Lily Allen is topless again. Go figure.

October 19th, 2009 // 72 Comments

It’s been 10 whole days since we’ve last seen Lily Allen’s breasts, so here she is in Venice late last week standing topless on a balcony for no apparent reason. I love how her boyfriend Sam Cooper tries to cover up her breasts with his hands as if they’re both shocked people are looking at her. Because generally when people see bare breasts their first reaction is to look the other way instead of saying “Holy shit, look at that chick’s tits” which I’m pretty sure would’ve been the Pope’s reaction. (Not a crack at Lily looking like a small boy. Entirely.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions.


  1. Alex


    GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dude is “covering them up” just because he wanted to touch them.

  3. giligan

    She looks like she’s getting felt up by some perv.

  4. keijo


  5. Rod

    these pix give me that same creepy feeling i got when I saw ‘I know my first name is Steven’ as a kid.

  6. Dave ain't here, man

    Instead of covering them up, he could have grabbed the little attention whore’s arm and dragged her skanky ass back inside. But then, what fun would that be?

  7. Yumi

    Is that her DAD ???

  8. Crabby Old Guy

    Nope, she doesn’t look one bit crazy…nope, nothing to see here…just some insane woman showing her titties and some rumply looking guy covering them up.
    Much like any Psych Ward orderly would do as he escorted her back to her room for some intense oral “therapy”. “That’s it, Lily, be a good girl and swallow all the ‘medicine’”.

  9. Amy

    Creepy guy is creepy.

  10. kitty_kat

    Does she ever wear a proper shirt? It seems like every time I see this chick she’s either topless or has nipples showing.

  11. Karmen

    How pathetic.

    I used to really like her but this is just embarrassing. The balcony boob is bad enough, but whats with the vacant ‘help me’ eyes? Bah I’m not wasting anymore finger energy on the idiot.

  12. @10, Is that a bad thing??

    Lily sure looks happy to be getting a hung and a kiss from this dork. Does he have ED or a premature ejaculation problem?

  13. Spam

    Looks like satellites were used to take these pictures. Seriously, how far away was this guy?

  14. Rob

    Wow, I had no idea her boyfriend was Harland Williams

  15. Randal(l)

    Damn it! Now I have to jerk off again. I hope your proud of yourself missy!


  16. sam

    Is that her boyfriend or her dad?

  17. Willie Dixon

    Wow, she’s dating Gollum?

  18. O'Roughly factor

    Do not let the terrorists win, support the war on shirts…

  19. O'Roughly factor

    Anyone who doesn’t support the war on shirts is clearly pro al queta…

  20. j

    Nice set of wee boobies on her. Old dude is lucky to get to play with those funbags!

  21. The Listener

    I think I get her logic. She’s okay with people SEEING her cute naked breasts in public as long as they don’t take photos of them.

  22. monica

    this chick is clearly an exhibitionist. pretty soon she’ll be walking around in a trench coat flashing people. after i typed that it sounded kind of fun. hmm.

  23. Miponabooboo

    The boyfriend must have a big cock ’cause that nigga is FUGLY!!!!

  24. Ozzie

    Damn… How far away was the camera, I can get better shots off my cell phone

  25. Pablito

    Who is that hobbit grabbing her breastesses? My precious breastesses.

  26. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I wouldn’t mind copping a feel.

  27. eric

    If she’s dating guys like that, I’ve got a shot. A GOOD shot.

  28. elbow


    That creepy guy, is just her brother, don’t bag on him, not like he’s showing his tits to the paparazzi.

  29. elbow

    Oh wait, sorry… yeah… yeah he is…

  30. elbow

    Oh wait, sorry… yeah… yeah he is…

  31. Kangaroo

    Lily looks like a lumpy bug-eyed mongoloid.

  32. Ok, why? Why doesn’t Selma Hayek walk around like this?
    Instead – this nasty sausage link tittied bitch does.
    This is like Layne Staley’s being dead and Eddie Vedder’s continuing to “sing”.
    Its just.. wrong.

  33. Kelley

    Is this the same girl who, when she first let it slip, apologized in embarrassment and said she wasn’t “that sort of girl?”

  34. Rhialto

    What did we say the last time about her boob flash?! You wanna try us out?!

  35. Darth

    She does look a bit dazed though.Has she been sniffing from the nail polish remover perhaps?!

  36. robert

    thanks lily, those pix made my day a little bit brighter.

  37. Amber

    Mmm, wear a shirt and you’ll avoid creepy older men groping you at an attmept to “hide them” ; D

    See how easy that was?

  38. Relatively decent breasts are relatively decent.

  39. meh

    From which Simpson’s episode did this girl come?

  40. ginger

    this girl needs to wash her crotch

  41. Superbiggerevil

    Wow…kiddie pornography on this site? Skating on thin ice here fish!

  42. The dude does look like gollum… a lot like gollum

  43. The dude does look like gollum… a lot like gollum

  44. Mama Pinkus

    that gal is just not that impressive and needs to cover up

  45. Who is Lily Allen? I know about as much about her as I do this Lady Google person, which is essentially nothing.

    It’s a boob. Actually, make that 2 boobs. What is this fascination with an allegedly famous person’s boobs? People are fucked up, and here is why:

    Step one: get a picture of topless Hillary Clinton
    Step two: get a topless picture of a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model
    Step three: launch a website where people can decide to view only one of the two images.
    Step four: Check the analytics.

    My money says Hillary would get the vast majority of the clicks, just because people are fucked up.

  46. ppl

    wtf, is he like 50yrs old… is money and fame all that matters anymore…

  47. A Woman

    She has the absolute WORST taste in men, plus they’re always a million years older than her, as well….blech!

  48. Rick

    Get some clothes on, fattie.

  49. Fas(c)hionista

    “these pix give me that same creepy feeling i got when I saw ‘I know my first name is Steven’ as a kid.”

    Wow, Rod, you so totally hit the vibe on the head I think I’m in love with you.

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