Lily Allen arrested

June 29th, 2007 // 226 Comments

22-year-old pop singer Lily Allen was arrested yesterday after allegedly attacking a photographer outside a London nightclub back in March. She went to a London police station yesterday morning by appointment and was arrested, but then released on bail. A Scotland Yard spokeswoman confirms:

“At 9.30am yesterday, a 21-year-old woman attended a central London police station by appointment. She was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. She has been bailed to return on a date in late July.”

I’m not that familiar with Lily Allen, but it’s always amusing when a tiny little girl beats up a photographer in his 40′s. I know the paparazzi aren’t that awesome to begin with, but I’m pretty sure this guy is required by law to turn in his testicles. And Lily? Well she’s required by law to get in my bed. Man, that’s an attractive face!


  1. i'mbetterthanyou

    why are british people so effin ugly?

  2. jrzmommy

    who’s the thunder thighs?
    Hey Thatcher, fuck you.

  3. djthecat

    I love Amy Winehouse! Please don’t leave us.

  4. MvU

    By the way, Thatcher, you’re disgusting. I am now actually complimented that you think badly of America. Judging by your taste, I’d hate to be on the list of things you approve of.

  5. Shut up #18. Nobody cares about you and your whore mouth.

    It’s a fact that America is looked down upon. Britain has given us every genius and invention underthe sun. America has given the world McDonald’s and an Iraqi death toll. LOL!!!!

    American women are fat and fake. They are all bimbos like Paris Hilton who don’t have any real substance. ALLLLL FAKERS. Sorry. Truth hurts don’t it?




  7. miss oblivious

    she’s got a lot of cottage cheese on her thighs for someone that young. I’m not even familiar with her. In this pic she looks like a retard. But I thought I saw a pic somewhere once before of her, and thought she looked kinda cute. Am I wrong, or mixing her up w/ someone else? She looks like a bratty little 12 yr old (w/ cottage chs) in this pic. And Thatcher, I like all the stereotypical comments and rude remarks; must mean its true then that all British women have really bad teeth, don’t shave, hardly shower, etc, etc…yeh, sounds pretty hot. And I’m assuming you’re British too, with a gay name like Thatcher (and due to your comments). So I’ll also assume that you have nasty, rotting teeth and smell like a turd. If America is the asshole, then you are the turd that fell out of it. Oh behave, Austin! Do I make you horny?!

  8. sampson

    srry but it’s true, american women are dumb broads. everyone here in france knows it. we laugh at americans behind their back because they don’t know anything about the world outside of the states. srry

  9. Amanda

    Instead of kicking the pap she should be kissing him for actually wanting to take her picture as if shes famous or something. She’s just a whiny little baby and her wannabe indie boy toy sporting the ’94 wind breaker is a douche.

  10. Americans are showing their ignorant again. They really are a nation of worthless slabs of shit. All they’re good for is being toothless rednecks who have a backwards foreign policy.

    America needs to catch up with the rest of the world. It’s lagging behind.

    Over 80% of Americans don’t even have passports. They’re uncultured, vile pigs who have no understanding of how the world works. Thankfully they’re eating themselves to death. :) Comfort food for being such a trashy country I guess?

  11. xyz

    lol. yeah america does suck. but paris is hot. <3<3<3<3<3

  12. CTR

    I find it amusing, Thatcher, that you refer to American women as having “stupid IQ’s.” Just by the phrasing of that I would question if you really have anything to be high and mighty about. A stupid intelligence quotient? Why don’t you learn how to properly speak your own language before you go ranting about the intelligence, or lack thereof, of other nations.

  13. gay4girls

    Look frenchie, I’m not going to completely argue with you about Lilly Allen, but Amy Whineyasshouse is my girl and I would gladly mop an entire superwalmart with her face while playfully bopping her from behind, so there. I’m in an ugly chick phase.

    And please, pardon my uncharacteristic crassness regarding British R&B divas. It’s a soft spot.

  14. CTR is obviously a fat fuck whose mother eats chicken and rice every day.


  16. tonora

    ok thatcher!
    sorry to hear your sooo mad at us americans and the way we live. you just stay on your side of the “pond”. we on the other hand us americans think ya’ll (redneck term for you all) are pussy’s, so i guess we will agree to disagree.

  17. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Thatcher is just bitter because our American Fergie is hotter than the British Fergie.

  18. LJ

    EW, why would anyone ever even WANT to go to France?

  19. gay4girls

    @28 “Americans are showing their ignorant again.”

    Now, I’m no fan of the grammar police, but throwing out blanket accusations of ignorance while employing the improper variation of “they’re” is pretty fucking awesome.

  20. Who was calling Americans toothless? At least we have teeth. Most of the british people I know don’t seem to understand dental hygiene very well.

  21. American Pie

    Hey Thatcher,

    Why don’t you take your yellow teeth and hairy legs back to the old Europe you limey peasant. Stay off American web sites and instead troll the dark, stinking, putrid, rainy land you call home. That’s right you non-noble, our countrymen invented the forum that we graciously allow the rest of the ungrateful world to use, aka the Internet. So mind your manners you organ-eating eurotrash.

  22. maeby

    This is an old picture, And I guesss I missed it the first time, but I love the puzzled/disgusted expression on the guys face next to her.

  23. miss oblivious

    What are you doing hanging out on an American website then, tool? You are the definition of being ignorant; assuming all people are exactly the same because they live in the same country. We are all individuals, souls, people. Is every person the same in your country? I would think not. Sounds like someone is just a little jealous that we are the super power. (oh, and its “Americans are showing they’re ignorant again”…not “their”…ignoramus)Have you ever been to America, have you met every person here and talked to them and gotten to know them? If not, then you are ignorant to assume you know us all. And we can’t control all that our politicians do; believe me we do not always agree with what is done. Just as I’m sure you don’t 100 percent agree w/ what is done in your country. Open your eyes a little and don’t make assumptions. Your attitude is that of an extremist.

