Lil Kim in a bikini

September 23rd, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Lil Kim jet skiing in Miami yesterday, and if I were her I’d be walking around a tad more pissed off. I mean, she’s probably spent every dollar she’s ever made on reconstructive surgery yet she looks like Black Shrek with Drooping Flapjack Action. No, really, if Lil Kim started speaking in Mike Myers’ version of a Scottish accent, I probably wouldn’t think twice about it.


  1. Cody

    oh, oh god no

  2. Vas Deferens

    That looks like a handsome man.

  3. Vas Deferens

    That looks like a handsome man.

  4. Randal

    Lil Kim offers voluptuous like fresh fruit on a silver platter and still comes off with a thick layer of sexuality that one could wipe off like icing with their finger. A true healthy looking woman who has oodles of talent.


  5. Ick

    No Randal, your ode to lil kim and frosting just made my belly heave.

  6. Dingus

    Not much “Lil” about her, is there?

  7. No GayTards

    I would still love to hit that from behind, and behind ONLY

  8. Fartz

    Gorillaz don’t wear bikini’s do they? Is this some halloween prank at the zoo? Not funny zoo keepers!


    Didn’t she used to be really hot? What happened?????????

    Let’s just blame it on McDonalds. That’s what everyone else does!! :)

  10. rofl

    “lil Kim”??? I think not.

    P.S. @Randal… STFU Q U E E R

  11. Elmo

    “over made” that’s funny! At first I thought it was a typo, but it’s not. You’re a clever one, Fishdude.

  12. weirdo

    Does anyone really wear a dress when they ride a jet ski, motorcycle, bicycle, or ride in a sidecar.

    I think Randal is trolling….

  13. OMG_PIG

    It’s all in the packaging boys…

    And that packaging says to me:

  14. PsyKo

    What a fine booty!

  15. Randal's Father

    Don’t be such a fag son!

  16. stupidass

    These are promo shots for “Lil Big Kim the Planet” – Coming to PS3 on November

  17. meg

    When the implants start to sag, its time for a new pair.

  18. Claire

    what happened to her chest tattoos?

  19. Why do I feel a sudden urge to eat undercooked pancakes?

  20. Claire

    Oh wait, I’m thinking of Eve.

  21. D4P

    That’s more like a trikini, at least…

  22. blame it on ROUGH daddy

    Disgrace! Biggie spinning in his over size grave…

  23. See Alice

    Thats just Nasty McGrasty .
    I dont care who you are ……

  24. At least it’s not so quite so obvious she’s a midget freak in these shots.

  25. Mitch Haase

    She looks like an ugly cave woman.

  26. qustionable

    wtf happened to her face?!?

  27. Randal's rectum

    Randal Randal Randal you poor pathetic penis pincushion. What the fuck is wrong with you bitch? Of someone is famous you stick your AIDS ridden toungue as far up their ass as you can. Ha ha I would love to know what you really are.

  28. Nameless

    LOL there is no reason for her to push aside the front of her dress to show off those flapjack tittays. They aren’t impressing anyone.

  29. ariana


  30. stupidass

    hate all u want, this lucky dude gets to marry khloe kardashian! can’t figure out why he’s wearing a bikini, though

  31. Dread

    Dn: I’m thristy. Be right back.

    Something weird happens. Lil’ Kim’s, sweet, Janet Jackson style public persona falls away. Head working, shoulders switching, with all out ghettotude, that would scare a Ukranian pimp.

    LK: You betta get yo ass back here, MFer. You ain’t dun yet! I ain’t satisfied! Do I look satisfied to yo dumb ass?! Put it on me, or I WILL-CUT-YOU!

    Kim is very believable. Dread returns to bed. He has the look of a question.

    LK: You bess beliedat I gotta razor on me, and had it da ho’ time! Hmph!

    Dread is legitimately scared.

  32. Kim, your cheek implants are showing. Both sets

  33. big festering rash

    This chick puts the fug in ugly


  35. richard

    No amount of plastic surgery can cure EATING ALL THE PIES!

  36. badd baddd badd badd

  37. sharon H

    there ain’t nothing lil about Kim.

  38. The Most open minded person on the planet

    I don’t like this. No, not at all.

  39. KEN

    Who ever came up with the moniker of “Lil Kim” musta been hittin’ the rock. Who is she and why do we care? Fries wid dat?

  40. nastyjay

    thats one nasty fuck

  41. bete noir

    In 20 years Lil Kim’s skin will still be that smooth. Most of you white folks will be wrinkly like prunes and your lips… what lips. Botox and collagen won’t even help you all.

  42. Sienna

    She fucked up her face big time…she looked way better without the botched nose job, cheek implants and brow lift.

  43. Rasputins Liver


    Oh man!


    That moo cow needs to wear a full-on burka, dammit!


    Bet she wears a thong underneath all that lard. Fuckin’ thing’d be so far in her ass crack it’d take EMTs with the jaws-of-life just to extricate it!


    She probably wears Spandex as well and thinks she’s hot lookin’ in ‘em.


    Goddamit! Oughtta be a fuckin’ law against fat bitches displayin’ their lard!!



  44. soahc

    That’s one nappy headed hoe right there.

  45. She was on TV last year and looked great ………McDonalds is killing the USA

  46. Mr Dixon

    She doesnt look bad just not like before….

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  47. Mr Dixon

    She doesnt look bad just not like before….

    $500-3500 per day for more info Listen to recording…503-389-2109

  48. Big Kim

    15. Randal’s Father – September 23, 2009 4:32 PM

    Don’t be such a fag son!

    Well played.

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