Lily-Rose Depp’s Nipples Went Shopping and More News

Does anyone else have a headache from listening to all this coverage of the Comey testimony? How ’bout John Mccain’s senior moment? Ah, outrageous fun!

Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law is going to jail for jacking financial information from his daughter’s rich husband… ice cold. [PageSix]

Watch Jerry Seinfeld explain why he doesn’t give a shit who Kesha is. [TooFab]

I don’t know if you follow these young guns in the hip hop game like I do, but XXXTentacion got K.O’d by some dude rushing the stage in the middle of a set last night and then the guy got stabbed… in front of hundreds of people… Now there’s a Soundcloud rapper beef war that’s gonna end up with somebody dead- shit is like wild west out there. [TMZ]

Awesome, there is a conspiracy theory that Beyonce has already had her twins and she’s just playing everyone until they’re prepared to do dance routines or something. [Wonderwall]

I think this Alex Rodriguez cheating on J Lo scandal is being blown out of proportion, but facts are that his text game is boring AF. They released the conversations between he and his mistress. [Radar]

The Russians are messing around with Britney Spears’ Instagram, ya’ll I swear! [Newser]

Scarlett Johansson said some things about reproductive rights and how much of a bitch Ivanka Trump can be and now we’re about to see a bunch of rednecks boycott Ghost in the Shell… cool, they can have that one. [CeleBitchy]