Lily Allen, I think I love you

Lily Allen attended the UK Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night and no, you’re not tripping, that is Bambi on her dress spewing blood. Being the savvy type, Lily knew there’s only one accessory to complement such an outfit: a blind, raging drunk. After taking home the Editor’s Special Award, Lily celebrated by guzzling anything she could get her hands on. Sources tell me at one point she tried to chug a wristwatch. NY Daily News reports:

Allen had to be carried out of the ceremony’s afterparty by a bouncer after hitting the sauce a little too hard. She admitted, via her MySpace blog, that she’s feeling “awful” today after getting “very drunk.”
“It’s not cool getting that drunk,” she said. “Kids, drink responsibly or you’ll end up looking like this – not pretty!”

Oh yeah, she’s the one. Lily Allen, will you marry me? I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful wedding than the one where my darling bride sucker-punches the Maid of Honor before ralphing on the priest. *sniff* It’s too beautiful for words. (Not counting the ones I just typed.)

EDIT: Added pics of a totally shit-faced Lily getting loaded into her car – where she then elbowed the guy carrying her in the face. I want you.

Photos: Splash News
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