Lil Wayne gets year in prison for gun charges

A day after DNA testing linked him to an illegal handgun found on his tour bus, Lil Wayne copped a plea bargain this morning and pleaded guilty to charges of attempted weapon possession. He faces a year in prison as opposed to a minimum 3 1/2 year sentence if he was found guilty of illegal gun possession charges, according to the AP:

In New York, he politely answered the judge’s standard questions with “yes, Sir” and “no, Sir” as he entered his plea to second-degree attempted weapon possession, a felony.
He acknowledged he had a .40 caliber semi-automatic loaded gun on bus.
When the judge warned that he would not be able to withdraw the plea as some people try to do, the rapper said, “I’m not one of those people.”
Prosecutors said small amounts of DNA found on the loaded weapon connected it to the platinum-selling artist. Defense lawyer Stacey Richman said the gun wasn’t Lil Wayne’s, and the testing technique was too problematic to prove otherwise.

You know, just once I’d like to see a rapper get busted for something original besides the stereotypical gun charges. I understand it’s part of their record contract to do time, but would it hurt to spice things up a bit? Maybe ride a tiger to Starbucks. Or, shit, fire white babies out of a cannon, I don’t care. Just show me some zazz!

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