Lili Simmons Is Your New Naked Chick From ‘True Detective’

True Detective is the goddamn highlight of my week, and probably the greatest written, acted, and directed season of television that any of us will ever see. Which is why I hate to reduce it to just another show where hot chicks get naked, but I’d also hate to not have clicks on my titty site that lets me afford HBO and sit around in my pajama pants reading theories for hours on end. A man’s game charges a man’s price, and yes, I just came using that line. Anyway, here’s Lili Simmons the latest – SPOILER ALERT – actress to bang Woody Harrelson’s Marty Hart, who you can also see in Maxim, and more importantly, this clip of her butt. A butt which if you want to know my True Detective theory, is probably Cthulu. It has to be.

Photos: Getty, Splash News