Lil Jon starts his own winery (Goblet sold separately)

April 4th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Lil Jon may be the greatest mind of our generation. The mad scientist is throwing caution to the wind and daring to combine crunk and classy. How is that even possible, you ask? By starting his own wine label: Little Jonathan Winery. POW! The AP reports:

“It kind of came out of nowhere,” Lil Jon told The Associated Press of his new venture, Little Jonathan Winery. “We were just going to do some private label stuff (for parties) and we did it, and people was like, `Hey, it’s pretty nice.’”
Lil Jon acknowledges that he’s no wine connoisseur. “I’m not no ‘drink wine every day’ kind of dude,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’m not like an expert, so don’t ask me no questions … I just like the taste.”

But Lil Jon wants to make sure customers know he’s dedicated to the quality of his products:

“My full name is Jonathan,” the Atlanta-based artist said. “The wine is more nature: I wanted to not just have a direct connection, but make it just a little bit more upscale than regular ‘Lil Jon.’ … This is not no ghetto Boone’s Farm; this is some real wine.”

Lil Jon: Entrepreneur, pioneer and no drink wine every day kind of dude. His shit’s for real, son – and it tastes like grapes!

Thanks to Karen who, if she were a wine, would be Cabernet sauvig-awesome.

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  1. I’m sure he “started his own wine label.” He may have tasted the shit once, and signed off his name to someone with a real brain, but you don’t have your own label with an imbecile’s knowledge of wine.

  2. Erica

    I love getting crunk. Who doesn’t? Lil Jon’s music makes it more enjoyable. Sure, he’s not attractive. But, shittt. His music is so amazing when you’re partying. Like Get Low with the Eastside Boys or The Anthem (Pitbull and Lil Jon). I don’t even like rap much. But it’s good sometimes. Especially Lil Wayne! I ramble too much. I didn’t say one thing about his wine..because I don’t care.

  3. Eliana

    Hm. Maybe he did this to recoop the losses from his failing record label? All the same, he seems to be getting a lot of coverage:

  4. BishOP

    What an amazing wordsmith. I’m enticed to simply try his label because it sounds like it caters to only the most sophisticated of tastes.

    I’m also full of shit. I’m sure knowing absolutely nothing about one’s product will go a long way and catering to the uneducated seems to be the best thing going for him right now. People wonder why we have a bunch of illiterate retards running around this country; a bunch of fucktards whose idea of communication is instant messaging and MTV. Well, just point to this asshole and you have your answer.

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