Lily Allen continues quest to randomly flash her breasts for no apparent reason

August 7th, 2008 // 85 Comments

British singer Lily Allen flashed the paparazzi her boob today while getting out of her car. Hey, tit happens, I completely understand. Those things pay my bills. But here’s what I don’t get: Later on, Lily does it again only this time with the other one! Jesus, lady. There’s an old saying: Boob me once, shame on you. Boob me twice, I’m gonna keep looking because, honestly, I’ve got nothing better to do, and I’m a dude.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions, so you might need a lookout.


  1. Angelina



  2. sarah

    shes so cute! so are both her boobs! cute cute

  3. sammy

    this cutie patootie can flash her perky breasts anytime. Can you please flash your cooter next time?

  4. cunolatin

    Yummy Boobs, the best so far so Natural… yum Milk anyone

  5. Jockstrap

    I wish Madonna would do that

  6. flyingskeleton


  7. adeliza

    Is that a marijuana cigarette I see in pic one/

  8. buck

    Mighty fine nipples…i would suggest she pull her shirt over her head and walk around like that for the rest of her life.

  9. sunshine

    #7 & #8 look like she has Down’s Syndrome, the rest of the pics she just acts like she does.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Nice beer gut in pic 4…

  11. Lindalou

    And amazing boobs they are too.

  12. So supple. Nice and suckable.

  13. veggi

    Beer gut??? That’s a gunt from hell. For crying out loud, Lily, you didn’t even have a kid, you had a crampy clotty red discharge. There’s not excuse to keep the post-pregnancy belly flap if the “baby” was flushed down the toilet.

  14. el

    I only like her when her hair is normal colors. she’s cute, but like most pop singers today, has major drug/alcohol/mental issues.

  15. Boggled

    The floppy gut in pic #4 is a real gem.


  16. Tommy Chong

    Hey Dude #8…that is NOT…I repeat NOT a spleef she is holding in pick # 1.
    Believe me…I would know…actually I’ve just rolled up a big 10 paper joint that I’m going to spark up right now…!

    Na na nana na! See ya…wouldn’t want to be ya!


  17. Who's Horny?

    I’m surprised she’s concerned about hiding those nipples when we can still tell how chunky her ass is. But what the hell, I’d give it a throw anyway.

  18. Ted Mosby

    That’s one suckable tit!

  19. Free The BREASTS


  20. Shannon

    Has she never heard of this fabulous new invention called — a bra? I mean, seriously, what kind of girl goes around in a white t-shirt with nothing on underneath? I’ll tell you — a girl who desperately needs to be the center of attention all of the time.

    I think her miscarriage was nature’s way of sparing some poor child a seriously effed up life. With any luck, next Amy Winehouse’s uterus will fall out while she’s on one of her benders.

  21. havoc

    Lily, you’re tit’s hanging out. But don’t drop that cigarette!


  22. humpin frog

    Based on every thing she’s clutching (and the size of her nipple), she’s simply hanging up the keys to free up a hand.

  23. humpin frog

    Based on every thing she’s clutching (and the size of her nipple), she’s simply hanging up the keys to free up a hand.

  24. humpin frog

    Based on every thing she’s clutching (and the size of her nipple), she’s simply hanging up the keys to free up a hand.

  25. humpin frog

    Not sure why that posted three times.

  26. lidiya

    i like her ersatz “good heavens, was my breast exposed?! how embarrassing!” face.

  27. Kingsley Amis

    What’s with her gut in pic #3 (which is the 4th picture, but listed as 3)? Yikes!

  28. Ivarman

    @21: I feel bad for you, Shannon. But don’t kill yourself – just because you ain’t hot like Lily Allen, it doesn’t mean you’re worthless. You’re just uninteresting …

    So please shut up!

  29. yummy

    And what lovely breasts they are!!!

  30. cranky

    I’d eat a bucket of shit to get at her bunghole.

  31. bmw

    Is that a BMW M6?….girls got taste

  32. Kim Lardassian

    Oh put it away you boring little cunt.

  33. JPRichardson

    How is that cute?

  34. dude_on

    I think her statement is… hey, here are my mouth-sized tits.

    – am I missing anything?

  35. bootlips

    nice titties.

  36. Shannon

    Wow, #30. Your standards are REALLY low if all it takes is a couple of boob shots from a chunky girl to make you think she’s interesting.

  37. e

    Way to “accidentally” flash BOTH of your breasts, Lily.

  38. Becca

    Something tells me this was no “accidental” flashing. In the first pic, it looks like she sort of pulled her shirt down, & her “OMG! My boobs are out! I’m sooo embarrassed” face is totally an acting reaction

  39. Big Bad Johnny

    Lily, my moma called it a bra. Try it, honey!!!!!

  40. 0bservant

    #8 – Not unless they come machine rolled with a filter these days

  41. sula

    Is she pinching her own nipple in pic #2??

  42. Dr. John Blackheart


  43. Dee

    Who is she?

  44. I love British bitches! Lilly Allen is smoking don’t care what you haters say. I’ve not heard her music before but based on her right breast I’ll give her two thumbs up.

    PS: Her ass!

  45. l_AB

    Karma! She was smoking in a BMW.

  46. TC

    On the one hand, she is incredibly talented as a singer and songwriter.

    On the other hand, she is a suntanned, fatting, smoking common daft tart.

    I can’t reconcile the two. Get some class, woman!

  47. Ahhhhh God bless good old Lily and her ample breasticles!!!

  48. here ya go

    The fags and ugly chicks are offended

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