Lil’ Kim’s boobs are exploding

*lil_kim_thumb1.jpgJailed rapper Lil’ Kim and her breasts are fighting a battle to the death, and it appears the breasts are losing. “Apparently, she’s worried her boobs are leaking,” a source says. “She needs to have them serviced.”
Kim is serving a year-long sentence at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia on perjury and conspiracy charges. Her rep swears she is “perfectly healthy,” but sources say that she’s confided to family members about a festering problem with her knockers.

I’ve always been perfectly willing to service her boobs. Although that might not be so great if they start shooting stuff at me like the Death Blossom in The Last Starfighter. I’m all for being healthy, but without gigantic boobs, Lil’ Kim serves as much purpose as Magic Eye books for the blind.