Lily Allen is topless again. Go figure.

October 19th, 2009 // 72 Comments

It’s been 10 whole days since we’ve last seen Lily Allen’s breasts, so here she is in Venice late last week standing topless on a balcony for no apparent reason. I love how her boyfriend Sam Cooper tries to cover up her breasts with his hands as if they’re both shocked people are looking at her. Because generally when people see bare breasts their first reaction is to look the other way instead of saying “Holy shit, look at that chick’s tits” which I’m pretty sure would’ve been the Pope’s reaction. (Not a crack at Lily looking like a small boy. Entirely.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions.


  1. I’d rather see pictures of spencer and heidi than this beautiful duo.

  2. anonymous

    Someone asked Lily Allen if she liked being photographed topless, she didn’t reply, they said it happens quite a bit. She said well I get photographed with my clothes on a lot & i don’t like that either.

  3. It’s bad… I don’t like…

  4. Catalyste

    Holy crap, this looks criminal!

    She looks like a 14 yrs old lolita with some “father-type” lover.

    Ewww, creepy much!

  5. Look up some of Lily Allen”s “real” quotes on “video” “tape”: You’ll hear her say that people that write gossip blogs & tabloid articles are two faced. During one particular interview on T4. she said these people don’t know me. I’m not “their” Lil at all.

  6. nat

    desperate. so desperate.

  7. Wait… wait…. Ok, now you can go.
    All the photographers are there

  8. Ugly bug-eyed British bitch

  9. AmberDextrose

    If this was all about being a tit-flashing rebel it would be fine. Instead she’s just another desperate attention whore.

    The image of her naked white blubbery cohort is still burnt into my retinas.

  10. desperate attention whore.

  11. Bobbius Corwen

    …Stop it Lily Allen…I’m rather reluctant on becoming part of your anti-fanbase…

  12. IKE

    I like Lilly Allen’s little bits. They’re cute.
    But I LOVE the fact that she can’t keep her shirt on. Definitely the kind of girl you want to be around…..especially with a camera.

  13. kekek

    pic is my fav it looks like an incestuous uncle holding his little neice’s teetees..

  14. Is this the same girl who, when she first let it slip, apologized in embarrassment and said she wasn’t “that sort of girl?”

  15. anonymous

    yes at that time she had entered her ex boyfriends house, and came out only to have it happen again. I was a matter of what people wrote about her that became upsetting. Topless is not an issue cruel remarks about her, love life or insinuations that are cruel were the issue that day.

  16. lol. i still like her music!

  17. Lily Allen Nude For British GQ Magazine – 2010 (NSFW photos)

    >>>>>> <<<<<<<<

    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy….

  18. Terry

    Actually most non-gay mens reaction to a woman exposing her breasts is to have a bloody good look, or maybe that’s just us Australians. Pop them out as much as you like Lily and keep pumping out the tunes.

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