Lily Allen flashes third nipple on Dutch TV

January 16th, 2009 // 49 Comments

British pop singer Lily Allen stopped by the Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door where she showed interviewer Jakhals Frank her third nipple – and let the dude touch it! Now that’s broadcast journalism, folks. Real issues with real people. Hard-hitting shit. All we’ve got here in the states is that guy who catches the perverts: Chris Hanson, who really needs to get out of my kitchen. No, I will not take a seat, sir!

NOTE: Video is NSFW and you’re going to want to skip ahead to the 2:20 mark for the superfluous nip-ness.


  1. Que

    Que weird!

  2. manda

    She has a tattoo of Homer Simpson and she didn’t know that Krusty has a third nipple? What a tool, that’s been mentioned several times.

  3. La Dee Da

    I dig her, I dig her music, I couldn’t give a shit about her third nipple.

    It’s so refreshing to have a talent who is unabashedly honest and totally, totally unpretentious. SHE TOLD ELTON JOHN TO FUCK OFF. Nuff Said.

    Long Live Lily.

  4. me

    it’s actually gross because i saw her real nipple for a sec there. eew

  5. Tastey

    I don’t know, superfluous nipples excite me a little.

  6. Omar

    video no longer available…

  7. Bmurphy72

    Thats was awesome

  8. Hot? Mmmm… not quite. But I hear she likes Jaegermeister.

    I actually dig her in the bonnet thing that dude makes her put on. Something sexy about that. Like, go milk a cow then milk this donger!

    I just saw a hilarious video about the GUY WHO GOT TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART, and the emotional fallout of Christmas Dayt:

  9. FAIL

    @7 Buy a new computer. Works for me!

  10. Doc Holiday

    She is pretty for a boy

  11. I wonder what Katy Perry will say?

  12. tiffany

    Who cares about the third nipple? I did find it funny that he touched it w/o even asking.

    I love Lily, I like her music. She acts like a real girl…she isn’t trying to be some fake person like most singers. People complain about the fakes but then when someone come out acting like themselves – Oh fucking no! She is a bad person! LOL Gimmie a break.

  13. Buddy Love

    Todders once again, quit posting that link, you disturbed fucking FREAK.

    Go fuck yourself as well because I’ve been visiting these sites far longer than you dickweed.

  14. Alec Baldwin

    That’s more nipple for me to suck.

  15. e

    That was hilarious, she’s a genuine girl, I dig it.

  16. Italian Stallion

    Now we just need to find someone with three hands to give her the ultimate titty twister. I heard Obama was sucking on it one day and now when you pinch it chocolate milk comes out………

  17. Ahhh the elusive 3rd nipple.

  18. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    #17, LMAO!

  19. nastyjay

    you gotta luv that chik

  20. Should I be proud at this as a Dutchie?

  21. Tony Danza

    That is so damn sexy. A third sexy looking nipple. And a non bullshit girl with it. I would give so much to such on that.

  22. Ummm...yeah...

    OMG are you guys serious? The bitch is a total freak. She needs to grow the fuck up, before she ends up like that train wreck Amy Shithouse.
    Oh Yeah, fuck you all very much.

  23. jens.

    Noice! I kinda have three nipples, too. (True story)

  24. asldfjals;

    wtf, he just touched her tit like that….?

  25. JPRichardson

    Lilly Alllen is fresh and honest, yes. She is all you want except cute, bueautiful and/or sexy. Haven’t you seen her half-nude pics? Her body is completely shapeless. Good for her that she doesn’t care.

  26. I didn’t know perez could speak dutch.

  27. flavio

    Don’t care, I wanna fuck her so bad. No idea why.

  28. Hand shoe

    @ 21,
    ga ergens anders om aandacht zoeken, je bent niet de enige NL’er hier. Sorry, maar je bent niet speciaal en het kan niemand iets schelen dat je Nederlands bent. Werk trouwens aan je Engels.

    We have to censurate more.

  29. Hand shoe

    O wait, i mean censure. I think.


  30. Balack Obama

    Great, 3 nipples, no boobs.. It’s like having a 3rd nut but a 1 inch cock, oh wait, that isn’t my 3rd nut, it is my cock…

  31. herbiefrog

    funny babe… : ) ))

    perhaps not….

    [what ?

  32. Nope

    I don’t believe her. She would have to prove to me that it is a nipple by letting me swirl my tongue around it and suck it and I would start to believe it might be a nipple but not until I fucked her could I be assured that that thing on her chest is really a nipple.

  33. youdn

    I like them, I saw many info. on ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***. Very funny site. Like it so much!!!


  35. Julia

    Perez couldnt be as cool as Frank if he wanted to. Frank is real and not fake nice to everybody. So think before you make comparisons eh!

  36. Xena

    She is so hot.

  37. Dane

    Wow nobody realized that she flashed her real nipple before quickly covering it and pointing to the third one. You guys need glasses. And cocks. 2:26-2:27 is where it’s at.

  38. jakhals


    wie probeert er hier nou interessant te doen als nederlander door in het nederlands te gaan schrijven? misschien kan je de tijd die je besteedt aan andere mensen afkraken beter gebruiken om terug naar school te gaan, je engels zuigt kont !!

  39. NastyBedazzler

    I found it entertaining.

  40. Hand shoe


    Je typt zelf ook in het Nederlands, hoezo hypocriet.

    Ten minste is mijn engels wel zo goed dat ik basis dingen weet, want dat het ‘proud of’ is en niet ‘proud at’ lijkt me toch niet zo moeilijk te begrijpen.

    En ja ik ga morgen alweer terug naar school, aangezien het dan maandag is.

  41. T-Mon

    Whahahaha briliant, I love my country. No censorship over here, we can even touch a third nipple on tv. In amerika they censor even one.
    And let me tell you this, this show is on public television at 19.30.

    Great girl that lilly alan, totally beaten the verbal shit out of elton. lol

  42. jakhals

    je bent echt een fucking idioot. ga maar fijn naar school kindje dan wordt het misschien nog wat met jou.

  43. violet

    speak american you terrorists

  44. jimmy

    a 3rd nipple is sort of a waste upfront – should be on her back for slow dancing.

  45. sebastian

    it’s ‘english’, violet, not ‘american’.

  46. I like her music. She acts like a real girl…she isn’t trying to be some fake person like most singers. People complain about the fakes but then when someone come out acting like themselves.

  47. She’s a bold gal.

  48. I love Lily, I like his music. Behaves like a real girl … he is not trying to be one of the fake person than most of the singers. People complain about the fake, but then when someone comes out acting like yourself – Oh, fuck no! He is a bad man!

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