGG Classic Cardy

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  30. heehee

    why did they photoshop her head onto a dudes body?

  31. I always say: without red stars please…

  32. Rhettro

    Lily Allen > > Woman? of the Year?

  33. jon

    bitch, bitch, bitch…… you need to see the other pics…

    Definitely something there!! :) and as most girls know, the size does tend to go up and down depending on cycles, food, etc, etc…

    It is easy enough to see why she prefers older men, they know to ASK what she likes, instead of trying to work out what to do to them, other than look…. :D

  34. xbot

    srsly who is lily allen =\

  35. jon

    srsly you need to use google a bit more… watch a bit more music, etc…. Listen carefully to her lyrics! :-E

  36. Tired of Shit

    For fucks sakes this person made herself famous by not having an attractive body. Her gimmick to get ahead in her industry is to be the anti sex symbol. She is horribly ugly. She has the body of an eight year old asian boy. If you are a man and are attracted to lindsay allen you are a faggot that prefers 8 year old asian boys to big titted hot bitches. This fucking freak of nature woman trapped in 7 year old boys body, needs to go the fuck away. She picked out a very small niche for herself, men that like 9 year old boys, the world does not care. There is nothing artistic about being unattractive, you fail if you think shes talented for being ugly.

  37. Bullcrap.

    @ 40.

    80% of all statistics are made up, with that fact, I would like to point out that my breasts are unusually ticklish and I find no pleasure in them.

    So get your facts straight or don’t speak for other people.

  38. Scott the fag (do u know a fag named scott?)

    OOOHHH that eyeliner is just hideous…

  39. yylily

    _____M e e t i n g W e a l t h y . com_______

  40. Joe Turner


  41. Dennis Fish

    What is wrong with small breasts? I can’t even watch porn any more because of the ugly store bought tits.

  42. Sienna

    #63 what you expect, all celebrities are like this, especially the fatter ones. Once they get skinny and are closer to Hollywood standards they get hypocritical.

  43. jon

    Nipple fans please note this is a **fashion shoot** , so a lot of ‘paintshop’ is involved….

    its that small dot below…

    And yes! If having a choice between a girl with huge tits with a tiny, almost non-existent nipple, and lily’s oh so lickable ones.. I’d choose her! :)

  44. Anonymous

    Wow….so basically she is getting bashed for not having fake tits.

  45. Droocy

    She has curves, I’d choose her over a tiggobitty bitch.

  46. x

    The real problem with Africa is that they refuse to acknowledge any form of birth control. The blame for the excess of children lies solely with them.

  47. RelativeCalm


    That was a pointless post which proved or disproved absolutely nothing.

    Which begs the question, why did you bother?

    Knee-jerk much?

  48. Mazoni

    I alway skeep wondering one thing.. imagine if u would be the photographer… ofc these pics are nice as they are but how many hot pictures does the man taking these have? i bet hes shooting all the time when she changes poses etc.. i know i would… ggrr…

  49. Yeahbut


    Yes, it’s a fact that the majority of Black Africans hate and/or refuse to acquire condoms.

    Right, so what has that to do with this topic?

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