  24. George

    Thatcher -

    The only good thing that has ever come out of England has been the Karma Sutra.

    Don’t you remember that England Started WWII by handing over Chezkoslovakia to the Nazis.

    All the English do is idolize the Spice Girls and drug attics like that ugly model who peddles her smelly clothes, which you stupid people stand in line for hours to buy.

    Bloody Foreigners that is what you are!

  25. jrzmommy

    “America has given the world McDonald’s and an Iraqi death toll.”
    and flight, the telephone, vaccination against polio, the phonograph, the television…………….

  26. Jose

    So much love in here. I’m glad you guys don’t even know where Portugal is, or else you’d probably insult us as well. : >

  27. theredsnapper

    i think her music sucks.. feed her to the sharks…

  28. jrzmommy

    All the Portugeuese I know are awesome, fun people…great wine…you must be the only one who’s an asshole.

  29. George

    #44 -

    You are a stupid Cork head, and are just mad because our plastic corks are better and have replaced your leaking corks for our wine.

  30. Mia

    Its a great day in the land of generalisation and stereotypes.

  31. ha ha

    “drug attics!” i love when people can’t spell.

    i like the French person’s comment that all Americans are ignorant. i’d say that a lot of the American bashing i see here and other places comes from ignorance.

    i’m one of the least patriotic Americans ever, but it’s getting out of hand. do you people honestly believe that every single American is a toothless redneck who is fat, stupid and has never left the country? that’s like me believing that Thatcher (the poster here, not the former PM) is a fish and chip eating Chav who hates the French. yeah, all stereotypes are true.

  32. okalydokaly

    you know what i think of when i hear other countries talk shit about america? the brady bunch. that’s right, the brady bunch. we’re the marsha to europe’s jan. we’re the prettier, more popular, generally all around BETTER sister that the ugly, fat, dumpy sister with poor hygiene complains about. poor jan. it must suck to always know you’ll always be second best. but its’ okay, you can go ahead and say mean things. because while you sit around bickering and thinking about america…NOBODY here even thinks of you. lol, fuckin losers.

  33. frenchie

    31-You can have Amy while her teeth haven’t rotted out in her skull, but Lilly needs to get kicked to the curb. I’m tired of that little gremlin jumping around trying to act all bad ass. Look at me! Look at me! The London bridge is falling! Look…I’m so punk and novel!

    Her “mum” must have drank throughout the entire pregnancy to have caused that hammerhead congenital defect she has for a face.

  34. madeira

    portugal is awesome. cristian ronaldo is a cunt, though.

    and just to make this relevant, i love lily allen!

  35. American Pie


    There is indeed much love here, love for our country. As the old U.S. calvalry flag says “Don’t tread on me” or you will get bitten. Maybe if you truly believed and loved the people, principles and potential of your countrymen, you would defend it with gusto as we do. Not to gloat but that’s why we’re number one regardless of the opinions of the rest of the world. Americans can do anything.

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    I heard one of her songs driving home from work the other night. I liked it. Not enough English song-twats sing in their own accents. When they do they sound a lot tougher, and for some reason, it makes my porky move around a little when I hear it.

  37. gay4girls

    @44 That was pretty funny. Portugal will always be remembered fondly not only for the classic imperialist epic The Lusiads but for the delightfully modernistic poetry of Pessoa et al. But damned if I can’t find ya’ll on the tip of European peninsula every time.

  38. Mia

    Stop this fucking patriotic conflict. No country is better then others. Thats all. And all country have stereotypes. Thats a lesson i learned. All this fucking shit about a nation being toothless or fat or stupid is pointless. This kind of mentality lead to wars. Just accept other people and their differences. We all worth the same.

  39. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    And adding to the entire Kumbaya words of Mia……stop blaming the people of a nation for what their government does.

  40. Jillblondie

    Even the guy with her looks repulsed…hilarious!

  41. gay4girls

    And Juan Gris . . . isn’t he Portuguese? I could be mistaken, everyone lived in Montparnasse then.

    North American scum! Aren’t we scrumptious little savages, despite our nearly indefensible lack of appreciation for David Hasselhoff’s music?

  42. Mia


    These are not stupid or naive thoughts. Its just common sens. I’m not some fucking hippie with flowers in the hair.

  43. frenchie

    …oh, and Thatcher. Anyone that generalizes to your degree proves their ignorance. You can couch that as you wish.

  44. jrzmommy


  45. Mia


    Although i like your name.

  46. Jess

    Thatcher…I just wanted to say that you sound like a complete fool. To say that all
    Americans are ignorant, just, in turn, makes you ignorant, especially when you can’t even use proper grammar (“they’re” not “their”, idiot). If you dislike Americans so much, what the hell are you doing on an American website??? Why don’t you just shut the hell up? We’d appreciate it…

  47. Coco

    woah what’s going on with all the brit/states bashing? for god’s sake it’s a picture of lily allen taking a kick at a pap. stop turning this in to something it’s not, and laugh about the fact you can see her pants!

  48. Hey, while we’re at it lets start in on all cultures!
    Can we blast Puerto Ricans next? or maybe Italians? I know THE JEWS!

  49. hahahaha marsha

    ROFLMAO @ #50

    Yes! You said it perfectly!!

  50. gay4girls

    Cultures are pretty stupid. I say bash ‘em all. The disturbing thing about generalizations and stereotypes is that they are generally right. Here’s to all the walking cliches that make everything negative that everyone has ever said about any culture/ethnicity/nationality pretty much right on!

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