Lil’ Kim is famous

lkim_airplane.jpgLil’ Kim was almost kicked off a plane yesterday after getting into a loud argument with a flight attendant. A source told the NY Post, “Lil’ Kim totally freaked out on the attendant. Some first-class seat mix-up. Called the agent a racist and pulled a ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ The attendant had no idea and could have really cared less. Taking off shortly. She’s now seated in back row of first class and has to be served by the flight attendant who she fought with. Things seem a little tense up there.”

If I was famous, I would pull the “Do you know who I am?” card every chance that I got. I don’t care if you’re a handicapped 80-year-old woman with a cane, if you’re in front of me at Chipotle and I want a steak fajita burrito, you better believe your ass is going to get pushed over. If I’m famous, you better recognize and let me do whatever the fuck I want. Otherwise I’ll just call somebody and have you murdered in your sleep. Famous people can do that. They’re famous.